Audio Analogue Paganini CD PlayerRare Find The U.S.This is the first edition of the Audio Analogue Paganini CD Player, hand crafted in Italy. A very hard find here in U.S. This one is finished in black and comes with remote and manual. Of all th...395.00

Audio Analogue Paganini CD Player Rare Find The U.S. See Pics [Expired]

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This is the first edition of the Audio Analogue Paganini CD Player, hand crafted in Italy. A very hard find here in U.S. This one is finished in black and comes with remote and manual. Of all the CD Players that have passed through here since the dawn of the digital medium.The Audio Analogue Paganini ranks in the top five of those I have heard. I would easily put this up against the likes of Krell,Muse,Levinson,Theta,Classe and Sim Audio. And for all those players have indeed come through here. That is lofty company indeed and the Paganini is more than in that league and at a price that is easy to live with. The overall construction and build quality of the Paganini far exceeds anything else I have seen in this range of single chassis CD Players. The fit and feel is strictly first class. From that stand point alone would put the Paganini in rare company indeed. The Paganini is, without question, a smooth,detailed and solid performer, zero digital harshness detected.While being analytical, the Paganini never sounded harsh or aggressive, remaining smooth and enjoyable at listening levels one would consider far above normal. I found that listening fatique was totally absent for me, just one marvelous performance after another. The Paganini possess's a large and deep soundstage and, thanks to the marvelous mid range, the instruments and singers appear precisely focused inside the almost holographic presentation,if you will. A performance so realistic you can find it only in players costing twice the price of the Audio Analogue Paganini. The Paganini, due to its soundstage,and depth of field can rival far more expensive CD players and Transport, DAC combos. It becomes clearly evident, after the first few tracks, that the Paganini is a high end CD player, the same kind of difference you experience when upgrading to better components. Not a lateral leap mind you, but a quantum one, that puts that silly grin on your face. Specifications: Analogue Output Level: 2 Vrms Analogue Output Impedance: 221.5 ohms Digital Output Level: 0.5 Vpp @ 75W (S/PDIF standard) Digital Processing: 24 bit dual differential with 128X delta - sigma modulator Frequency Response: 20-20.000 Hz Channel Separation: R®L 100 dB; L®R 100 dB Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.001% @ 1kHz/-10dB Analog Filter: 2nd order Butterworth type Nominal voltage supply: 115VAC / 230VAC 50/60Hz Max. power consumption: 20VA Overall dimensions: 17.52" (W); 13" (D); 3.5" (H) Net Weight: 22.5 lbs. The Paganini is a rather heavy CD player at 23 pounds, solidly built and superbly finished. The cabinet is made out of thick wall steel while up front you find a solid aluminium panel, with rather unusual looks. Take the buttons/switches, for example: the circular placement is a radical departure from the standard sequence of horizontal buttons. The display is circular, with orange LCD numerals. The on/off switch is located in the rear panel, close to the IEC power socket. A digital coaxial output is available plus a switch that allows to turn it off when the CD player is working as a stand-alone unit. The remote is the typical plastic variety with blue face and fits the hand nicely. Technically the Paganini consists of a modified Sony transport coupled with a 24 bit Crystal D/A converter.Inside the cabinent you find the quality of the craftsmanship is simply a work of art, not often found today. If upgrading your digital front end is on your short list, then the Audio Analogue Paganini should be at the top of list. A glorious performer that will mesmerize your senses day in day out. Discover your CD library all over again for the first time. You will be amazed at the outright musical performance and sonic signature of the Paganini. This is CD done right for a change, now here is your chance to embrace it. A total five star performer in my book, and has become my reference single chassis CD Player. Only reason parting with this one is a move to the Audio Analogue Maestro CDP. Audiogon Bluebook sets used avg price at $830.00 and I will review all reasonable offers. I never charge a Pay Pal user fee. This one is set at 120V60Hz for the North America household wiring. This unit is fully operational, no glitches. Sale is restricted to Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. Territories and Posessions. Absolutely no off shore shipping.
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