Alon V Mkii FantasticFull range SpeakerAlon V Mkii Fantastic Full range Speaker open baffle designThese are incredibly musical speakers that throw a big soundstage and are just great classic speakers with alnico magnets. Carl's designs are all fantastic and this one is no exception. They come w...1480.00

Alon V Mkii Fantastic Full range Speaker open baffle design [Expired]

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These are incredibly musical speakers that throw a big soundstage and are just great classic speakers with alnico magnets. Carl's designs are all fantastic and this one is no exception. They come with spikes. The grills are like new because I used the speakers without them. The speakers have some wear and tear from being moved around but look good especially with the grills on. Come to South Bend for pick up or arrange shipping through Uship. Jason 574 329-1850.

Here is an excerpt from the Absolute Sound review:

the Alón V is truly an exceptional speaker. Its tonal balance is extraordinarily well-balanced, with excellent bass extension. Whether listening to "Saturn" from the Mehta LA tour of The Planets [London CS-6734] or the low-bass synthesizer from Kraftwerk's Autobahn [Parlophone UK AUTO 1], bass was reproduced with both definition and authority. You might not be getting the ultimate in low-frequency extension, but it sounds like you are. Most of us don't really know what a 20 Hz note sounds like, correctly reproduced, having hardly ever heard it anywhere, much less from a stereo system. The midrange is simply stunning, richly detailed and transparent, not in the clichéd sense of the word, but in the true sense of allowing one to hear what is on the recording without the speaker's coloration imposing itself on the source.This speaker is not warm and euphoric in character, nor cool and analytical, simply as close to tonally neutral and uncolored as I have heard to date. The highs are wonderfully pure and effortless. (See? There I go perpetuating clichés again. But it's true!)

On recordings with a wealth of detail in the high frequencies (such as the Classic Records re-issue of The Royal Ballet [RCA LDS-6065]) the sense of airiness and musical verity is thrilling. The resolution of low-level detail from the highs down through the upper bass is remarkably close to that provided by the top contenders in this area-the Quads, the Martin-Logans, the Geneses, the Maggies, and the Audiophysics. And the delineation of detail in the mid-to-low bass is not far behind. The overall continuity of reproduction from low to high is smooth and seamless. As I've said about other Alón designs in these pages (not all of them; I haven't heard them all), I defy anyone to hear the crossover points between the drivers. An especially noteworthy achievement, when you consider that the woofer is in an enclosure and that the other drivers are not.

The imaging and staging characteristics of this speaker are outstanding. Again and again, I found myself amazed- really- at how big these speakers sounded, as did numerous veteran audiophiles (survivors of the audiophile wars, all) who listened during the course of these evaluations. I could go on and on about layered depth (bzzt! wrong- make that seamlessly continuous depth extending well into the rear walls of the hall), width extending far beyond the edges of not only the speakers, but the room, blah blah blah, but we've got those clichés to avoid. Suffice it to say that if the recording will provide it- as in the case of the RCA Living Stereo Lieutenant Kije [RCA LSC-2 150], the Alóns will reproduce the dimensions of the recording site with aplomb. In fact, this is one of the few speakers that can convey a credible sense of height- not as large as life, but there, which is more than you can say for most speakers.

Dynamic contrasts and scale were also first-rate, again, belying the Alón V's modest size, finely gradated from the most subtle of low-level sounds (the electric guitar on "The Look of Love" from the legendary Casino Royale soundtrack [Colgems COSO-5005], or the brush work on Bill Evans: The Paris Concert. Edition One [Elektra/Musician 60164-1]) to the crescendos on the aforementioned Lieutenant Kije.This speaker sounds remarkably quick and lively for a three-dynamic driver device.

Indeed, the sound I coaxed out of the Alón V's using the Immedia RPM turntable and arm combination, Lyra Clavis cartridge, Audible Illusions Modulus 3 preamp, VAC Renaissance Seventy amplifier, and a combination of Transparent Audio and Alón cables (an orgasmatronic combination of gear in itself) was- not to put too fine a point on it, as Ralph Kramden would say- just incredibly alive. The kind of sound that transcends the sum of its parts to provide that hair-raising you-are-there magic, where the quality of the reproduced sound is so close to reality that it is downright spooky.
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