Audience Adept ResponseaR-6TSThe very desirable latest TS version Adept Response conditioner in excellent condition! Great product! The Adept Response High Resolution Power Conditioner is a cutting edge design providing the...3250.00

Audience Adept Response aR-6TS Line Conditioner, Silver [Expired]

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The very desirable latest TS version Adept Response conditioner in excellent condition! Great product! The Adept Response High Resolution Power Conditioner is a cutting edge design providing the best power conditioning possible without limiting dynamics. Since power must respond quickly and completely to the demands of program material we believe it is imperative that power conditioning components present a low impedance power path while providing wide bandwidth noise reduction. Of the power conditioning products on the market today few allow your playback system to attain full dynamic range or reproduce subtle dynamic contrasts accurately. The other culprit afflicting most power conditioning products is the ubiquitous MOV. (Metal Oxide Varistor) The MOV is a sacrificial device. This means it wears down over time until it fails completely. Its purpose is to clamp high voltage transients safely to ground instead of through your equipment. This would be fine if it didn’t break down and behave like the world's worst capacitor across your power line, storing energy and releasing it as performance robbing, time delayed distortion into your audio system. The effect is quite audible. For surge protection the Adept Response employs a non-wearing type high voltage transient suppression. Adept Response uses only the finest conducting, filtering and transient suppression components. Even the power switch is exceptional, a very high quality magnetic circuit breaker. The advantage over thermal circuit breakers is that thermal breakers increase in resistance as power demand increases, causing heat dependent, resistive modulation of the incoming voltage. This effectively reduces the power available to your equipment just when you need it most. The design employed in the Adept Response provides for the most natural flow of music. The state of the art inductive components used in the Adept Response power conditioner add no significant series resistance. This maintains a low impedance power path to your playback system. Also, the Adept Response performs partial power factor correction. This helps restore natural dynamics by bringing the AC voltage and current into a better phase relationship allowing a more efficient transfer of power. With the Adept Response as your power conditioner all aspects of the audio/video performance are greatly improved. Your playback system will no longer be starved of clean high quality power. The result is realistic, beautiful audio and stunning video resolution. Each of the 6 outlets is individually filtered and double filtered from every other outlet providing maximum component to component isolation. An entire audio or video system can easily be powered by the same conditioner, including everything from digital components and phonograph preamplifiers to power amplifiers. This extensive noise filtering creates a lower noise floor and improves low level resolution, providing superior sound stage presentation. Power amplifiers plugged into the Adept Response display increased dynamics and perform as if they were more powerful. Reviews: “I am now hearing deeper, and with greater definition and detail into the music. Most importantly, that slight metallic sound I had in my system before placing the aR6 in my rig is now gone. Both micro and macro dynamics improved along with soundstaging which is now larger. Soundstaging has become more three dimensional on all planes of the musical stage. Images that sounded slightly opaque and recessed are now more pronounced and brought to the forefront and with greater clarity.” Positive Feedback Online "After spending several months with the Audience adeptResponse aR6 I can safely say, without hesitation that it absolutely works as advertised. Without a doubt, the adeptResponse removed electronic hash, line noise, and created a cleaner canvas for the music to take center stage." Andre Marc, A/V Revolution The aR6-T version employs the very highest quality Teflon capacitors taking performance to a new level. Read what Doug Blackburn had to say about this very special component in his review for Ultra Audio: “But none of the +85 power-conditioning products I’ve reviewed can touch what the Audience Adept Response aR6-T did for the sheer amount of listening enjoyment I got from my reference system. Nothing else has produced a soundstage as large, or a more convincing sensation of instruments and performers being physically present in my room. Details of texture, harmonics, and space were terrific.” Doug's follow-up review on the new T version: "Going from no power conditioner to the aR6-TS was such a revelation that it was difficult to believe that a mere power conditioner could make such a huge improvement. If you think your system already sounds as good as it can, you might find it hard to believe what an Audience aR-TS can do for it. And if you’ve used a power conditioner before and heard little or no change in sound quality, well, I’ve been there many times with many such products. The Audience TS-series models are different. If you already have an aR6-T, you’ll find the aR6-TS a significant, very surprising, very worthwhile upgrade. If your budget can handle it, spending $5000 (base price) to $7550 (with extra filter and Au24 powerChord) on an aR6-TS might just make the biggest overall improvement in sound you can get for that kind of money." - Doug Blackburn, Ultra Audio Features: * Main power cord included: Standard 6 ft. 10 AWG PowerChord by Audience with Neutrik 20A PowerCon® and Marinco power connectors * Low resistance, heavy duty magnetic circuit breaker power switch * No high resistance type series inductors * Ultra-high efficiency filter components on every outlet * All hand wired; no printed circuit boards * Double filtering between outlets for maximum component to component isolation * Dynamic range performance maximized by partial power factor correction * Entire audio and/or video system can be powered by a single Adept Response power conditioner * Audience Auricap high resolution or Aura-T ultra high resolution capacitors used exclusively in filter sections * Entire electrical circuitry cryogenically treated ********************************************************************************************************* SEE ALL OF OUR GREAT VALUES IN NEW, USED AND DEMO GEAR! 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