ARAGON (Krell equiv) HOME THEATER PROCESSORStage OneAragon Stage One home theater processor in perfect condition, silver finish. I am the original owner and this processor has been used in a smoke-free, child-free, pet-free dedicated home theater. ...1475.00

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Aragon Stage One home theater processor in perfect condition, silver finish. I am the original owner and this processor has been used in a smoke-free, child-free, pet-free dedicated home theater. This Stage One includes the optional AM/FM tuner module - a $700 extra when new. It comes with the original Philips LCD touchscreen remote control. I am also including the DB-25 7 channel connector cable (a $300 value) to connect the analog outs from your SACD player. This is an audiophile grade processor and also provides incredible 2 channel sound. It also has a built in AM/FM tuner. The Aragon 2007 7*200W amp is available separately for $1950. I have the original manual and shiping boxes. Add 3% for Paypal and shipping will be charged at the direct cost. Please email me at for any questions. My price is fair and firm. No low ballers please, as I am not desperate to sell. STAGE ONE FEATURES: Latest Digital Decoding and Post-Processing The Stage One uses advanced digital processing and 7.1-channel output capability to support all the latest surround-sound formats and decoding options, including Dolby Digital, DTS, THX Surround EX, DTS ES Discrete and Matrix, DTS Neo:6, and Dolby Pro Logic II. No matter what the source, the Stage One can select and apply the best decoding method automatically. And with its THX Ultra2 post-processing algorithms, the Stage One makes sure that the final sound is exactly what the director intended. In addition, it can apply its DSP power to multi-channel enhancement of ordinary stereo programs via its Party, Club, and 5-Channel Stereo modes. It even does mono! Two-Channel Analog Preamplifier The Stage One also includes an audiophile-quality two-channel analog preamplifier. Each analog input can be configured for Stereo Direct operation, which bypasses the analog-to-digital converters and the DSP module to guarantee uncompromised reproduction of analog sources. Super Audio CD (SACD) and DVD-Audio players can be connected via their analog outputs to retain the full fidelity of these new formats. Full Auto Format Selection The Stage One will automatically determine the format of an incoming digital bitstream and switch itself to the appropriate processing mode. Separate level settings are available for each mode and are loaded automatically when a new mode is selected. This enables the system to be operated at the push of a button. Analog Volume Control The Stage One adjusts channel balance and overall volume in the analog domain to retain the full resolution of all signals. In-System Software Upgradable Design As the world changes, the Stage One can change with it. Software upgrades can be delivered in the field via a back-panel RS-232 port. This enables us to make the Stage One compatible with new sources and to enhance its operation without ever having to touch the hardware or even remove it from your system. 24-Bit A/D and D/A Converters The Stage One uses identical, state-of-the-art, 24-bit Crystal Semiconductor digital-to-analog converters for all eight output channels. The stereo analog inputs, when not in Direct mode, are translated to digital with a 24-bit A/D converter. Eight-Channel Analog Preamplifier The Stage One provides an eight-channel analog input to allow direct connection of DVD players with built-in decoders, such as those for DVD-Audio and SACD. A DB-25 connector is used. This input completely bypasses the digital processing module, allowing the Stage One to function as an eight-channel analog preamplifier. Combination Digital and Analog Bass Management The Stage One incorporates an advanced hybrid bass-management system that allows the preamp to preserve full dynamic range under all conditions. It performs high- and low-pass crossover filtering, as well as bass summing to the subwoofer, in the digital processor. This allows for more precise crossover filters. When there is no subwoofer, it routes low-frequency signals (including the LFE channel in Dolby Digital and DTS) to the system’s "Large" speakers in the analog domain. This method eliminates any need for digital-domain attenuation when these signals are combined. Processors that perform this function digitally (as most others do) must attenuate the signals being combined to avoid overload in the DSP module, resulting in a loss of dynamic range that can significantly impair sound quality. Analog-Domain Dialog Normalization Dolby Digital incorporates a function called Dialog Normalization, which was originally developed with HDTV in mind. It enables content providers to maintain a constant average level for dialog at a given volume setting, regardless of the nature of the program. The idea is to enable you to switch from channel to channel on an HDTV set without ever having to lunge for the volume control, all while not compromising dynamic range. Dolby requires that all Dolby Digital processors correctly respond to Dialog Normalization instructions in the bitstream. The Stage One has the ability to make the necessary adjustments in the analog domain. If this function were performed digitally, it could cause a loss of resolution. Adjustable Crossover Point The Stage One enables you to designate each set of speakers in your system (Front, Center, Surround, and Surround Back) as either Large or Small and to adjust the crossover frequency below which bass is redirected away from the channels feeding the Small speakers. There are twenty different crossover frequencies to choose from. Separate crossovers can be selected for Stereo and surround modes. Separate Level Settings for Each Mode The initial setup procedure defines a single channel balance for all modes. Although this setting should be correct for most of the basic surround modes, you can trim the balances individually for each mode from the Advanced Menu. Once set for a particular mode, customized channel levels will be loaded automatically whenever that mode is selected. On-the-Fly Adjustments You can use the remote control’s On-the-Fly and Balances functions to make temporary channel-level adjustments for a particular soundtrack. In Stereo mode, you can adjust the left-right balance and subwoofer level. In surround modes, you can adjust the front-rear balance as well as the center-channel and subwoofer levels. Independent Selection of Audio and Video Sources A page on the remote control enables you to select video independently with the push of a button. This allows you to watch one source while you listen to another, without going through any complicated setup menus. Built-In AM/FM Tuner The Stage One has a built-in AM/FM tuner with 20 station presets. The remote control’s Tuner page contains buttons for selecting presets, as well as station-seek buttons.
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