ATC SCM19ATC  SCM19 Mint Cond.Black Ash 300W handlingFor Sale, 1-pair of ATC SCM-19 bookshelf monitors.They are in absolute pristine, like new condition (9.9/10). They are made with real wood Black Ash veneer finish. Rarely seen on the used market. L...1775.00

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For Sale, 1-pair of ATC SCM-19 bookshelf monitors.They are in absolute pristine, like new condition (9.9/10). They are made with real wood Black Ash veneer finish. Rarely seen on the used market. Lowest price I have ever seen for these..period. For those of you reading this listing then you will know what ATC brings to the table. The Sonicflare review puts these in the Precise category in their sonic circle rating system.(see review link below) ATC has been around since 1976 and are one of England's premier speaker manufacturers with a very impressive clientele list. The ATC SCM-19 speakers are a marvel among all other bookshelf speakers, as there are no others like them period. They are extremely well made and very heavy for a bookshelf monitor which require some very solid and heavy duty stands (which I have for sale and are extra). If you do not have heavy duty stands I will not be responsible for them getting crumpled by these speakers :P , The ATC SCM-19 use ATC’s own proprietary “SL” (super linear) 6.0 inch driver. What is an “SL” driver you ask? Well it’s a very powerful bass/mid driver unit specifically designed by ATC engineers for use in their speakers only. It is capable of handling 300W as the magnet-motor system on the driver weighs 9 KG and is assembled in house with a hand-wound precision flat wire coil with a 3" inch integral soft dome. The ATC SCM19 is a large stand mount monitor loudspeaker with exquisite neutral tonality, tight extended bass and liquid midrange. The ATC SCM-19 features a new 1" inch soft dome HF unit with precision alloy ATC wave guide system. The ATC SCM-19 and it’s lower rated sensitivity requires a 30 – 300 capable amplifier. They have a rather flat impedance curve and 8 Ohm rating allowing it to be an easy load for most amplifiers but do require at least 200W RMS to make these babies sing. These speakers are only about 10 months old and are barely broken in yet and have been used with hi end gear only. I have all the original dbl boxes if required to ship these and the speaker grille covers also are in mint condition. Shipping will be $84.00 for each speaker due to size and weight of cartons (dbl boxed) via UPS (USA Sales) or $68.00 per speaker for CDN sales via Canada Post regular parcel delivery (within Canada). The will need to be fully insured if shipped, non negotiable and declared for sale value. Buyers are responsible for all brokerage fees,duties and or taxes or any other fees or levies imposed on the item during delivery (if importing them to the USA) Stands in the photos are available for an extra 450.00 dollars as they are Totem Mani 2 stands filled with lead shot (local sale only for the stands as I will not ship these, due to them weighing 90 lbs each which would make them impossible to ship) I Prefer EMT or if using PayPal please add 3.5% to total. Thanks for looking. 5+ years of warranty left as I have never activated the warranty on these speakers. SonicFlare review: ATC SCM19 Specifications: Driver HF: 1' inch (25mm) soft dome with Neodymium magnet system Driver Mid/LF: 6" inch (150mm) patented SL (Super Linear) driver assembly with optimized 9 Kg motor assembly with hand wound flat wire voice coil with 3" inch (75mm) soft dome . Matched Response: +/- 0.5dB Design: Sealed box acoustic suspension Frequency Response (+/-6dB) : 54Hz–22kHz Dispersion: ±80° Coherent Horizontal, ±10° Coherent Vertical Sensitivity: 85dB @ 1W @ 1meter Max SPL: 108dB Recommended Power Amplifier: 50 to 300 Watts Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm Crossover Frequency: 2.8kHz Connectors: Dual Binding Posts/4mm Plugs, bi-wire Cabinet Dimensions (H x W x D): 17.3 x 8.8 x 12.4 in
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