AuralicTaurus MK II Headphone/PreampAuralic Taurus MK II Headphone/Preamp Silver - Excellent ConditionExcellent Condition Auralic Taurus MKII Headphone Amp/Preamp in Silver. You know the name and the reputation of this amp. Get one for yourself. I am the original owner and have used the Taurus t...1330.00

Auralic Taurus MK II Headphone/Preamp Silver - Excellent Condition [Expired]

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Excellent Condition Auralic Taurus MKII Headphone Amp/Preamp in Silver. You know the name and the reputation of this amp. Get one for yourself. I am the original owner and have used the Taurus to drive different Audeze headphones with incredible sounding results. Unfortunately I have to tear down my headphone system and use the funds for medical expenses. The Taurus is also an excellent preamp. I have been using it with a Wyred 4 Sound 250 amp to Elac Uni-fi UB5 speakers. Results are pretty spectacular. Chris Martens reviewed the Taurus in The Absolute Sound magazine (there are many others). Here is his conclusion: "Finally, I was favorably impressed with the richness and density of musical information the Taurus MKII was able to convey. In areas where other headphone amplifiers offer a rough sketch of certain low-level harmonic or reverberant details, the AURALiC renders them with exquisite precision and clarity. If you are a listener who enjoys savoring every last usable drop of musical information in your favorite records, then I suspect you will find the Taurus MKII both rewarding and enlightening. To appreciate what I mean, it can be helpful to put on a record known to be rich in musical information, just to see what sonic treasures the TAURUA MKII might bring to light. For me, one such piece was the third movement of Bartók’s Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta, as captured in the classic Reiner/Chicago Symphony recording [RCA Living Stereo, SACD]. Here, the AURALiC let me hear the complex and angular ways in which Bartók combined the various tone colors and shadings from his chosen orchestral palette. The Taurus MKII vividly reproduced the intersections of incisive plunging or ascending string themes, the round and almost otherworldly tonality of the celesta, and the intense, piquant sound of multiple percussion instruments adding commentary and spice. The Taurus MKII was utterly unflustered by complex, overlapping musical lines, meaning that it captured the fundamentals and harmonics of the individual instruments with the greatest of ease, making each of them sound rich, whole, and complete unto itself. What is more the AURALiC showed how each of the instrumental voices interacted with the acoustics of the recording venue, thus conveying an even greater sense of realism. If I sound impressed by AURALiC’s Taurus MKII, that’s because I am. Even so, critical and astute audiophiles will inevitably ask, “Yes, but is it the best you’ve heard?” Let me answer that question by saying that it is certainly among the best I’ve heard, with others in that elite group including Cavalli Audio’s Liquid Glass and Liquid Gold headphone amplifiers. Significantly, though, the AURALiC is the only one of these three to carry a price tag comfortably below $2000 (whereas the Liquid Glass and Liquid Gold are priced, respectively, between two and three times higher than the AURALiC amp). Considering the sound and build-quality on offer, I think AURALiC’s Taurus MKII not only represents an impressive sonic and technical achievement, but also qualifies (dare I say it?) as a bit of a bargain. Enthusiastically recommended."
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