Altec LansingVoice of the TheatreAltec Lansing Voice of the Theatre Not Your Father's VOTTThis is a custom made pair of Altec Voice of the Theatre Speakers. The components were used in the Valencia model. The low frequency drivers are 416-8a in mint original condition. The high frequenc...1750.00

Altec Lansing Voice of the Theatre Not Your Father's VOTT [Expired]

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This is a custom made pair of Altec Voice of the Theatre Speakers. The components were used in the Valencia model. The low frequency drivers are 416-8a in mint original condition. The high frequency drivers are 806-8a . One HF driver has a replacement diaphragm, the other is original. The horns are 811b and in great shape. As can be seen in the picture showing the back of the horn, there is still some weatherstripping attached. However, this doesn't show, being the back of the horn. The crossover is the N-800K, the proper design for this system. The crossover parts are new and hard wired using heavy duty Sidewinder open core inductors and Solen capacitors. The electronics are attached and glued to 1/4" MDF boards which are screwed and glued to the side of the cabinet. There is also a heavy duty, weatherstripped L pad to control the high frequency level. Finally, weatherstripped, insulated, gold plated 5 way binding posts are used to hook up your speaker cables. The cabinets are made from 3/4" MDF and are screwed and glued together forming a rock solid, air tight non-resonating cabinet. The walls and the hatch are lined with audio dacron foam to reduce vibration. The cabinet is then wrapped in 1/4" oak veneered plywood on the top, sides and front. The internal size of the enclosure and the size of the three vents were determined from Altec technical specs to provide a resonate frequency of 25 HZ. The bottom of the cabinet is attached to 3/4" plywood for stability. There are four casters to move these around. For transporting these cabinets, the horns will be screwed to the inside bottom of the cabinet. The horns are attached by four 1/4" brass bolts that thread into T-nuts in the cabinet. In the pictures, you can see two bolts holding the L bracket attached to the HF driver and in the other shot of the back of the horns, there are two bolts holding the oak brackets to the cabinet. The LF driver is weatherstripped and bolted to the cabinet with 1/4" brass bolts. The rear hatch is also weatherstripped, so the whole cabinet is air tight other than the three vents. The quality of the cabinet and the crossovers far exceed the original Altec products. However, the drivers and horns are unmatched even today for their efficiency and low distortion. I intentionally chose to keep the horns exposed on top of the cabinet to resemble the original VOTT appearance. But I used a more modern cabinet to get the best out of the LF driver. I believe that these speakers represent the best of the old and the new. If you want a realistic home theater, and you have the room, these speakers can't be beat. The speakers are efficient enough to produce realistic sound pressure levels of real world events. For example. I live near the ocean and these speakers recreate the crash of real ocean waves breaking in your living room. And of course, rock music will sound like you're at the concert. And you will hear and feel the shock wave that cannons produce during the 1812 overture. These speakers are big and heavy. The casters and horn can be shipped inside the cabinet making it more compact. In this manner, the speakers measure 20" x 23" x 30" and weigh about 130 lbs. There are three shipping options. 1. Local pick up. 2. I can ship these for $750.00 to the continental USA. 3. You can arrange for packing and shipping from zip code 02664 with your choice of shipper.
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