ASR Emitter II Excl. Batt. ASR  Emitter II Excl. Batt.  Goldboards 2009Emitter II Exclusive Battery, Goldboards, Version Blue, model 2009, directly forerunner of the final up-to-date model, 230V/240V version, in near mint condition. It comes with all original-accessor...12777.00

ASR Emitter II Excl. Batt. Goldboards 2009 [Expired]

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Emitter II Exclusive Battery, Goldboards, Version Blue, model 2009, directly forerunner of the final up-to-date model, 230V/240V version, in near mint condition. It comes with all original-accessories, warranty-documents, manual and the beautiful Corian remote-control (near mint too). It has 2 symmetric and 4 RCA inputs (additional 1 direct in) and tape-output. The following extras are built in: SUB-output and the best of all OP-amp 843SQ is installed (an expansive extra, original from ASR-Audio). The more natural and much more wonderful playing 843SQ replaced the harder and more sharp playing 551. The 843SQ sounds more like a musician and 551 more like a good machine, 843SQ gives me more sound-mood like real present musicians at my living-room and 551 is doing a perfect technical job - ultimately its a matter of taste, in my ears 843SQ sound much better and more natural. Emitter II Exclusive Battery is an ABSOLUTELY DREAM AMP. Harry Pearson (Absolute Sound) crowned the Emitter II Exclusive Battery as "Product of the Year" AND above all: >>> BEST AMP EVER ! <<< THIS from Harry Pearsons, who's manly working with ULTRA-highend and owns by himself a million dollar equipment! NOW he is firing his flagships with even two of Emitter II Exclusive Battery (bi-amping). But consider: his enthusiastic review was written about the older model from 2006, model from 2009 which is offered here is additionally better! The recording-star David Chesky was attesting that this is the best amp that he have ever heard (from 2006); quotation: "....In my opinion your ASR Emitter II is the best amp that I have ever heard anywhere in the world.......". One of the world very best amps ever build, nearly UNBEATABLE! (except of the very newest model :-), that's the reason why I'm selling it, want to upgrade to model 2012. In USA and Asia ultra-highend-people are kicking out their 100,000.- USD amps for Emitter II Exclusive Battery. In Asia one super-rich-man was kicking out his 700.000.,- USD amps!!! for even several Emitter II Exclusive Battery (multiamping). Sound-quality is nearly unbeatable. I don't know any amp which is more naturally and more realistic AT ANY PRICE! Vocals and ALL instruments are AB-SO-LUTELY stunning real. Its resolution and holographic imaging is SUPERLATIVE, no fair comparison to the older ASR Emitters (before 2007), there are galaxies between the sound of the older ones and the generation of Emitters with Goldboards. Big symphony orchestra are standing in SHOCKING realistic size in your listening-room, close your eyes and the walls are clapping away and you are sitting in a concert hall. A Friend of mine, who owns an Emitter II Exclusive Battery too, told me, that a famous conductor was visiting him and he was amid tears, deeply touched and speechless about the sound (on Tannoy Westminster Royal). I can understand him :-) After many times visiting concert halls and making music by my own with cello, guitar, trumpet and choir, I prefer an analog and natural tuned sound that maximum possible reproduce the reality of a concert hall or jazz-club with acoustic instruments especially the human voice. It's really AMAZING what Emitter II Exclusive Battery is performing here. The first time I may listening to an Emitter II Exclusive Battery was an absolutely shocking experience, I was nearly stop breathing afraid of missing a tone. These natural and reality-true sound, these perfect and holographic room-imaging was beyond words; goose-skin, heebie-jeebies guarantee! Unfortunately I didn't have shipping boxes anymore. But for shipping I can buy new original shipping boxes from ASR at the costs of 360.- USD in addition to the shipping-costs. Or, if you're from Europe, pick it up personally. In any questions - shipping-costs to your location, whatever - please contact me, you'll get short-time reply.
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