ASR Audio SystemeBasis Exclusive x 2ASR Audio Systeme Basis Exclusive x 2 latest model with WBT silver conn.Untitled Document ASR BASIS EXCLUSIVE PHONO PREAMPLIFIER W/WBT SILVER CONNECTORS!2010 Model with the latest Gold Board design (MINT condition)! The ASR Basis Exclusive is one of t...7000.00

ASR Audio Systeme Basis Exclusive x 2 latest model with WBT silver conn. [Expired]

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2010 Model with the latest Gold Board design (MINT condition)!


The ASR Basis Exclusive is one of the most advanced phono preamplifiers on the market and surpasses some main amplifiers with it's manufacturing cost. A buffering capacity of in total 1,300,000uF and an external battery PSU guarantees for an extremely stable and clean power source.
The ASR Basis Exclusive is equipped with balanced XLR inputs in addition to the usual unbalanced RCA sockets.
Cartridges are principle balanced sources and can be connected optimally to the ASR Basis Exclusive.
The output is also equipped with RCA sockets and balanced XLR connectors.
This version with two inputs has two separate input stages for each channel.
Both inputs are adjustable completely independently of each other in all parameters (both for the right and left side of the phono cartridge).

Through the exceptionally stable power supply, the ASR Basis Exclusive reaches an until now seldom heard precise bass performance. The sound-stage has wide space, is very well defined and stands solid in its place independently from the level. The ASR Basis Exclusive gets the finest details with its high resolution from your records.

The sound of the ASR Basis Exclusive remains typical for ASR products also with their high precision and dynamics.
Soft and relaxing for many hours of listening enjoyment!

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Technical data:

Weighted signal-to-noise ratio: MC better than 68 dB, depending on gain
Frequency response: -3 dB from 3 Hertz to 200,000 Hertz
Accuracy of the RIAA Correction: better 0.5 dB of 20-20,000 Hertz
Distortion: from 5mV to 5V AC at 100 R at 1 kHz < 0.01%; for 20 to 20,000 Hz < 0.05 %
Input impedance: Phono MM & MC: 5 ohms to 47 kOhms
Input capacity: adjustable between 100 pF and 320 pF
Gain: universally adjustable with Dip switches from +32 to +70 dB
Dimensions and weight (w x d x h)
(Main unit): 17 x 15 x 5 inches; 22 lbs (NET)
(Battery power supply): 18 x 13 x 6.5 inches; 57.5 lbs (NET)


Demo model with light use over 1.5 years; this unit is from the 2010 production year. We are also providing a full two year warranty!

120V North American voltage; original box, manual and accessories kit also provided.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity.... This is one of the best phonostages regardless of price!

In areas where we have dealer agreements in place, the unit can only be sold through the dealer, at the same asking price.

Use of paypal or credit card will incur a fee of 3.5-4% additional, and will NOT be accepted from outside U.S.A.

The legendary Sound of ASR – the best main-amplifiers and phonostages in the World!

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