Anti-ICsby Paul SpeltzAnti-ICs by Paul Speltz XLR and RCAThe "Anti-ICs" start at $100/pair for single ended RCA connectors, and $200/pair for XLR Balanced. The XLR Anti-ICs are a truly balanced design, utilizing a balanced pair of signal wires. Prices ar...100.00

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The "Anti-ICs" start at $100/pair for single ended RCA connectors, and $200/pair for XLR Balanced. The XLR Anti-ICs are a truly balanced design, utilizing a balanced pair of signal wires. Prices are for 1/2m, 3/4m, and 1m lengths. Longer lengths available in $25 increments. For additional pricing information visit: The Anti-ICs use the same design concept as the Anti-Cables. They are simple, cost effective, and perform very well. They utilize the same red coated Copper wire, but of a much smaller gauge, especially for the music signal conductor. This small wire size provides excellent time alignment of the music’s transient events, which helps eliminate time smearing, and helps resolve the dynamics of the music. Typical interconnect cables usually have a signal wire surrounded with a thick plastic dielectric material, which is then surrounded by the ground conductor to shield it from EMI/RFI noise. This typical approach has the usual drawbacks of accumulating a lot of dielectric material around the music conductor, and an accumulation of shunting capacitance. The Anti-ICs use a different approach. Since air is a near perfect dielectric, no extra insulation dielectric material (beyond the thin red coating) is used, and the wires are suspended in free air. Shunting Capacitance is about as low as an interconnect can get (RCA less than 10pF/ft). This is due to the topology of the elongated spiral ground wire, with a straight signal conductor passing down the middle (at close to a 90 degree angle from each other). Because of this offset angle, the magnetic field of the ground wire has limited coupling to the signal wire (keeping capacitance low); yet because of its close and surrounding proximity, the physically protective elongated spiral ground wire does a good job of electrically shielding the inner signal wire. A note about my optional Eichmann Bullet RCA Plugs ($50 extra): Years ago, I originally offered the Anti-IC with only my standard Neutrik RCA plugs, feeling they were just as good sounding as any other RCA plug. After 4 different customers sent me Eichmann plugs for their Anti-IC orders, I sat down and listened to them against an identical set of Anti-IC with my standard Neutrik plugs. I didn't want to think the "Fisher Price blue" plastic looking Eichmann Bullet plugs (that were difficult to solder without melting the plastic), would sound any better; Yet I heard a bit more resolution, a bit more dynamics, and a more tuneful bass. There was enough difference in which I felt I needed to offer them as an option, and they are what I use in my system since hearing them. In contrast, they make the standard Neutrik plugs sound a bit "polite" (a nice way to describe a bit lower resolution). I sell about equal amounts of Anti-ICs with the standard Neutrik RCA connectors vs. with the Eichmann connectors. The optional Eichmann Bullets plugs are expensive, yet I have made them available for customers that are willing to pay the extra $50 they cost to squeeze a bit more music out of the recordings. This also worth reading: Please contact me about other options such as "Double Shielded" for phono use, and "DIN" connectors for use with turntables. FLAT RATE SHIPPING: US Priority = $8 Canada = $22 International = $29 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please do not click the “Buy-it-Now” or “Make-Offer” buttons To order: - email: - or call 651-735-0534 - for more information visit: - For questions, please contact us directly (not thru Audiogon). - email: - or call 651-735-0534 - for more information visit: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are a few testimonials: ____________________________ Same Characteristics as the Anti-Cables: Thanks for the interconnects. I was able to listen briefly yesterday, and it was enough time to let you know that the interconnects sound great. Very, very clear. That goes for the whole frequency spectrum. Bass lines, midrange, and a natural, clear and open top end. The interconnects basically have the same characteristics as the speaker wire, which is how I assumed it would be. You are certain to have a winner here. Thanks again and best of luck. Stew Glick, NY _____________________________ Clobbered MIT Interconnects: ... My real reason for this e-mail is to report on the Anti-IC's. FANTASTIC. They clobbered my two MIT shotgun cables, which cost me $550 and $350. The sound is really exciting. I have a big smile on my face. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Bob Zwahlen, PA ___________________________ Fast, Natural, Extended, Detailed, and Dynamic, w/o Brightness: I wanted to drop you a note re: the excellence of your cables. I bought a couple of 10' Anti-Cables(for bi-wiring speakers) and a couple of 1.5M Anti-ICs. Now I know why you call these "anti" cables.....They do not add or detract anything from the music signal flowing through the system. Any sonic changes in tweaking upstream components are easily discernible. They are fast, natural sounding, extended, detailed, and dynamic, w/o brightness. These Anti's have replaced my entire sets of the highly rated Audience AU24s and Cardas Golden References. They will probably replace my Purist Audio Venustas as well, even if the PADs were better (which they may not be), due to the massive price differential ($400 vs. PADs $3,500 bought, $6k+ retail). Wow! Thanks, and keep up the great work! Mark Rodziewicz, MN _____________________________ Live, Natural, and 3D: I just wanted to let you know I believe your IC is even better than your speaker wire. I am using both with my Plinius SA 102, Modwright Sony with volume control, and Maggie 3.6 speakers. The IC's really have no grain and are dynamic and very natural sounding. They replaced AQ Diamond X3 IC. My system never sounded so Live, natural or 3D. I've tried to get a couple friends to try your cables but they say your cheap cables can not be that good. Maybe if you raise the price to $500 or so they would be able to enjoy them. LOL thanks. Walt McBride, FL Read many more testimonials here:
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