Adcom GTP870HD 7.1 Channel Pre-AmpGTP870HDAdcom GTP870HD 7.1 Channel Pre-Amp GTP870HDThe ADCOM GTP-870HD 7.1 Multichannel Tuner/Preamplifier When opportunity arises for a home theater and music playback system to upgrade from mere convenience-based “good” to actual performance-d...700.00

Adcom GTP870HD 7.1 Channel Pre-Amp GTP870HD [Expired]

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The ADCOM GTP-870HD 7.1 Multichannel Tuner/Preamplifier When opportunity arises for a home theater and music playback system to upgrade from mere convenience-based “good” to actual performance-driven “better or best” categories, A/V separates still rule. Why is that? Greater “real estate” to maximize uncompromised circuit design and component choices. Banishment of noise-inducing elements far apart from sensitive, low-level signal information. Flexibility and upgradeability. Raw horsepower... to name but a few. The entirely separate new Adcom GTP-870HD preamp/processor offers superlative technical specifications along with a comprehensive list of useful features and digital signal-processing modes. Foregoing jewelry-mart cosmetics and bazillions of buttons in exchange for premium-grade circuit components, the GTP-870HD delivers long-lasting build quality, swappable internal circuit-card construction and robust all-discrete serial port communication for remote control, updates and upgrades. For consumers embracing HDTV and who have HDMI inputs on their display the Adcom GTP-870HD includes a 1080p-capable, true-HD video scaling engine based on National Semiconductor’s AVC2510 dual-channel video format converter, more commonly found in products of considerably higher cost. The HD scaler allows cable, game, DVD, satellite receiver and broadcast television video input to be scaled to VGA, 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 720p50, 720p60, 1080i, 1080p50 and 1080p60 to match the display’s native resolution-at a remarkably affordable price. Video signal decoding and format upconversion tasks are performed by the high resolution TI TVP-5146, comprised of four 10-bit A-D converters with robust sync detection for weak, noisy or off-standard input signals and international signal system compatibility. Video digital to analog conversion is mastered by Analog Device’s ADV-7173, with six integral 10-bit converters that in the Adcom GTP-870HD implementation produce a beyond-broadcast quality Component Video bandwidth of over 200 MHZ! Audio signal processing tasks are conducted by the Cirrus Logic 493-series DSP, a dual 24-bit 192kHz compatible engine for high fidelity decoding of current DOLBY Digital, DOLBY Pro-Logic, DTS and other selective, useful listening modes. Both audio D/A and A/D converters are likewise 24-bit, 192kHz solutions from Cirrus Logic, engineered for wide dynamic range, negligible distortion and low noise, resulting in excellent sound quality. External 7.1 analog inputs with full DSP bypass capacity allows the GTP-870- HD to be used as a premium-performance analog preamplifier, with choice of audio output on either single ended RCA or Differential-balanced XLR. No proprietary cones of silence, no physics-beating secret circuits form the marketing department. Just superior engineering of separates performance and lasting value for your money. What you’ve come to expect from ADCOM. Performance Features • Linear, toroidal transformer-based power supply system for performance & longevity • 7.1 Channel digital signal processing with comprehensive set of useful dsp modes :Doby Digital EX, DTS ES, Pro-Logic IIx and both 5 and 7 channel music formats • Flexible Bass Management & System Calibration • Scale analog video sources up to a max of 1080p • Scaled output configurable by source/input for ultra-flexible array of picture settings • Scaled Signals output through HDMI • Upconverts Composite and S-Video to Component • Adjust Lip Sync from Remote Control • Audiophile Bypass mode • Independent Room 2 Out with advanced equalization • 7-Channel Balanced and unbalanced outputs • 64-Preset AM/FM Tuner • Upgradeable: Hdwr & Softwr for Future Advancements Adcom GTP-870HD Specifications Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz +0/-0.2dB (analog DSP Input) 20Hz-100kHz +0/-0.2dB (Analog Ext 7.1 Input) 10Hz-22kHz +0/-0.2dB (Digital Input) Rack Dimensions: 17w x 7h x 15.5d (432 x 178 x 394mm) Overall Dimensions: 17w x 7.5h x 19d (432 x 191 x 483mm) Power Consumption: 50W Max Unit Weight: 32 lbs (14.5 Kg) Shipping Weight: 35 lbs (16 Kg) This item had only one owner with no kids or pets. Item is like new in the original box with the remote control included.
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