High Fidelity CablesTrinity GoHigh Fidelity Cables Trinity Go headphone moduleTRINITY GO Magnetic Conduction headphone module A portable device for audiophile-quality music on the go ...299.00

High Fidelity Cables Trinity Go headphone module [Expired]

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                            TRINITY GO

                                  Magnetic Conduction headphone module

                        A portable device for audiophile-quality music on the go


                                                           1 unit: $299 

                                                   other colors available

                                One brand new Trinity Go headphone module  

                                                 Hand crafted in the USA

Introducing the first portable High Fidelity Cables device made for high-end headphone listening on the go. 

The Trinity Go contains a new, compact wave guide module. The magnetism created within is strong enough to attract the electrons of any audio signal to the very center of the conductor, preserving all of the details the signal is carrying. The Go is small, light, and includes a clip for ease of portability. Use it with your portable listening device or phone and get the most out of your music. 

This model features 1/8-inch size TRS input and output jacks. 

Product dimensions: 2¾" x 1½" x 1½"


                                 The Trinity Go is available in a variety of colors:

                          What is magnetic conduction?

Magnetic conduction is a new alternative to electrical conduction, the standard technology by which all other wires and cables function. Unlike electrical conduction which simply uses a metal conductor to transfer an electrical signal, magnetic conduction incorporates the use of magnetic fields to optimize the quality of signal transfer. All electrical signals, including your audio/power signals, are made of electrons. These electrons have their own magnetic fields, given by their "spin". So, by using a specially engineered array of magnets, we can align or guide these electrons - your audio signal - to a more efficient pathway. This means less distortion, preserved details, and everything else that comes with simply a more accurate reproduction of the original sound.  

                    electrical conduction                                    magnetic conduction

*electrons are aligned to the center of the conductor with magnetic conduction

Magnetic conduction is a directional technology. For proper performance please be sure that the arrows on your cables point away from your source and toward your output. 

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You can contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone, at 214-614-7111 or 1-844-348-6292. 

Let us know if you have any questions, or need to place an order for this or any of our other magnetic solutions.

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