BSGQOLBSG QOL Signal Completion StageFor Sale is the BSG QOL Signal Completion Stage. Asking $1175 or Best Offer. Stereophile Rated Class A. Highly reviewed in all of the Audio Magazines. Robert Hartley from the Absolute Sound uses th...1175.00

BSG QOL Signal Completion Stage [Expired]

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For Sale is the BSG QOL Signal Completion Stage. Asking $1175 or Best Offer.

 Stereophile Rated Class A.
Highly reviewed in all of the Audio Magazines. Robert Hartley from the Absolute Sound uses the QOL in his reference system. I have included some of the audio review comments at the bottom of this ad.

What a fantastic unit. It will make your soundstage wide, deep and so real. You will be impressed!
It's not fake processing, the QOL finds hidden information that is out of phase to the original recorded signal.

The unit is in very nice condition. The 2 things I need to point out however.
First, the bottom is a little marred from using stillpoints under it, but really no big deal.
Second, the remote is one those that use a thin drawer for the 3V flat battery. Well that drawer part broke, so I ordered another remote. To make a long story short, I adapted it to take regular AA batteries. I have also included the other remote. Intially the remote is used for toggling back and forth listening to the music while switching in and out of the bypass mode. Once your done playing with that feature, quite frankly, you will then never use the remote. Just push the button on the front panel and leave like that.

Design Features
• All analog
• Reveals information that, until now, has remained hidden and buried in all audio signals
• No processing or synthesizing of "fake" sound
• Reproduction of sonic information that previously was locked inside signals and could not be reproduced
• Built to "high-end" audio standards
• Rigid custom chassis
• Thick, brushed aluminum faceplate
• Operates in both stereo and mono
• World-wide, user adjustable voltage settings
• Four sets of analog inputs, each both single-ended RCA and balanced XLR
• Two sets of analog outputs, each both single-ended RCA and balanced XLR
• Equipped with remote control and bypass for A/B comparisons
• Low power consumption

From Stereo Times.
“Most importantly, the BSG Technologies qøl won me over in how it presents music in a less artificial manner and thus offers a more life-like venue on many of my favorite recordings.”

From The Absolute Sound.
" Frankly, it seems too good to be true. But try as I might to discover something about the sound that was antithetical to high-end values, I couldn’t.""I can tell you this; every time I sit down to enjoy music now, I’m listening with QOL." Robert Hartley.

From Soundstage.
Though it affected each of these recordings to a different degree, the qøl processing made both considerably more satisfying and enjoyable.

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