ArcamDV-79 BlackArcam DV-79 Black Free Shipping!Hello,For sale a near mint condition Arcam DV-79 player withHDMI output. I'm giving it a conservative rating of 8, itsmore like a 9! The only reason for the sale is I have a chanceto get the matchi...399.99

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For sale a near mint condition Arcam DV-79 player with
HDMI output. I'm giving it a conservative rating of 8, its
more like a 9! The only reason for the sale is I have a chance
to get the matching Primare CD player to go with my Primare Pre-amp.

This was taken from the Review by Home Theater sound dot com:

Oh, that Arcam sound!

The DV79 was, without a doubt, a first-rate digital transport that made my reference Anthem Statement D1 preamplifier-processor sound better than it ever had before. The slight harshness of the metallic sound of swords as the Bride battles the Crazy 88s in Kill Bill: Vol. 1 was barely noticeable. There was incredible depth and delineation to the clapping sounds and acoustic guitars during the final showdown between the Bride and O-Ren Ishii. Music borrowed from the Japanese film Shurayukihime (Lady Snowblood) sounded less like a movie soundtrack and more like a well-crafted audio recording.

DVD-Audio discs sounded incredible with the DV79. Seal’s Best 1991-2004 [DVD-Audio, Warner Bros. 48776-9] is one of the best sounding high-resolution multichannel mixes I’ve heard, and the vocals were stunning. Seal’s voice on "Kiss from a Rose" was crystal-clear through the center channel, and even the harmony vocals from the surround channels sounded lifelike. The bass that is prominent on nearly every track was solid, tight, and totally bracing. The sound of the DV79 with well-recorded DVD-As was some of the best digital audio playback I’ve heard.

The two-channel version of Brian Wilson’s Live at the Roxy [DVD-A, Brimel/Rhino R9 73928], one of the finest concert recordings available, sounded spectacular through the Arcam. There was an immediacy to the vocals and instruments that was almost scary. It was like sitting front-row center at a concert, except that the sound quality was much better. The ultrawide soundstage on "Good Vibrations" placed the vocals and instruments precisely in front of me in a mesmerizing display of imaging and fidelity.

Arcam’s pride in the CD playback quality of their DVD players is well founded. While many audio/video players sound very good when playing back SACD and DVD-A discs or when used as transports, they often disappoint when used as standalone CD players. Listening to Dire Straits’ remastered On Every Street [CD, Mercury 510160-2] through the DV79’s analog outputs was like listening to a top-flight CD player. In fact, had I not known better, I might have guessed I was listening to one of Arcam’s mid- to higher-priced CD players -- the sound was that clear and immediate. "Calling Elvis" was rich and full-bodied without becoming thick or plodding. The bass line was well defined, each beat sounding distinctly different from the previous one. Mark Knopfler’s vocal on "On Every Street" was palpable, and the soundstage was deep and solidly defined. The guitar on "Heavy Fuel" growled with plenty of bite, yet lacked the harshness that’s sometimes evident on this dynamic track.

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