ApexPeak & VolcanoApex Peak & Volcano Headphone Amp - Like New ConditionIt pains me to sell this headphone set up. I am only selling because I have recently moved to a speaker system. The amp has served me well. Tube not included. Buyer responsible for shipping costs ...1399.00

Apex Peak & Volcano Headphone Amp - Like New Condition [Expired]

no longer for sale

It pains me to sell this headphone set up. I am only selling because I have recently moved to a speaker system. The amp has served me well. Tube not included. Buyer responsible for shipping costs and 1.5% Paypal fee based on final sale price.

This Sale Includes: (Tube not included)

  • 1 x Apex Peak Headphone Amp = $1395
  • 1 x Apex Volcano Power Supply = $700
  • 1 Hi-Fi Tuning Supreme Fuse = $70
  • Stock Power Cord
  • I have original boxes / packaging
Apex Peak / Volcano - Selling for $1399.  Retail price including extras is $2160!!

All Items are slightly over two years old. The amplifier and accessories have never left my pet, child, and smoke free office and have been meticulously cared for. There are no operational or cosmetic defects.

You simply will not find more “bang for the buck” and a better deal / bargain – you will not be disappointed!

Apex Peak Headphone Amplifier and Volcano Power Supply

If you are reading this, you probably already know about this amp.  If not, simply Google it to read the many positive reviews or visit: http://www.ttvjaudio.com/Apex_High_Fi_Audio_Peak_p/aaa0001001.htm for more info.  I chose this amp because I love hybrid amp designs and stereo systems which employ both tube and solid state technology. This type of set up usually yields all the good attributes of tubes and transistors for an airy, liquid, and warm midrange / top end with a dynamic, defined, and punchy bottom end – the best of both worlds. This amp has it is spades as it runs in Class A mode and, by virtue of the separate power supply, is extremely quiet with ample power reserves to drive any headphone. The best thing about this amplifier is it uses a single triode 6SN7 tube. It allows the listener/owner to tube roll using NOS and contemporarily manufactured tubes – each invariably having different tonal characteristics. I added the Hi-Fi Tuning Supreme Fuse which increased the amp’s resolution, dynamism, and bottom end considerably.

As I said, I am sorry to have to part with it.  Ces’t la vie – my loss, your gain.

HiFi Tuning Supreme Fuse Description:


HiFi-Tuning, of Berlin, Germany, has released a new higher performing version of their industry-leading fuses called "Supreme". The new line of Supreme fuses is made, tip-to-tip of 99% Silver Impregnated with 1% Gold, similar to the material used in the Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold Capacitors.

Mundorf also developed a special Copper/Silver/Gold solder for use in the Supreme fuses called MSolder SUPREME. Due to its remarkable conductivity, this Mundorf-manufactured solder is second to none. HiFi-Tuning's 99% Silver + 1% Gold melt wire used exclusively in the Supreme fuses is resonance-optimized, and the fuses are housed in a black ceramic case, which is also optimized to control vibration.

To understand the advantage of the 99% Silver + 1% Gold combination, think about silver's crystalline structure. The drawing process for silver (or copper) wire causes micro cracks in the surface of the wire. The cooling process also results in imperfect crystal grid structures. Both of these "deformities," relative to the ideal of a perfect conductor, result in surface distortion when current flows through the wire. The addition of 24K gold fills the micro cracks and the empty spaces between the crystal boundaries to improve transmission properties, while also inhibiting the surface oxidation and tarnishing that will occur over time otherwise.

These custom precious metal fuses are also cryogenically treated using Europe's only cryo system from Cryogenics International.  Finally, the Supreme fuses are treated with a proprietary quantum level process.

The new Supreme fuses answer a frequently asked question about which is better: Original Gold-plated or SilverStar. The new HiFi-Tuning Supreme is the best fuse in the world.

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