AnthemAVM20Anthem AVM20 AV surround processorThis listing is for a clean Anthem AVM20 surround processor in excellent condition both cosmetically and musically, no dents or dings. Just pulled from a working system during a whole house upgrade...599.00

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This listing is for a clean Anthem AVM20 surround processor in excellent condition both cosmetically and musically, no dents or dings. Just pulled from a working system during a whole house upgrade, guaranteed to work correctly. Anthem AVM-20 Surround Sound Processor/Preamp Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Digital, DTS, THX Home Cinema, THX Surround EX Precision: 24-Bit/96kHz A/D, 24-Bit/192kHz D/A 3 Zone/4 Path operation RS-232 Port, 3 Triggers Size: 6 3/4"H x 19"W x 16 3/4"D Weight: 30 Pounds MSRP: $4,499 Cdn/$3,199 USA There are 7 basic inputs, each with stereo analogue audio (single ended), coax digital audio, composite video, and S-Video. Three of these have complete sets of analogue audio and video outputs to feed the record lines on those components. There are 3 Toslink (optical) digital inputs and one high-end AES/EBU digital input, any of which can be assigned to any of the 7 basic inputs. Further, there is a dedicated two-channel balanced input and a 6-channel (5.1) single ended input. A pair of component video inputs can be assigned to any audio line. Here's a kicker: all inputs can be renamed to anything you like using letters and numbers to a maximum of 6 characters. For outputs, complete 7.1 sets are provide in both single ended and balanced formats. Both include two jacks for the center and subwoofer (10 outputs per set total). Stereo audio, composite, and S-Video outputs are provided for Zone 2 and Zone 3, while a pair of coax digital audio outputs are available with a variety of formatting options. Despite the abundance of jacks, and the fact that at first glance it looks overwhelming, they are actually easy to sort out: All inputs are on a black background, while outputs are all on a white background. There are three 12V trigger outputs (1/8" jacks), two infrared outputs (also 1/8" jacks), and a 12V terminal strip for IR receivers. A DB-9 RS-232 serial port gets the AVM-20 talking to home environment systems, and although it seems banal, antenna terminals are there for the built-in radio. The only spot on the back not populated has been conspicuously labeled "IEEE-1394/Phast Connection" so even that spot will get used up when a standard is laid down for it. The AVM-20's design is a little like a personal computer in that it is based on a main board with various daughter cards. A veritable highway of audio, everything gets funneled through the big main board, so Sonic Frontiers (Anthem's mother company) spent a great deal of effort in its design. It is comprised of four layers, with power and ground each getting their own plane. Rather than let a computer draw out the ground plane, Sonic did it manually, a processes which took months of work, but they feel it is well worth it for the audible improvements. The main board manages all the audio ins and outs, while a completely separate board manages the video I/O. Daughter boards which feed the main board include the DSP board and the converter board. Analogue to digital conversion (A/D or ADC) is done by a set of AK5383 ADCs running at 24bits/96kHz. These are two-channel ADCs, and you can see the set of three on the daughter card (photo below). Three are necessary for digitization of the 6-channel analogue input. The digital to analogue converters (DAC) are AK4382s running at 24bit/192kHz. Again, these are two-channel units, so four of them cover a complete 7.1 output, while a fifth takes care of stereo signals and/or down-converted material being sent to Zones 2 and 3. On the DSP board is the Motorola 56366, a 24bit process/datapath DSP chip which handles all the Dolby, DTS, and THX processing as well as all other digital audio manipulation. It really is the brains behind the inner workings. Here is where it's interesting to make a distinction about hardware vs. software. The Motorola processor is the hardware, and the particular model of chip used by Sonic includes Dolby Digital and DTS software routines in on-chip ROMS. Other processes such as bass management, time alignment, and all the THX Home Cinema items are stored in external ROM chips (see photo above). This software can be changed and updated using a computer and a download from Sonic's website. THX and the AVM-20 The primary, numero uno directive of THX's surround sound processor spec is to account for, compensate for, and otherwise address the simple fact that a home theater is fundamentally a different space than that of a commercial, 200 seat cinema. A THX Surround Sound Processor includes several functions, collectively known as THX Post Processing, which are applied to the soundtrack after Pro Logic, Dolby Digital, or DTS decoding when "THX Home Cinema" is invoked by the user. The AVM-20 includes all the elements required for the THX Ultra Surround Sound Processor designation. THX post processing is nothing new, and while we at Secrets are not warm and fuzzy about everything which falls under the THX logo, most of us do highly advocate THX post processing and consider it a requisite element for an upscale surround sound controller. The AVM-20 uniquely allows latitude on some THX elements, so a quick refresher of what THX implies, and how the AVM-20 executes it, is in order. All switches and connections work correctly. Includes original remote control, the IEC heavy duty power cord and the owner's manual.

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