Anti-Cables by Paul Speltztestimonial numbersAnti-Cables by Paul Speltz testimonial numbers 1 - 100We invite you to discover how the award winning Anti-Cable speaker wires will sound more like music and less like a speaker cable then anything you are running now. It does not matter how much you ...10.00

Anti-Cables by Paul Speltz testimonial numbers 1 - 100 [Expired]

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We invite you to discover how the award winning Anti-Cable speaker wires will sound more like music and less like a speaker cable then anything you are running now. It does not matter how much you spent, or how sexy they look, my customers are making money selling off their mega-buck cables and are enjoying their music more. The Absolute Sound has given the Anti-Cables seven awards, and hundreds of customers have spoken their praise (see below). The Anti-Cables can be purchased at any length for $10/foot for a stereo set. For example, a 6 foot stereo set (for 2 speakers) is only $60. The stereo set comes with each speaker wire pair, factory twisted and fully terminated with 8 of our excellent new solid copper spades (different then shown in the photo), that has a stepped opening that fit both the standard 1/4" (6mm), and the larger 5/16" (8mm) binding posts. Optional Banana plugs terminations or bare wire ends (unterminated) come at no extra charge. Try them 30 days risk free. If you decide they don't sound more like real music and less like speaker cables then what you are using, call us for return authorization for a full refund. The Anti-Cable Challenge: If you purchased a copycat looking set of speaker cables with the promise of better sound, buy my Anti-Cables and within 30 days you can return either my Anti-Cables for full credit or the copycat cables to me for half credit. Yes, that is right! I am so sure your system will sound more like real music with my Anti-Cables, I am willing to buy back the equal length copycat cables from you at half price, so you can better enjoy your music with my Anti-Cable speaker wires. Please specify you are taking "The Anti-Cable Challenge" when you place the order to qualify. ---------------------- Here are AntiCable testimonials number 1 - 100 ----------------------- No.1) No Sonic Signature: "I realized when trying to describe what the Anti-Cables "sound like", that they virtually have no sonic signature. They are allowing me to hear the good qualities of the other components in the system, more so than any speaker cables that have been tried." Gary Fettig, OR __________________________________________________ No.2) Soundly Defeats Audience AU24: "I have had your Anti-Cables active in my system for over a month, and the result have been truly astonishing." "The clarity that I thought was excellent, is now stunning. The bass is as well articulated as I've heard in my system. This added clarity and articulation did not bring any undesirable partners to the affair, such as brightness and bloat. Everyone in this hobby believes they have spent their money wisely to construct their system, but this takes value to a completely new dimension. Value itself is wonderful, but when this "value" soundly defeats two products that cost $1000 (Audience AU24), and $750 (AP Solo Crystal Oval) convincingly in my system, the ultimate value has indeed been achieved. Thank you." Chris Bucki, WI __________________________________________________ No.3) A Replacement Rock For Her Finger: "I am passing your cables around to all my audiophile friends, (or at least we think we're audiophiles) and one by one they are calling me and crying the blues. One of the funniest things I've heard is from the wife of a good friend. She said, "I can't believe he talked me into paying more for his Nordost cables than he did my wedding ring". He is now going to sell the Nordost and buy your cables, along with a replacement rock for her finger. I've got about 8 more people to show the cables to. I think you will hear from these guys, and who knows how many of their friends will get hooked. Thanks, Kirt Smith, CA __________________________________________________ No.4) No Hyperbole! Just SET Satisfaction: "Paul, I thought the endorsements for your Anti-Cables contained a certain amount of hyperbole, but the idea behind them intrigued my audio inclinations. I am an audiophile on a tight budget and cannot afford speaker cables priced as much as my monthly household expenses. I am not eloquent with words that describe music, but I will tell anyone who asks, that your Anti-Cables have improved every aspect of my humble system. The sound is bigger, fuller, more accurate, and more satisfying than ever before in my home. Single ended, high efficiency speakers, a penchant for analog music reproduction demands accurate components and the Anti-Cables fulfill that in full. Thanks for a remarkable audio component." Fred H. Smith, GA __________________________________________________ No.5) Broken Discovery Cables: "I just want to tell you that after 5 minutes of listening, the sound has opened up, strings are pluckier, sound is clearer, the music played louder, and in short an astounding improvement in the sound. The sound is great and your wire really makes a difference. My Discovery Cables now sound broken." Ken Lester, NY __________________________________________________ No.6) Disbelief in Sweden: "For the first time ever I listen to Music! In doing so I'm not forced to analyze the system, looking for faults to dismiss, or HI-FI parameters other than Transparency! I having a hard time to accept your anti-cables, at a 5% cost of my Stealth Ultra-ribbon silver cables, they are outperforming them totally!! Because NOW I really HEAR all effects caused by a single change, be it an interconnect, a tube or whatever. THAN"Z............PAUL!!" Poul Glenstrup, Sweden __________________________________________________ No.7) Missing in Action: "It sounds like there isn't any speaker cables in my system at all! Everything is "just there" in all the right places! The bass is nice and tight and well extended, and the midrange is nice and open and warm sounding, and the treble extremes (Cymbals) are all there!!! The new Chris Botti Jazz CD my wife recently bought me, never sounded so good." "Now, I can hear deep into the soundstage. It's as if he is standing right there in the room and playing with his band just for me. I know that is an overused phrase, but it's true, that is what it sounds like." "Actually, I like the nice red color of your cables, and like the fact that they are suspended in mid air, so to speak, off the floor." Robert Matthews, VA __________________________________________________ No.8) Problem Solved: "Hooked them up and did 2 hours listening. Couldn't believe it - the problem I have been seeking to resolve (smear during very loud complex orchestral passages) has been corrected!!!!" Greg Russell, CA __________________________________________________ No.9) Laughing Out Loud: "These cables will be in my system forever or until you come up with something better. I have something to prove to some friends, and then they will be hooked. The speakers simply just disappear. Vocals come right up the middle along with the drummer in scary 3D." "I started laughing when the speakers started to play. This was a major component missing in my system and I did not know it. It brought the performance up 50%." Paul Canady, NV __________________________________________________ No.10) I’ll Sell my Soul: "Paul, I am absolutely amazed. I got the Anti-Cables today. Brand new, out of the box, they outperform my Kimber 8tc's, MIT Terminator 2's, Audioquest Slates, and Audioquest Bedrocks by so far, it is almost an immeasurable difference. Who did you have to sell your soul to, in order to come up with this so simple, but perfect design. I can't wait to listen to the improvements (if possible) as they break in. This is the most remarkable, yet affordable change I have ever made to my system. No matter what I change in the future, your Anti-Cables will be first and foremost, the key to the ultimate performance." "I must admit I had my doubt's, but I am now ready to sell my soul, for more of your products. Thank you very much for your devotion to the best reproduction of music possible. A customer for life." Kirt Smith, CA __________________________________________________ No.11) Freaked out in Montreal: "I have had a strong aversion all my life for gadgets, esoteric gimmicks and especially those audiofool tweaks. My middle name is "skepticism". I decided to give your anti-cables a try, not because they are ridiculously cheap but because the reviews they received indicated the kind of sound - or lack of sound- I was looking for. $120 for a pair bi-wire was worth the try." "Your cables are the 9th pair in my system in the last year. You can call that "audiophilia nervosa" if you want, but I have not been able to find the right mix of tight bass, clean midrange and extended yet smooth highs yet. And my last pair of cables are $950 for 3 feet biwired, so money has never really been the issue." "I will spare you all the details that you probably already know about transient, speed, clarity and so. Let me just tell you that 3 years ago, I had my most satisfying listening session at a dealer ever (about a $100,000 system). Tonight, my $8,000 system came very very close, as close as it has ever been: tight yet blooming bass, details that I had never heard before, 3rd, maybe 4th dimension in sound, hand-clapping that freaked me out, exceptional layering and depth that gave me the impression that my room was 2-3 times bigger and above all, a truly open window with extended highs that just keep rising and rising until they disappear far away." "Is this what neutral is? I have no clue, defining neutrality is like normality: it depends where you come from. Is this an unconditional endorsement of your Anti-cable? no, that would be pretentious, I am no expert. Is this an unconditional endorsement of your cables for my system in my room with my ears" you bet!!!! I am just wondering what I have been listening to all these years, pretty scary." "Your cables won't be reviewed by any major mags, or you may be responsible for putting thousands on unemployment in the cable industry. I cannot wait to resell my $800-a meter cable....well done to say the least. If you need a partner in Canada, let me know, I am in." Pol Rotre, Montreal Canada __________________________________________________ No.12) Kicking Cardas in Vermont: "Hi Paul I received the 12" Anti-Cable jumpers a few days ago, and I must admit, they better my Cardas jumpers in everyway. Better separation, quieter background, cleaner sound without being bright, and they are not even broken in yet!! I still need 2 more sets, one of which I will order in the next few days. Thanks Paul, talk to you soon!" ----------- "Paul, Now I have a complete set of your cables and it has dramatically changed the sound for the better, especially in focus and dynamics, and they are not even broken in yet. In the near future, I will purchase another set to use in a biwire configuration. Thank you for your excellent product and customer service!" Mark Maturo, VT __________________________________________________ No.13) Smokin’: "Hi Paul, I have had your Anti-cables in for about 10 days now and man, do they deliver. Since replacing my 12 gauge custom made "garden hose" sized cables there has been massive improvement in sound staging, everything is much more alive, warm and dynamic. (I will keep the name of my old cables confidential due to the fact that they are made by a fellow AudioGon Brother). Suffice it to say that I paid a much loftier price for my former cables and your Anti-Cables absolutely SMOKE them. There is no comparison, Paul you have a breakthrough product on your hands and it has been, and will continue to be, my pleasure to sing their praises to whomever will listen." "Thank you for a great product at such a great price," Bill Benedict, WI __________________________________________________ No.14) Smiles from Hong Kong: "Thanks for ANTI-CABLE, the performance is superior than most brand cables, such as Kimber, VDH and Kimber Select; it is more natural, more 3D and less coloration. My friend is deeply impressed by your cable; best regards." Philip Leung, Hong Kong __________________________________________________ No.15) Positive Feedback from Canada: "Hi Paul, Got the cables today... While connecting your Anti-Cables to my Sim Audio gear, I must admit, I was not expecting a change from the cables already in my system. I had just finished listening to Jesse Cook with my original cables. Then I replaced the cabling with your Anti-Cables. The result... Clean, Clear, Live Sound that definitely was not heard in my system before, period." "I was ready to spend $700 dollars on a pair of speaker cable... I just do not feel the need anymore. Thank you Paul, your less is more approach works for me." "PS: I might be bi-wiring soon. I will let you know." Carlo Rosica, Canada __________________________________________________ No.16) Big Results in the Big Apple: "I decided that it would make sense to give Paul's Anti-Cables a try. What the heck, they're cheap, I ordered a set and - HOLY *$#&!!! I had no idea what a dramatic difference these cables would make. Soundstage opened WAY up this time; highs not only stayed smooth, but EXTENDED and stayed smooth. Now I actually hear the steel strings against the fretboard of an acoustic guitar. The presentation is completely effortless. Response is super-quick, drums have more slam, acoustic bass is more realistic. These cables are incredible - and a 7' set cost me all of $70!!! The most amazing part is, this is after only 30 minutes of listening. I can't imagine what my system will sound like once these babies have a little burn-in time." "Thank you Paul, for dramatically improving my audio system. Your products will be recommended by me to anyone who asks my opinion on this stuff." Chris Ziemer, New York City __________________________________________________ No.17) Performs Wonders in the Windy City: "Thanks for the prompt shipment. In a word, these cables are fantastic. They have really opened up my system. Sometime soon, I'll be posting a review of my system in AudioCircle and AudioAsylum. I'll be sure to provide a top recommendation for your cables as the resulting synergy is excellent. Best, Nick" Nicholas Zafran, Chicago IL __________________________________________________ No.18) Happy in Hawaii: "I got the Anti-Cables today. first few minutes, and already I can hear more dimensionality and clarity than my present ZuCable's "Julian" speaker cables. Mahalo! (thanks)" Dennis Yanos, Hawaii __________________________________________________ No.19) Minnesota Refinement: "Paul, The anti-cables have been a very nice addition. They have definitely helped refine the sound and brought the soundstage into tighter focus. Thanks," Steve Rehnberg, MN __________________________________________________ No.20) Bravo from Italy: "Paul, i am an italian customer that have just installed your anticables, I sent you a mail to say you something and that the cables sound good. After some hours of listening that comment seems to me too cold, they sound beautifully (And are very cheaper than some pretentious brands)." "Bravo!" Claudio Gallo, Italy __________________________________________________ No.21) An Affordable Experiment: "Paul, There's no way a bi-wired set of your two-foot long copper wires were going to better my much pricier 18 inch AudioQuest Midnight/Argent biwire set. But, heck, I can afford a $40 experiment. My Dunlavy IV's have never sounded so good. Better in every way. Quieter, better lows, which really surprised me, more depth--you name it." Rod Riese, MN __________________________________________________ No.22) Pleased in Pennsylvania: "Hello Paul: You have a great product here!. Clear, transparent, with smooth highs and excellent bass! The sound is natural, with many layers, as I've never heard before. Regards," Jose Cigno, PA __________________________________________________ No.23) A Dublin Delight: "The search is over!!! Thank you Paul for these exquisite cables!!!" "After only one day of listening I was simply astounded at the change that ANTICABLEs brought to my system... I won't even try to go into detail of the improvement, because, quite likely, I wouldn't stop for hours. It just seems that all the aural beauty and goodness was released out of my speakers." "My brand new PS Audio BiWire XStream Statements are already auctioned on Ebay, they will easily go for £400 - £500 in Europe. I ordered Statements just before coming across ANTICABLEs, they arrived with delay (unlike ANTICABLEs) and they were back in their original box ready to be auctioned just 1 hour after they originally left it, needless to say - unlike ANTICABLEs... You can expect a good few orders from my audiophile friends too, ANTICABLEs are the product not to be missed in these days of cable witchcraft. All the best from Ireland. Sincerely," Marin Fulgosi, Ireland -and more- "Hi Paul, I would like to make another order - 7' and 5' sets with spades." "Once again - thank you for the most significant improvement on my system... Sincerely," Marin Fulgosi, Dublin Ireland __________________________________________________ No.24) Michigan's Dragon Slayer: "I can't get over the difference between your Anti-Cables vs. the Audioquest Dragon 2 speaker cable. With the Dragons the whole system sounded slow and bloated like an old prize fighter. Now it sounds crisp, detailed but not bright. Even my son could hear the difference." "I could actually turn down the gain with your Anti-Cables in the circuit. My system just seemed to play louder or maybe it was just as clear at a lower volume." "When I went back to using the Audioquest Dragon 2, that retail for $3000, a bit of air around the voices and instruments has disappeared. The soundstage is not quite as deep. I am also getting some annoying "overtones" of sound which wasn't there with the Anti-Cables. I now can hear the Dragon has a lot of sibilance distortion, which is not pleasing to the ear. With the Anti-Cables, the bass seems to be tighter and everything seemed to be perfect." Tom Kearney, MI Tom has now sold his AQ Dragon 2 cables to a buyer in Japan for $850. Good going Tom! __________________________________________________ No.25) Sounds More Like Music: "I replaced my Harmonic Technology 9 AWG Bi-wire Single Crystal Copper Speaker Cable. Quite frankly, the difference with your Anti-Cables was considerable, in particular with reproduction of space and sound stage. I was never aware of the speaker cable's characteristic influence until the Anti-Cable removed it. This may sound “weird” but now it sounds more like music. I always heard detail with soundstage but nothing like this. I just hope this can encourage other listeners who may think this a tweak and consider your Anti-Cables equally important when considering and buying high end components. Thank You" Nicholas Palmese, AR __________________________________________________ No.26) Multi-Thousand Dollar cables, now for sale on AudioGon: "Just got the cables, can't believe my ears. Without "broken in" they sounded awesome. Very nature as it described. Now I need to put my muti-thousands spker cables for sale at the 'goner(LOL)." "Great to deal business with you, and will continue to recommend them to my customers." Steve Chang Chang Audio Network, CO __________________________________________________ No.27) Very Good Product, Very Good Price, Great Service: "I just wanted to let you know that I received the "ANTI-"cables yesterday! Wow, that was fast and your e-mail service was great too!" "After a couple hours of listening yesterday evening, I came away thoroughly impressed with the changes that occurred with my system by using your speaker cables. These cables are everything that I read about on your website! Congratulations on a very good product at a very good price." "And thanks for the great service!" Tom Ingram, Canada __________________________________________________ No.28) High W.A.F. in Canada "Thanks for the great service!" "I received the cables and Wow! I have a huge collection of speaker cables and interconnects, my wife thinks I'm crazy, but I'm glad I kept searching because these cables sound better than anything I have ever heard in my system. It finally sounds how I expected it to sound all along." "The really telling sign was when my wife walked into the listening room just after I installed the Anti-Cables and said "What did you do? It sound so much better" she has never really commented on any change before. I did several A-B-A-B swaps and she could tell every time when I had taken the anti-cables out of the system." Grant Berreth, Canada __________________________________________________ No.29) Sound Basis in Canada: "Thanks for your prompt shipping of the interconnects and cables. I received them this morning and I must confess that not much other than listening got accomplished today. As for the speaker cables, I can only compare them to my previous cables (which were several times the price) and there is no question that the new cables are far superior. I recently changed my electronics. As delighted as I was with the results there was still an edginess and occasionally glare in the upper mid-range at relatively high volume which, in the end, I ascribed to solid state electronic or perhaps to my Thiel speakers... Not anymore!" "You have received some very enthusiastic praise for your cables from many peoples and I can now see for myself that there is a sound basis for it. If you factor in the price, then there is no doubt in my mind that one would be very hard pressed to find better value for money. And if I were to sum-up my overall impression of my system at this time I would simply say that "anti-cables" and "anti-IC's" in not much of a stretch - if is one at all! Thanks" Gille Mongeau, Canada __________________________________________________ No.30) Clearly Noticeable in Israel: "I got my 3' cables and put them in my system instead of very good and dear (1000$) 5' run of VdH The Revelation. Ok, tonal balance didn't change but all was just cleaner and less smeared. Difference wasn't huge but clearly noticeable. Not bad for 30$! The Revelations are for sale now. Thanks for excellent product." Michael "mmhifi", Israel __________________________________________________ No.31) £5000 Privilege in England: "Thank you. The cables arrived safely. I have always been a skeptic concerning cables, wondering how much was hype & how much genuine. Certainly upgrading cables & interconnects before may have led to a subtle difference but no more than that. As you are aware I am also very skeptical about bargains. However I think your cable has changed my views- in my system which new would cost £20,000 they replaced far more expensive cables with a "night & day" difference. Indeed if I received such an improvement from replacing another component & had to pay £5000 for the privilege I would consider it money well spent." "Unfortunately I have no contacts in the hifi industry & although I shall write to the magazines I doubt they will publish it, probably thinking it was from a contact of yours trying to get you free advertising. I wish you all the best." Stefan Herber, United Kingdom __________________________________________________ No.32) Shining Colors in Poland: "I have my new Speakers so I can tell You somethink about Anti:-) Sound is GREAT!!! Very smooth, clean, clear, deep bass, Live Sound with shining colors !! :-) Pawel, Poland __________________________________________________ No.33) In Awe in England: "I am using your Anti-Cables in my system and I have to say I am totally in awe of these coated speaker cables. I have never been a fan of solid core cables irrespective of the arguments against stranded but when I read all the good reports I just had to try it. Congratulations on a wonderful (and cheap) product. Regards," John Clark, United Kingdom __________________________________________________ No.34) Right on the Money: "Hi Paul: Great cables!!!! All the talk on the Planar Asylum is right on the money; They replaced my PSAudio Statements. Thanks Paul." Ken Tuuri, B.C Canada __________________________________________________ No.35) No "Cents" to Buy Any Other Cables: "Yes, I am stunned. I hate audio bargains. The only one I ever liked was the cheap Grado cartridge but that is just an entry level item. HOWEVER, these cables sound like good Audioquests for almost free. They do not sound warm or bright but rather they make every voice and instrument sound more real and feel more "there". I am sure it makes no sense -or cents- to buy any other speaker cable. Thanks Paul." Terry Phipps, San Diego CA __________________________________________________ No.36) "Anti's" Replace Audience AU24s and Cardas Golden References: "I wanted to drop you a note re: the excellence of your cables. I bought a couple of 10' speaker cables (for bi-wiring) and a couple of 1.5M ICs. Now I know why you call these "anti" cables... They do not add or detract anything from the music signal flowing through the system. Any sonic changes in tweaking upstream components are easily discernable. They are fast, natural sounding, extended, detailed w/o brightness, and dynamic." "These anti-cables have replaced my entire sets of the highly rated Audience AU24s and Cardas Golden References. They will probably replace my Purist Audio Venustas as well, even if the PADs were better (which they may not be), due to the massive price differential ($400 vs. PADs $3,500 bought, $6k+ retail). Wow! Thanks, and keep up the great work!" Mark Rodziewicz, MN __________________________________________________ No.37) Better Sound: "With your anticables, the sound is better than my other cables that I was using. Thanks." Warren Kishimoto, Hawaii __________________________________________________ No.38) Barrier Removed, Nuances are Wonderful: "I suspected that I would not be disappointed if I ordered your Anti-Cables, even though my system currently utilizes 9 ft cables costing 7 times more." "The difference upon installation was much more pronounced than I had expected. As one of your testimonials alluded, it's as if a barrier had been removed and I no longer have to strain to hear the nuances. The balance is natural and even across the frequency spectrum. I never thought it was possible but I am hearing things in much listened to CD's that are new! Whatever the effects of typical cables are, I now know what the lack of them sound like. It is a wonderful thing!" Tim Moore, FL __________________________________________________ No.39) Open and Transparent: "Hi Paul- Got em Fri. Very open and transparent with great bass." Mark Senior, OH __________________________________________________ No.40) Totally Transformed the System: "I received my AntiCables a few days ago and I have to tell you that your cables totally transformed my system. It took 5 minutes after the installation of the AntiCables for me to yank off my $1500 speaker cables and totally chastised myself on why I waited all this time to try the AntiCables. I should have saved a lot of my hard earned money. Thank you very much for offering this product to the public and making "average" audiofools like me enjoy our system like the very first time, again. Your customer for Life," John Revilla, MD __________________________________________________ No.41) Passed the Test of Time: "It's been about three months since I replaced my Audience AU24 and Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval speaker cables with your Anti Cable. Absolutely no regrets, my system sounds better than ever. Thank you" Chris Bucki, WI __________________________________________________ No.42) Just Jumpers: "All I can say is WOW. This anticable is really something. Bass improve noticeably, soundstage is wider and deeper. I was using some flat-wire silver jumpers and the sound was good but a bit flat and edgy. The anticable has ironed it out and given it a very pleasing sound, more lifelike. The change is immediate and noticeable! This anticable is really something. I'll be order more for my fronts. If just the jumpers gave such a change, I can't imagine what effect the anticables will have as speaker cables!" Dzung Do "Jimmy", TX __________________________________________________ No.43) Smoked Cardas and Transparent Audio Cables: "I'm a proud owner of your cables. Wow, they are wonderful. They replaced my bi-wire Cardas Hexlink and Transparent Music Wave + to a pair of Apogee Calipers. No need to do an A/B comparison, or any need to switch back to the old cables to make sure of what I'm hearing. The Anti-Cables just plain smoke the other ones. And I'm not even going to bring up price." Jeff Aragaki, CA __________________________________________________ No.44) Blowing Away Very Expensive Cables: "I just wanted to say the Anti-Cables are fantastic! I'm sure you've noticed many of the members from the Apogee user's forum ordering. All have stated how the cables are blowing away very expensive cables they already own! Almost all say they will be selling them! (the old cables that is). Thanks again" Mike P. CA __________________________________________________ No.45) Blew Away PS Audio and Audio Truth: "I'm really liking the anti-cables you put together for me about a month ago (bi-wire atypical 4ft/10ft pair)...easily blew away a $1100 PS Audio pair and an older $800 Audio Truth pair I have. More money for other toys!" Steve Morice, MN __________________________________________________ No.46) Singing Sopranos: "I received the anti-cables. Thanks for the prompt service! The cables do exactly what I had hoped; that is, the overly bright highs that were present with my other cables are now managed well. Sopranos now sound MUCH better. The sound is clear, warmish and controlled, and the soundstage is detailed, broad and deep. Nice product." John Berendt, Canada __________________________________________________ No.47) Dyed-in-the-Wool Skeptic Becomes Very Satisfied Customer: "I had good speaker cables to start with. Nothing fancy or ridiculously expensive, but good. In fact, I was quite satisfied with them. I'm another of those dyed-in-the-wool skeptics when it comes to $400-$10,000 dollar cable nonsense. I must admit however, that I was taken in by the glowing reviews and feedback you posted on AudioGon. So in a moment of weakness, I figured for 90 bucks for my 9 footers, delivered, I'd roll the dice and see if your cables really made much of a difference with my modest tube-based system." "The simple act of switching to the Anti-Cables made such an immediate, dramatic improvement in the sound coming from my Audio Note AZ-Two's, that I'm still having difficulty believing it. The sound stage increased two-fold. The definition and separation is dramatic, as is the improvement in the high and low end. Music that I've listened to over the years and know like the back of my hand, has textures, sounds and instrumentation in it that I have NEVER HEARD BEFORE! Wow." "Your Anti-Cables prove once again, that "less is more". It truly is. You can count me as one very satisfied customer." Brian Kirchoff, Missouri __________________________________________________ No.48) Off the Merry-go-Round: "Having had the cables in my system for a few weeks now, let me say that I am most impressed with their performance and even more impressed with the value they offer. I think I'm off the merry-go-round of cable experimentation. Your Anti-cables are just a perfect fit in my system. Open, detailed, dynamic, all the usual audio superlatives apply. Best Regards" Mark Latkowski, UT __________________________________________________ No.49) Floored in Ohio: "I got the anti cables today and as I write this my jaw is still dropped. I'm actually speechless..." "OK...let's see, I listened for a grand total of ONE to TWO MINUTES and I was floored. That's all it took for me to hear an immediate difference. No other speaker cable that I have used has had this immediate impact. Absolutely about some interconnects! So very pleased" Ron Bessell, OH __________________________________________________ No.50) Words Alone Can Not Describe: "Paul, I just bought a pair of your ANTI-CABLE's and currently at 120hrs. I will say this at this point they beat EVERYTHING I have ever used." "KEEP up your vigil against all the other HIGH OVER PRICED cable out there, that makes only noise, words alone cannot describe the MUSIC one hears with your ANTI-CABLE's" Howie, MA __________________________________________________ No.51) Manage to Have it All: "Since you and Judy have been so friendly to deal with, and since you are endeavoring to sell such a quality item while keeping the costs down, I figured I would take a moment to add my comments to other users of your anti-cables." "Turns out your cable is better than either of the others I had been using (OTA wire and OCOS cable). It is better in the bass, in terms of transparency and control. Having taut control over the woofer is the way to get the best bass response. The midrange is as transparent as I have heard, and the top end manages to also be transparent and yet not irritating, but rather natural sounding, which is a welcome surprise to me since I would rather have a dull or rolled off treble than too much. So, your cable manages to some how, have it all. It would be nice if it were more like regular wire, in terms of not being so stiff, but it is manageable, thank you very much. All the best." Stew Glick, NY __________________________________________________ No.52) Finally Enjoying the Music: "After years of using a variety of big-buck electronics and speakers, I decided that I wanted to get away from the cost and complexity. I wanted simple...but I wanted musical! Can they co-exist? Is it possible to purchase (as you say) "high performance, low-cost" gear and still have the "goose bumps"? After owning my new system awhile, I began thinking that I had made a mistake! Oh, the speakers sounded great, and the amp had that SET presence, but something was missing. So, the cable hunt began as I began trying to dial-in the sound with various interconnects and speaker cables. The selection of interconnects was resolved quickly with a pair of solid silver wires, but the speaker cables were more elusive! I tried many...MIT, silver, Nordost, CAT5 cable, Monster, Kimber Kable...they all had good points, but something was still missing." "Then, one day, on Audiogon, I see your ad, and think, "These sound simple enough...and cheap enough...heck, why not?" The Anti-Cables arrived, were installed and three songs later, I realized that I was hearing a remarkable product! The synergy was there! And, oh, that soundstage! Instruments were separated, side-to-side and front-to-back, like never before, while retaining the clarity and frequency extremes! I began digging through my albums and CD's with gusto, no longer caring whether I had the fattest cables or the newest model! I was finally enjoying the music for the first time in a long time! These are keepers! So, thank you for a simple, high-performance, low-cost product that does what you say! And to anyone who is looking for great speaker cables at an affordable price, my advice is to try Paul's Anti-Cables! I did! I know! You won't be disappointed!" Jim Cress, PA __________________________________________________ No.53) Wife Approved: "The performance of these cables is so good that I feel almost obligated to comment further, and thank you for dreaming up this product." "Nearly every aspect of the sonic picture was enhanced after I installed your cables. The improvement was so noticeable that my ultimate audio critic, my wife, commented on how she preferred the systems new sound. Imagine her surprise when I told her the price of the cables, she thought they were the $1200 pair I had been wanting to buy! Thanks" Dan Waskiewicz, MN __________________________________________________ No.54) Multi-Channel Match: "Upon seeing your cables in place, one of my buds asked- "what wire are you using these days . . coat hanger wire?". Your wire does look suspiciously like coat hanger wire. Regardless, I noticed an improvement in the high frequency range with the first thing I played. Gary Chang's score for the movie "Under Siege" opens with some percussive strikes and cymbal smashes that sound extremely sharp and clean with your cable with excellent decay. I observed no transient hardness but did hear a touch of sibilance not heard with the Kimber 4PR that I replaced. Let me be clear (no pun intended), this sibilance is very delicate and sweet sounding and does not call undue attention to itself. In fact, the treble sounds gentle but you wouldn't want to say soft because resolution is so good." "A short time later, Steven Seagal and his mates are fooling around in the ship's galley and very distinct voices are coming from all over the place in three dimension. The quality and depth of bass I am getting is also an improvement over the Kimber. Somehow, it sounds purer. The stringed score in "The Thin Red Line" is soft and poignant and made more palpable by the thin red cable! Enough already . . I'm a fan! Sincerely" Jim Goulding, TX __________________________________________________ No.55) Awesome: "Received the speaker cables today and they sound awesome! Thanks so much! Take care" Geoff Hardcastle __________________________________________________ No.56) Easily Saved a Grand: "Just received the anti-cables today. I just ordered them two days ago. Great service. I have been listening to several new cables, then found your ad on audiogon. I was about to spend $1200.00 on another set of cables. These cables are better than any set I listened to, more bass, excellent mid range, wider sound stage, crisp highs. I am very imprested. Thank You Very Much!" Mike Newman, CA __________________________________________________ No.57) Best I "Never" Heard in France: "After twenty hours of listening session, i can tell you that your cables are the best that i never hear, include MIT, transparent, Audioquest, Fadel. I'm very happy. Thank you for your fantastic product. Best Regards" Franck Lafage, France __________________________________________________ No.58) Bottom Line: "I've been comparing your anti-cables to my $500/pr and $1000/pr cables. Yes, there are differences. Bottom line, I'm keeping the anti-cables in my system. Thanks!" Arnie Sirlin, NY __________________________________________________ No.59) Great Match with Magggies: "Thanks for the cables Paul - they sound great and have added some additional bass response to my Mag 12's. Thanks for the great service and the fantastic cables." Alan Sanders, Canada __________________________________________________ No.60) Excellent in South Africa: "Received the cables about a week has replaced my Audience Au 24 in my system. Excellent! Great cable! Thanks" Dr Chris H van Niekerk, South Africa __________________________________________________ No.61) Remarkable: "Paul, I received the cables a few minutes ago, they are in the system and the sound is remarkable. It sounds like no cables at all, just music. Best wishes" John Kornhauser, CA __________________________________________________ No.62) Replaced Analysis Plus Clear Oval: "I received the cables yesterday. Well frankly I was astounded! I seemed to gain another 1/2 octave in both the bass region and the treble region. Piano was as close to live as I have ever heard from a sound system. One of my favorite CDs is of Brian Bromberg (title is Wood) playing a 300 year old stand-up acoustic bass. The articulation was incredible. Your cables replaced Analysis Plus Clear Oval. Thanks for a great product!" Richard Dolan, Canada __________________________________________________ No.63) Open and Clean: "Paul I got the "Anti's". I like the way they sound. Open and clean, good extension. Thanks." Roy Francisco, CA __________________________________________________ No.64) Significant Improvement over Magnan Reference ($$$): "Dear Paul, Your package arrived safely in London and after 24 hours non-stop burn-in the results are simply spectacular." "Compared to the Magnan Reference (big $$$) which I used previously there are significant improvements in 3 dimensions and they aren't gradual!" 1: Speed: this is really amazing, the reeds of oboes or woodwinds can be heard scratching as the player forms the sound, on strings you not only hear individual players in the orchestra but also the actual sound when the bows hit the strings; pizzicato don't sound like 'pop' but like 'pling' and the voices of singers contain the actual hissing and breathing sounds I couldn't hear before. 2: Space: while my omnidirectional Duevel Bella Luna horns always benefited from a huge soundstage, there is now space and air around each individual musician and they are located such that you don't just hear the general position but can actually pinpoint first and second oboes or flutes next to each other. 3: Grip: what was a euphonic but slightly bloated bass has become a much 'deeper' bass, trombones and tympani sound awesomely wholesome and again, plugged contrabass has body and speed. "Anybody using OTLs and horns tends to be spoiled for transparency, the addition of the Zeros and your Anti-Cables simply took the game to a different level. This has been the best value for money upgrade to my system ever! While I cannot attribute the gain to either autoformers or cable since you were kind enough to ship them hardwired, the whole thing is too good for words, thank you very much!" My system comprises: Speakers: Duevel Bella Lunas (nom. 6 Ohms, min. 4 Ohms) Amp: Graaf GM20 (OTL, balanced, nom. 8 Ohms, 2x 20W) CD: Audioaero Capitole 192 ( incl. valve analogue gain stage as preamp, balanced) Vinyl: Clearaudio Solution, Clearaudio Symphono (bal), Morch UP4 12in, Zyx R1000 Airey2 Cables: Van den Hul Jubilee XLR The Zeros are 2x stepup and the anticables are 13'. "If I can help with any references, pls. let me know, I copied Markus Duevel, the designer of the Bella Lunas on this mail." Norbert Reis, England __________________________________________________ No.65) Replace Kimber 8TC cables... then grin: "Thanks for the cables, since I installed them I cannot stop grinning every time I listen." "My Vienna Acoustics Mahlers/Bryston 4B-ST/Electrocompaniet EC4.7/Meridian 508.24 system has never sounded this good. The best indication of musicality is how often one feels the urge to sit down for a listen, which is every chance I get now." "First impressions were: more relaxed sound, more power and a more tune-full bass..." "Longer term impressions: more micro-dynamic detail, "faster", can hear details never heard before on "very" familiar CD's. I am so glad I decided to browse speaker cables on Audiogon and coming across your customer's testimonials. I thought my Kimber 8TC would be hard to improve upon (on a budget anyway). Now all I can say is: WOW, WOW, WOW. Thanks!" Bruno Pappalardo, CA __________________________________________________ No.66) No Doubt Better in Switzerland: "I have listen several hours your cables and I am very surprised. I think the cables are good, perhaps excellent!! My system are Nola Viper Signature with the Black Orpheus cables which I have exchanged against yours (in bi-wire). On several disks, I find the anticables with no doubt better." "Timbres of the instruments are very good, soundstage great (similar as with the Black Orpheus), excellent tonal balance and finally the sound is very natural, effortless..." Jann Weiss, Switzerland __________________________________________________ No.67) Best Upgrade at any Price: "Paul, I just got your Anticables and hooked everything this point I'm straining to not cuss out loud for a very long time for I am in shock at how amazing these Anticables are. Right now i'm hearing thundering bass through my Thiel CS2's that i've never heard, along with clarity that's quite unbelievable....all this from 5 minutes of listening!!!!" "These cables along with Mapleshade Records Mikro Smooth CD treatment are by far the best upgrades for my musical tastes at any price." "Keep up the good work, i'm thoroughly impressed." Matt Cecil, IL __________________________________________________ No.68) The Best Thing I Did: "Dear Paul: I finally hooked up the package you sent me. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next to marrying my wife, the best thing I did was to purchase your products (Anti-Cables and Anti-ICs). Please express my thanks to Judy as well." Joel Jastromb, IL __________________________________________________ No.69) Nothing Comes Remotely Close: "Hello Paul & Judy, I just wanted to let you both know I have been using your Anti-cables for about a month and they are great. The first thing I noticed was the clarity and articulation of the bass. My old cables which I thought sounded pretty good, sound slightly fuzzy and not as immediate. I have to tell you for the money I can't think of anything that comes even remotely close. Do you make an interconnect?" "Thank you for a truly remarkable product. I will be enthusiastically recommending you to all who will listen. Sincerely" Bryan Anderson, IL __________________________________________________ No.70) Replaced Audio Note Cables in The Netherlands: "You caught my attention with your speaker cables! They sound very musical and effortless and they are currently replacing my Audio Note AN-SPa's. Which one is the better one is a matter of taste. They both let the music/message through and that's what's important to me. So now I'm very curious how your Anti-IC's would sound like in my system." Boudewijn Meijers, The Netherlands __________________________________________________ No.71) Fast, Tonally Accurate, and Quiet: "Hello Paul and Judy, I just want to thank you both for your wonderful Anti-Cables. The Anti-Cables soundly trounced my old Audioquest Cobalt speaker cables." "After numerous listening sessions with the Anti-Cables, I would characterize them as very quiet, fast, neutral, free of artifacts, revealing, and dense. I realized after listening to the Anti-Cables, that the brightness, extra warmth on vocals, extra weight on bass really are all artifacts. I love how your fast, tonally accurate, and quiet the Anti-Cables are when I'm listening to a Broadway play like Rent. Every Broadway singer came through, fast, clear, dynamic, involving from a dead silent background and no brightness. My wife often commented how she thought singers have more emotion with the Anti-Cables." Much thanks from Peter in Seattle WA __________________________________________________ No.72) Far Far Better Then Expensive Van den Hul: "Dear Mr. Speltz, I received the cables Friday evening. They sound terrific. They are far far better than my expensive Van den Hul. A very good product indeed and fantastic value." "Thanks you Mr. Speltz and I hope you will release some AC power cable in the future.... My best Regards" Davide Lentini, Hong Kong __________________________________________________ No.73) The Sound of Music in Austria: "Hello Paul, I've got your anti-cables and I have to tell you they are fantastic. My speaker cables I used before are very good and expensive one but your cables suit my expectation to a cable much more. It is transparent, very quick. It gives a lot of room in all directions and the different between silence and very loud is very exact, especially when listening to classic and jazz. Thank you again for developing them. Yours" Leo Neubauer, Austria (Europe) __________________________________________________ No.74) Be Very Careful: "Hey Paul, I bought anti cables from you about a month ago. I love them. Recommended them to a friend & he also got a pair plus jumpers. Your anti cables actually made the differences between my Cal audio cl20 & Icon mkii power boss cd players very obvious. They took my modest little system to another level entirely. It was as if I had gotten more expensive speakers or a new amp. I think if others were to try your cables before changing any component in their systems they might save themselves a lot of money. I would advise you to be very careful as far as those overpriced cable bandits are concerned. They may become very unhappy with you as more people discover your products. It's really nice to know there's someone like you in this business. Thanks & best regards" Will Virtue, NY __________________________________________________ No.75) Blows away Kimber, MIT, and Xindak Cables in New Zealand: "Received the anti-cables today. Marvelous; I've tried Kimber, MIT, and Xindak cables among others, and yours blow them all away. (I expect you get fed up with hearing this). Cables are connecting Single-ended triode electronics (diy) to Magnepan 3.6. Regards," Bob Prangnell, New Zealand __________________________________________________ No.76) Heaven: "Hi paul , just like to let you know I received the anti cables & ic's today. oh man now that's an improvement! I'm in heaven. Thank you" Eduardo Vega, NJ __________________________________________________ No.77) Better than Synergistic Resolution Reference (X2): "I have used your cable. It is very good; I believe it is better than the Synergistic Resolution Reference (X2) I had been using. Thanks for saving me some money." Michael Brown, FL __________________________________________________ No.78) Single Biggest Improvement Ever: "Dear Paul, You are a really bad man - just as I thought that I finally settled with my hifi cabling needs (excellent gold alloy ICs and a few pairs of your very own Anti-cables), I visited your website today only to find Anti-ICs that are almost impossible not to buy... I will definitely get two pairs of XLR Anti-ICs." "Btw, your Anti-cables are still the single biggest improvement that my system ever benefited from." Marin Fulgosi, Ireland __________________________________________________ No.79) Huge Improvement Over AudioQuest: "Paul, The Anti-Cables replaced AudioQuest type 4s and it was a huge improvement. The biggest difference I hear is clarity, and the entire presentation is much better defined. Overall a very positive change. Thanks again" Tim Babb, IL __________________________________________________ No.80) Finally Afford High-End Sound: "I hooked up the anti-cables this morning...all I can say is WOW! I never bought into the cable hype before, but now I see a difference, and I can finally afford high-end sound without the high-end price. Thank you so much, I will be ordering more!! I will leave feedback on Audiogon to tell everyone who doesn't yet know how good these cables are. Again, thanks for a great product!!" "Jewel5" __________________________________________________ No.81) Smoking: "Was just letting u know that the Anti-Cables came today an they are Smoking , gonna take the other 7ft pair an the Jumpers to my Bud’s and see what he thinks , So far i can tell that the Bass is a lot better an the Highs are right there, a Nice Pleasing sound . Thanks Again" Mark Skeens, OH __________________________________________________ No.82) Totally Solved the Problem: "Thank you for extremely fast delivery to the cold north (Norway)! I have been using the anti-cables now for a few days, and I can say they totally solved the problem of bad stereo imaging in my system! Otherwise the sound is very clean and clear. Thanks to you I am now a happier music listener :-) Kind Regards" Harald Haugli, Norway __________________________________________________ No.83) Trounced Tara Labs and Beat Nordost: "Ok, I got the cables today and am already a complete convert! They replaced a pair of Tara Labs, which they trounced in just about every area - bass, mid clarity, highs, body. I also just sold a pair of Nordost Blue Heaven, and I feel they also pretty soundly beat them as well. They have the mid clarity that the Nordost provided, but added some serous body/weight and control to the proceedings. Simply amazing!" "There are a few items in audio that I feel are true sonic bargains - the Ack dAck, the Shelter 501, the Bent Audio Noh. These certainly have been added to the list." "All I can say is, if you are planning on spending anywhere from $100 to $10,000 for speaker cables you owe it to yourself to at least try these. At $70 for my 5-foot pair with bananas I can't even consider them just a serious bargain, they are practically a freebie! Thanks Paul!" Matthew Pass, NY __________________________________________________ No.84) Killed AudioQuest CV-6 cables: "First of all I would like to say thanks for providing such a wonderful sounding product as such a low price. These cables within 5 minutes managed to kill my AudioQuest CV-6 cables (now being sold on eBay) on my set of Magnepan MG12s. I am still surprised at how much sound I was missing with my AudioQuest cables. My MG12s sound like full range speakers now with a lot more low end and completely open highs. I am hearing new sounds in songs and enjoying just how complex some of the music is. Thanks for a great product and fast delivery time." James Rorabaugh, WA __________________________________________________ No.85) Living Breathing Music: "Hi Paul and Judy, Received the speaker cables and balanced interconnects nearly 2 months ago but didn't put them in my system until a month later. I think you are wrong with your burn in time for the cables, in my opinion they are no different than any other cables and therefore require the standard 3 weeks with music constantly played through them. All I can say is these cables are worth the wait. I am now listening to living breathing music and nothing else is getting done! Thanks and very well done. Kind regards" John Norton, England __________________________________________________ No.86) No Way Any Cable at Any Price Can Sound Better: "Paul! I have B&W 604 speakers and I cannot begin to tell you how much better they sound since I sold my Kimber 8TC on AudioGon for what I paid for your cables. They are a rare bargain. I cannot believe some of the audiophiles who spend upwards of $1000.00 plus on speaker cable. It's lunacy. There is no way any speaker cable at any price sounds better than your Anti-Cables." "I will be ordering MORE Anti-Cables for my B&W center channel that is Bi-wireable. Thanks again" Bill Leutbecher, CA __________________________________________________ No.87) Females Hear Better: "Hi, Paul, Thank you for calling me back and processing my order. Your Anti-cables are amazing!" "They are hooked up to my Audio Research tube amp, and make my beautiful Dalis sing! Although yet to be completely broken-in, I can already hear its enormous potential for providing great sound. They are very transparent, articulate, open, liquid in mids and tight in the bass." "After they are completely broken-in, I will decide what other cables I will need and re-contact you. And, I will tell all my friends about your cables, and allow them to try it on their own systems. Keep up the great work! Sincerely" Kathy Lee, CA __________________________________________________ No.88) Midrange Integrity: "Paul, Received the cable. This is certainly a very interesting and exciting product. The sound of twisted pair is much better to my system, using an extremely high efficient horn speaker (103db) with low powered amplification. I especially like the integrity of mid-range. Thanks" Young Ho Hur, Korea __________________________________________________ No.89) Brought Tears to My Eyes: "I just received these cables today, and I can't get over how much my system has improved! I actually had tears come to my eyes during one song, it moved me so much! That has NEVER happened! I have been trying to get the sound that I heard from a $45,000 system, and I have finally arrived! Most excellent cables! Thanks so much! "I'm blown away!" Wade Denman, MI __________________________________________________ No.90) Big Step Up from Cardas: "The Anti-Cable speaker cables were a big step up from my Cardas SE-15's. I think it's great that I can take a big step up in sound quality, sell my old cables and still have money in my pocket. I was very skeptical when I first read about Anti-Cables but I'm skeptical no more. Thank you for a stellar product that put cable upgrades in my reach. Sincerely" Neil Crowley, CO __________________________________________________ No.91) Not Thick and Sexy, But No Comparison: "I bought four other pairs of speaker "cable" so that I could determine which one was the best. I really didn't want the Anti-cables to win - they're clangy and cumbersome and not thick and sexy with impressive gold connectors like the real speaker cables. Well, if I bought speaker cable for the way they look, the Anti-Cable would have been in last place in my book but if you are after cable for the way they sound (or don't sound), there is absolutely no comparison. How could I go back to the grunge of the other cables once I heard the clarity and imaging of the Anti-Cables?" "The pinpoint imaging, both side to side and front to back is uncanny. You can tell when the musicians move slightly. Good top end and solid tight bottom end with the best middle you could hope for. Clangy and cumbersome? Yeah, but once you get them where you want them, you can have the assurance that you have the best speaker cables, I mean "wire," anywhere near their price. These are so incredible, I will have to try the interconnect cables to see if they make just as big a difference." Greg Litsey, WA __________________________________________________ No.92) The Absolute Sound did... "Hello, I've been listening for a few days and the speaker cables are great........... You were not kidding............ hopefully one of the big magazines will take a listen and review. Keep up the good work. Thanks" Leslie Van Trease, CA __________________________________________________ No.93) The Absolute Sound Saved Me $500: "Paul - These things are FANTASTIC. It's like someone windexed my speakers. They are good all over, but particularly in resolving low volume bass, quiet plucked bass in small jazz groups and such. They've also got much finer definition on large orchestral works with much better individual instrument separation. I'm not going to write a big review, but I am very impressed." "The timing was excellent too. I was about to drop $500 bucks for someone else's cables when I read the sidebar in TAS. You're going to have more business than you know what to do with. Thanks again!" Greg Simmons, PA __________________________________________________ No.94) Soundstage Reviewer: "Judy and Paul, The Anticables arrived over the weekend. They replaced a bi-wire set of thick, heavy duty Audioquest Crystals that weighed a ton. The accompanying literature mentioned allowing them at least a 100 hours of burn in time but I am of a slightly different theory when it comes to breaking in any component. I do not discount break-in, but, in my opinion, any improvements in replacing electronics or cables in an audio chain should be immediately apparent. And in the case of your Anticables, it certainly was. From here on I can look forward to the sound only improving over time." "Here are some of the marked improvements that were immediately obvious over my prior speaker cables. Build quality. In one word, excellent! My Audioquests are terminated with spades as are your Anticables but for the first time in GOD knows how long, I was able to achieve a snug fit and hand tighten the binding posts without muttering superlatives or using any tools. A source of aggravation for many and a great start for me, I thought." "Next up, the sound. Highs were considerably more extended and airy than what I was used to hearing. Details began to emerge that evidently were veiled before. Also noticeable right off the bat was the marked increase in palpability and transparency. It was especially evident with vinyl playback. Listening to Belafonte Live at Carnegie Hall, I was actually able to discern the singer turning around on stage to face different sections of the audience. Very impressive, indeed." "Moving along, Soundstage. Where before it would lean more to the left, is now locked dead center. All this time, I have been thinking my preamp was to blame for this. Imagine my surprise when I realized its been my cables all along. Thankfully, the Anticables have corrected this anomaly." "And finally, the bass. WOW!!.....listening to Elvis Costello and the Attractions Greatest Hits, the bass riffs on Track 2 from the guitar and the drums literally made me sit up and smile. Taut, well defined, 'thump your chest' bass that I don't recall my Audioquests ever producing." "As always, anytime a change is made in source components or cables, things can go good or bad in a hurry. I am happy to say, in the case of the Anticables, the improvements were more than subtle in my system. An excellent investment and tweak on the cheap!" "I have just joined the Soundstage Network as a Reviewer and I will ask Marc Michelson, our Editor, if I could review the Anticables professionally for the magazine. I will let you know. All the best." Mack A. Khan, GA __________________________________________________ No.95) On First Listen, I Did Not Like Them: "I have had a three foot bi-wire pair of your cables for some time now. I have had them in and out of the system a couple of times. On first listen, I did not like them....sounded metallic or something, and my Classe DR 8 solid state amp absolutely did not work with them.....or so I thought." "At some point I completed repairs on my Curcio/Dyna MK3 tube amps. I then replaced my normal Kimber 4tc biwire pair with your cables." "At first I, again, did not like them. Sound almost harsh. But I left them in and what do you know? The more I listened the more I realized the Kimbers were masking some detail throughout the spectrum. I readjusted the vta (SME 309/van den Hul MC 10) and what I perceived as harshness was VTA too high." "I am now convinced. I hear more detail everywhere, but especially in the middle frequencies. And the sound is more palpable, more alive. Pretty amazing stuff. I have had the Kimbers in my system from the crossover box to the amps for many years and had gotten accustomed to the sound. Never realized the VTA was so high, just adjusted it till it sounded good and listened away." "Hope you are selling the daylights out of your cables. Can't tell you the last time I made this much improvement in my system. Thanks" Louis Sohn, TN __________________________________________________ No.96) Telepathic Communication: "I received and installed my new anticables yesterday, after your prompt delivery. Thank you for the great service." "I used them to replace a set of Monster 1.4s biwire cables which by the way sounded magnificent. I am using a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300 amplifier and Magnepan 3.6R speakers. The sound quality was instantly, significantly better than before and much better than I had expected. A bargain to be sure! Communication between amp and speakers can now only be referred to as telepathic. It is as if there is no wiring at all. There now seems to be absolutely no lost sonic information." "Thank you very much for helping to make an already great system into one which is as fine as I have ever heard." Kendall Newsome, IL __________________________________________________ No.97) An Astonishing Value in Switzerland: "Hi Paul, You give me the perfekt advice. I find that these cables are an astonishing value and they have replaced my Black Orpheus with the Nola Signature." "I have listen several hours your cables and I am very surprised. I think the cables are good, perhaps excellent ! I am hesitating a bit on which side to stay !! My system are Nola Viper Signature with the Black Orpheus cables which I have exchanged against yours (in bi-wire). On several disks, I find the anticables with no doubt better, for examples: Mahler Symphonies with MTT Bach Sonata with Julia Fisher Requiem of Mozart and Verdi with Harnoncourt "Timbres of the instruments are very good, soundstage great (similar as with the Black Orpheus), excellent tonal balance and finally the sound is very natural, effortless (I can listen louder than before without problem). But I find a problem with voices which are very distinct, though lacking perhaps something in palpability, as if some details wasn't there. I am not absolutely sure, I will make more tests and retry my old cables. In some way I am very pleased with the cables, and sometimes I find that something is lacking. Sometimes I have this feeling not inly with voices ! I can not say that details are missing. I hear the ones I usually hear (breath, mechanism on the piano). I will tell you the final story later ... (sorry for my poor english)- Regards" Jann Weiss, Switzerland __________________________________________________ No.98) Breathing New Life into My Existing System: "Hi Paul, Got the cables today and hooked them up into my system, and WOW! You weren't kidding that they make a noticeable difference! I have a modest system (Luxman 3045 Receiver, Cambridge Audio CD4SE CD Player, Monarchy 22A DAC, Audio Alchemy DTI, and PC-60 Speakers -- definitely nothing high-end) and I can really notice an opening of the sound stage, with a smoother sound!!!!! You've saved me mucho money in upgrades by breathing new life into my existing system with your anti-cables. I thank you and so does my wife; who thinks I spend too much on my system as it is. ;-). Cheers" Karl Zimmerman, CA __________________________________________________ No.99) Short but Sweet: "Got the cables. Man is that an improvement!" Aaron Garrett, MA __________________________________________________ No.100) Less is Truly More: "Dear Paul, Just a quick note to say that I've had the cables and jumpers in my system for a couple of weeks now and I'm really very happy with them. I have a singularly untweaked system: Minimax Cd player, Antique Sound Labs MG SI 15DT tube amp, and a pair of Mission speakers. I like the simple straightforward approach of the anticables; sometimes less is truly more. Cheers and all the best" Vasant Kaiwar, NC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Anti-Cables can be purchased at any length for $10/foot for a stereo set. For example, a 6 foot stereo set (for 2 speakers) is only $60. The stereo set comes with each speaker wire pair, factory twisted and fully terminated with 8 of our excellent new solid copper spades (different then shown in the photo), that has a stepped opening that fit both the standard 1/4" (6mm), and the larger 5/16" (8mm) binding posts. Optional Banana plugs terminations or bare wire ends (unterminated) come at no extra charge. Try them 30 days risk free. If you decide they don't sound more like real music and less like speaker cables then what you are using, call us for return authorization for a full refund. FLAT RATE SHIPPING: US Priority = $8 Canada = $22 International = $29 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please do not click the “Buy-it-Now” or “Make-Offer” buttons To order: - email: - or call 651-735-0534 - for more information visit: - For questions, please contact us directly (not thru Audiogon). - email: - or call 651-735-0534 - for more information visit: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Anti-Cables have now been awarded The Absolute Sound's Editors Choice Award five years in a row (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, & 2010), which means they are considered to be "the best of the best". This is quite amazing, considering they cost 1/100 as much as others on the list. Plus… the best two awards of all: The Absolute Sound's Top 200 Audio Products 2010 and 2011 (issue 197 & 207) The Absolute Sound's Top 200 Audio Products for 2011 lists the Anti-Cables along with only 9 other speaker cables which are priced as amazing as $24,900. Printed below is the original TAS review: Paul Speltz’s “anti-cable” speaker cables are a godsend to those of us who want good sound but are repulsed by the astronomically high prices some cable manufacturers are asking for their goods. I know cable manufacturers need to make a living, and I have no problem with that, but there’s a limit to what I can conceive of spending on a hunk of wire. (And yes, I know how essential that hunk of wire can be to the sonic integrity of one’s system, but when all is said and done, it’s still a hunk of wire.) Thus the name “anti-cables.” This stuff goes against everything most high-end speaker cables are typical known for—like ridiculously high prices, haute couture designer jackets, and compromised sonics. At this point, I’ve only had a few weeks to audition them, so it’s possible that extended listening could reveal a shortcoming or two. But so far, I have to say I’m blown away by the neutrality and lack of coloration I’m hearing and by the absence of any apparent downside. The high frequencies are open and clear with no tizziness; the midrange has exceptional clarity, transparency, and detail; and the bass is extended, with remarkable articulation. Miraculously, the cost is only $80 for an 8 foot pair with spades. If you visit Paul Speltz’s anti-cable Web site you can read the story behind these cables along with technical info and testimonials up the ying-yang. In a nutshell, the anti-cables are constructed of 12-gauge solid-core copper wire with a very thin red coating or dielectric. According to Speltz, it’s the minimal dielectric that accounts for the amazing clarity and virtual lack of sonic signature. These cables are a bit stiff, but still easy to work with. They do require shaping to keep off the carpeting and away from other components and cables, but I’d say the bending and shaping, at most, might take an extra few minutes per cable. SK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please do not click the “Buy-it-Now” or “Make-Offer” buttons To order: - email: - or call 651-735-0534 - for more information visit: - For questions, please contact us directly (not thru Audiogon). - email: - or call 651-735-0534 - for more information visit: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ....and please inquire about some option not yet shown on our web site such as “doubled-up sets”, for additional bass weight, and musical dynamic impact, "shotgun wired, factory woven" for bi-wire sets, and "true bi-wiring" for Vandersteen speakers. Thanks! Paul
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