COS EngineeringH1COS Engineering H1 $1 No ReserveThis $1 No Reserve auction is a Spring Special for a brand new COS Engineering H1, directly from the North America Distributor. COS H1 is an organic sounding High End DAC, preamp and headphone amp,...1126.00

COS Engineering H1 $1 No Reserve [Expired]

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This $1 No Reserve auction is a Spring Special for a brand new COS Engineering H1, directly from the North America Distributor.

COS H1 is an organic sounding High End DAC, preamp and headphone amp, that doesn’t use off-the-shelf chips to achieve its functionality.

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The COS Engineering H1 is the perfect partner whether you have traditional dynamic headphone (Focal Utopia, BeyerDynamic T1, Sennheiser HD800S), or planar magnetic (Audeze LCD-4, HiFiman HE1000, Oppo PM1). The Magic lies in the proprietary DAC section, which sounds much more musical and non-digital than chip-based competitors such as Benchmark DAC 3 or Grace 920.

When used as a DAC/preamp, the COS Engineering H1 is not the weak link even in a $100,000 system. Audition is available in our Houston Showroom or you can try it free of risk in your own system with our 30-day money back guarantee.

We are the official importer of COS Products to North America. We offer this $1 no reserve auction for Spring 2017 only. This is a no-reserve, no-return auction, but we'll cover any functional problem, which never happened with COS products.

Please check my feedback and buy from a trusted audiogoner!

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