Audia Flight 100 -so much amp forGorgeous sound. Handsome looks. In new condition. Yours for a song. The award winning, Italian made Audia Flight FL 100 amplifier. Audia Flight is well known throughout Europe and Asia for offe...5400.00

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Gorgeous sound. Handsome looks. In new condition. Yours for a song. The award winning, Italian made Audia Flight FL 100 amplifier. Audia Flight is well known throughout Europe and Asia for offering reference class sound quality and outstanding value. Experienced audiophiles know nothing sounds quite like a true Class A biased solid state amplifier. Well controlled, articulate low frequencies, sublime transparency, the ability to drive any loudspeaker, regardless of impedance, true Class A designs are also known to deliver ultra low distortion, a sense of touch, natural warmth, sweetness, depth and space. Until the FL100 though, Class A amplifiers also lacked the speed, liveliness and high frequency extension of true reference class amplifiers. Through an ingenious and truly unique circuit design, Audia Flight was able to extend the bandwidth of the FL 100 to 1 MHz, ten times beyond what is possible with other amplifier designs, and increase the slew rate (speed) of the amplifier to a class leading 200 volts per microsecond. Finally, a solid state amplifier exists that possesses the strengths for which Class A amplifiers are cherished and goes a few steps further by adding beautifully delicate, sweet, extended high frequencies and transient response fast enough to reproduce the attack and liveliness of even the most enthusiastic musician. To achieve the superior performance of monoblock amplifiers, but avoid the high cost and extra space they demand, the FL 100 is a complete dual mono design. It contains two massive 700VA toroidal power transformers, one for each channel, custom designed for audio applications and 188,000uF of capacitance to deliver explosive dynamics, controlled, defined low frequencies and stellar transparency. The output stage fortifies the power supply with a total of thirty two state of the art Motorola transistors capable of an incredible 480 amperes of peak current. Of course, parts quality is beyond reproach. All resistors are 1% tolerance metal film type. Capacitors are polypropylene, polystyrene, electrolytic or tantalum, depending upon the best use for the particular circuit location. Ultra fast recovery HEXFRED diodes are used to protect the output stage against inductive loads while simultaneously delivering sumptuous sound. In the end, the FL 100 is capable of 100 wpc in 8 ohms, 200 wpc into 4 ohms, a massive 400 wpc into 2 ohms and will easily drive even the most demanding loudspeaker to concert hall levels. To reduce utility costs and environmental concerns, the FL 100 includes a unique standby feature that keeps the critical circuits at room temperature and allows the output stage to rise to optimal temperature within minutes of releasing it from standby mode. Considering all of the above, it is no surprise the FL 100 has received so many award winning reviews from around the world. The following is only one example: This particular FL 100 was used sparingly by us for demonstration purposes and is without a single scratch or blemish. Better still, with only 150 hours of total use, it has only begun to reveal its true potential. It is one year old, in new condition and you will be proud to not only own one of the finest amplifiers available, but also be its original owner. It will arrive safely at your front door, delivered via freight company, packed in its original wood crate, strapped to a pallet, complete with its custom designed power cable and owner's manual. For sale within the 48 United States. The buyer pays freight cost. 8.5% sales tax applies for delivery within California. 4% credit card/PayPal fee. No trades or low ball offers, please.
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