AktimateMaxiAktimate Maxi Active SpeakersBought these new from local dealer (retail 1195.00). They use Epos drivers and a Creek 60 watt amp. They include ipod dock, a built in FM receiver. They can access internet radio which can be strea...625.00

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Bought these new from local dealer (retail 1195.00). They use Epos drivers and a Creek 60 watt amp. They include ipod dock, a built in FM receiver. They can access internet radio which can be streamed from your computer via built in WIFI or connect thru an Ethernet RJ45 on the rear panel. Comes with a small remote for vol, mute,and source switching. They will throw a large soundstage, imaging is pinpoint and like good monitors they will disappear. Bass is phenominal for their size. Great ipod SQ. The top plastic cover which folds back to insert your ipod has a few small scratches on the plastic, otherwise they are in perfect condition. I do not have the original cartons. Asking 625.00 OBO Please add 3% PayPal plus shipping. Google Aktimate Maxi for reviews. Here is a link to one. http://www.whathifi.com/Review/Epoz-Aktimate-Maxi/ Utilizing amplifier technology from Creek, and loudspeaker technology from Epos, the Aktimate Maxi is a serious active loudspeaker with a host of great features that make it perfect for use with your iPod or other portable audio player. The performance and pedigree of a high end audio speaker, with the flexibility to match today's PC and portable music players The Aktimate Maxi is the big brother of the Mini. A more powerful amplifier (60 watts) and larger midbass driver ensure deeper bass and greater output. But the Maxi also includes an FM receiver, and a “Reciva” media module which allows you to access internet radio together with the ability to stream from any Windows or UPnP shared network on your computer. To access the network you either connect via the Ethernet RJ45 on the rear panel, or wirelessly using the AktiMate Maxi’s internal Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g. The enhanced functionality is easy to use thanks to the addition of an illuminated LCD screen on the front of the powered speaker. The menu itself is clear and easy to navigate, either via the remote or the knob on the front panel. And the options are plentiful. Features • 60wpc amp designed by Creek Audio • Loudspeaker drivers designed by Epos • Integrated iPod dock • Direct access to internet radio • Illuminated LCD screen for navigation • Wired or wireless audio streaming from any Windows UPnP shared network • FM radio receiver built in • 3.5mm headphone style line in • 2 RCA line ins • USB port for charging your portable audio player or playing music from a thumb drive • Remote control Specifications • Configuration - 2-Way active bookshelf speakers (1 active master speaker/1 passive slave speaker) • Power Output - 60 W into its own 4 Ohm speaker load • Speaker drivers used in AktiMate are licensed from Epos Limited U.K. • Woofer - 165 mm (6 1/2 inches) mid/bass with moulded polypropylene cone. Shielded magnet. • Tweeter - 25 mm (1 inch) metal dome with neodymium magnet. • Frequency Response - 48 Hz - 28 kHz • Power Amplifier • Type Class A/B (built in) 60 watts per channel RMS • Nat-Semi LM4780 Overture • MAS 6116 digitally controlled analogue volume control • Transformer - 160W Toroidal power transformer • Inputs • 2 Pairs Stereo RCA sockets • 1 3.5 mm jack • iPod dock • USB for memory stick / MP3 Player • Outputs - 1 pair RCA sockets (unfiltered) for connection to sub-woofer or to daisy-chain AktiMate speakers • Connections • Ethernet • Wi Fi 802.11b/g • FM • THD -
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