ArcamAV8Arcam AV8 7.1 Preamplifier / Ultra2 THX ProcessorI'm sorry to see this go, but I'm downsizing my system/life. I've since gone to a top-end Marantz unit that has all of the new decoding capabilities and HDMI and all that good stuff ------ and dis...399.00

Arcam AV8 7.1 Preamplifier / Ultra2 THX Processor [Expired]

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I'm sorry to see this go, but I'm downsizing my system/life. I've since gone to a top-end Marantz unit that has all of the new decoding capabilities and HDMI and all that good stuff ------ and disappointed. Either for 2-channel critical listenting or, of course, for home theater; this is a spectacular unit. The performance is stunning all the way around, you're not going to see any compromises in performance here, unless you are comparing to 5-figure exotic components. I'm the first-owner and have the original boxes, manual, remote, etc. I've been on Audiogon since '03 and eBay since '96 and have a spotless record of buying & selling. Good luck with the auction! Lucas Film THX Ultra2 Certified THX Surround EX 7.1 Channels Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS, DTS NEO, DTS 6.1 DVD-A / SACD multi - channel 8 way input Zone 2 Audio and Video, with independent On-Screen Display 3 Component inputs with On-Screen Display (HDTV compatible without OSD) Lip Sync delay up to 200ms for de-interlacer / frame scaler Software upgradeable via RS232 interface Acousteel damping, constrained layer case construction The AV8 Preamp Processor is designed to be the center of a high quality home entertainment system. It offers excellent levels of Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS decoding with THX post processing from twin Crystal Semiconductor DSP chips. The AV8 Preamp Processor features Arcam’s experience in outstanding audio performance coupled with comprehensive Home Theater functionality. Four Wolfson 24bit, 192kHz capable, multi-bit delta sigma modulator DACs handle digital to analog conversion, giving outstanding audio quality and performance. Full system operation speed of 96KHz is available for linear PCM and Pro Logic II. Installation convenience is built in: full zone 2 support including on-screen display to give feedback to the user; a back lit learning remote control; independent tone, level and delay controls for each channel to help with troublesome speaker placement; RS232 or RC5 remote control; lip sync delay of up to 200ms for realigning sound when using a video de-interlacer or frame scaler. The user interface of the AV8 is straightforward and logical. It incorporates two levels of operation. The first and simplest modes are for everyday use while the second level is aimed at providing extra features for the installation engineers or expert users. There are a total of five preset modes available for most commonly used settings. This allows the system to be optimised for sports, movies, night time, music videos and computer gaming. The product software is upgradeable via an RS 232 connector to ensure the AV8's software can be easily upgraded in the future. The unit comes with a learning remote control that can control hundreds of models of TVs, tuners, plasmas, etc. from a built in library of consumer electronics' remote control codes and which also includes the advanced facility to learn commands for devices that are not in the standard library. The AV8 was designed and manufactured in the UK and available in black or silver finish. System Features High quality full analog stereo bypass Optional analog stereo bypass + subwoofer Optional analog stereo bypass + ambience extraction and subwoofer High quality DVD-A / SACD 8 channel analog input Digital effect modes:- Music, Party, Club, Hall, Cathedral, Sports Stadium 5x nameable presets, each store complete system set up Upgradeable modular design Universal supply voltage of 85V-265V Very low noise, semi resonant, audio clock synchronized, switched mode PSU Control Features RS232 control of all commands Software upgradeable via RS232 RC5 remote jack input for Main zone RC5 remote jack input for Zone 2 Separate RC5 on, off, mute, un-mute commands Selectable RC5 system codes 16 or 19 for each zone Output of all received IR via cable or IR blinker, to control source components 12V current limited 100mA trigger outputs for main and zone 2 Audio Inputs and Outputs 8x analog stereo inputs 8x channel DVD-A / SACD input Headphones output for main or zone 2 8x channel main output + 3 sub outputs 7x digital inputs, re-assignable 5x Coaxial 2x Optical 1x digital output, coaxial Optional MM, MC Phono Stage Video Inputs and outputs 5x composite inputs 4x composite outputs 2x Monitor 1x Zone 2 composite output 1x VCR composite output 5x S-video inputs 2x S-video output 1x Monitor 1x S-Video VCR composite output 3x component inputs, HDTV / progressive scan compatible 1x component output, HDTV / progressive scan compatible Supplied with back-lit CR80 or CR100 learning remote control with support for up to 7 other components Large, clear 12 character dimmable VFD front panel display Ground lift switch Size – 430mm wide, 360mm deep, 130mm high Weight (net) 9kg
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