Audio HorizonsTP 5.1Audio Horizons TP 5.1 Tube Buffer Free Home Audition Add a Little Tube Warmth with the Audio Horizons TB 5.0 or NEW TB 5.1 If you’ve ever wished your expensive solid state sound system were j...1295.00

Audio Horizons TP 5.1 Tube Buffer Free Home Audition [Expired]

no longer for sale Add a Little Tube Warmth with the Audio Horizons TB 5.0 or NEW TB 5.1 If you’ve ever wished your expensive solid state sound system were just a little less harsh sounding and just a little warmer sounding, now you can add a little tube warmth to your sound system or AV sound system without what you consider to be the shortcomings of tube electronics? How? Consider adding Audio Horizons’ economical TB 5.0 (soon to be discontinued) or its superb new TB 5.1 tube buffer stage between your solid state preamplifier and your amplifier, or between that digital source that you have to live with but that displeases you by its hard edge. If you would like more information about the TB 5.1 please visit our website at the address above. Highlight the web address above and then right click your mouse and it will provide a direct link to our website. Designed by Joseph Chow, whose electronic designs have won praise both for their superb performance and for their great value (See the over 1100 threads under “Audio Horizons TP 2.0” in the Audiogon Discussion Forum and our Audio Horizons ads in the preamplifier, phono preamplifier and DAC sections), this newly redesigned, handsome seventeen inch wide Audio Horizons TB 5.1 tube buffer stage contains only two Tesla ECC88 tubes and yet it adds an immense amount of the harmonic richness and lyrical musicality that characterize tube sound without masking any of the detail you so appreciate in your solid state equipment. Yes, I mean it. The TB 5.1 will not compromise a single virtue you so appreciate in your solid state sound system. Best of all, with an S/N greater than 100 dB, a THD of 0.2% in stereo, and a -1dB gain, it slips almost imperceptibly between one component and another without adding either noise or coloration. We’re so confident that you will be pleased with the hint of sweet warmth and added harmonic richness the new Audio Horizons TB 5.1 adds to your sound system that we offer qualified audiophiles a free 10 day home audition. Best of all, we’ll even prepay the freight to you. The TB 5.0s The TB 5.0s is an economical $745 tube buffer whose excellence will surprise you. Soon to be discontinued in favor of the TB 5.1, we still have a few of these units available at very reasonable prices. Versions of the TB 5.1 The TB 5.1 comes in four versions—a TB 5.1i at $1,095 to be incorporated into components (though not all components have room for it); a TB 5.1s that comes in a stand alone version ,TB 5.1n that adds increased noise suppression, and upgraded caps for a sweeter, smoother, more richly textured midrange, and an on/off switch for $1,295, a TB 5.1Sc, that add premium Clarity MR caps and premium Vishay resistors for $1,595, and the TB 5.1Sv for ultra high end systems, at $1,895. An LED light indicates whether it is operating. For XLR versions add $250. Free Home Audition We are so persuaded of the superb performance and superior value of the Audio Horizons TB 5.0 that we want you to listen to it in your own home over your own sound system. We therefore offer everyone who qualifies a free home audition. We’ll even pay the freight to you. If you are not persuaded that this is a marked improvement for little more than the price of an expensive tweak to your present solid state component and sound system and one you want to keep, return it within 10 days. That’s it. Or if you’d like more time to evaluate it, buy it under our money back guarantee program and take 20 days to make up your mind. To qualify for a free audition, you must: 1. Have an Audiogon Positive score of 30 or better and no Negatives OR 2. Or as we indicated, you can purchase the TB 5.1. If within 20 days you are not satisfied with it, you can return the unit for a full refund of the purchase price. If you don’t believe us that you should ask for a free audition, read what Audio Horizons owners have to say about our components: Design Features A number of impressive design features in the Audio Horizons TB 5.1 contribute to its superb performance. They include: • All inner wiring uses Teflon silver coated wiring to provide optimum performance for many years, and to protect those who live in environments with high humidity. • RF shielded balance/XLR connectors option eliminates contact impedance, insuring the lowest possible noise floor. • All gold plated Teflon RCA jacks insure low connector loss and high signal transfer • A Furutech gold plated IEC. Words of Praise for Various Audio Horizons Products Read these unsolicited and unremunerated words of praise for Audio Horizons and now imagine that performance added to your sound system. "I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your [TP 2.0] preamp! Your product is already a true CLASSIC. I am amazed every time I listen to another CD, that I 'thought' I was familiar with, something new happens! It has the perfect blend of neutrality and tube sound with natural warmth, a very tough act to follow. I would not want it any other way." (Rx8man) "I am going to keep this awesome [TD 3.0] DAC. . . . I would like to add . . . that I traded in a $6000 CD Player, have better sound, and have money left for a lot of CD's." (porters) "I got a chance to do some listening while I was off for the holidays. I absolutely love what I hear. The Audio Horizons TP 2.0 and Audio Horizons TD 3.0 are very musical. . . . The Audio Horizons tube DAC, fed by a decent transport, gives a refined, spacious, liquid presentation of recorded digital music. Your ears get the collection of tonal and spatial cues that leaves you within striking distance of a live performance. The Audio Horizons tube DAC is a giant killer! "Why don't you actually put up one of the 3.0 DACs and 2.0 pre-amps for sale, with pictures, on Audiogon? This equipment is very high quality and sounds better than a lot of the highly regarded stuff for sale - and in this price range, it is going to be awfully hard to beat.” (Jaymark) "Joseph, your equipment [an Audio Horizons TP 2.0nB preamp and a TD 3.0n DAC plus a complete set of Audio Horizons cables] is making beautiful music in my basement! I did not know how good it was going to sound but so far it sounds better than anything I have had here so far! A great achievement in my estimation! . . . I need to admit this to you Joseph. I have never enjoyed my CD's as much as I did yesterday. You have something very special in the combination of all you put together for me. It is a wonderful synergy of components and upgraded parts and special matching with all the cables! I am mightily impressed to say the least! "I am hearing more low level detail and still capturing the smoothness that these components produce. All my favorite CD's sound better than they ever had before. The quietness that is delivered in the presentation allows you to hear that much more of the music! . . . Hope that all [these quotations] help to bring more sales! You guys deserve it for bringing such awesome sounding products at a price that blows away most of the competition at a much higher price!" (goldenears) "About the tube DAC, it's past the break in period and I can tell you that I think it is one of the best tube DAC's in the market. I just love the sound of this DAC." [When I wrote to ask whether we could quote him, he wrote back] "And if you want you can write more good things about the DAC from my experience with it--1) The open sonic sound, 2) Deep bass, 3) Warm and sweet sound, 4) Huge soundstage. You can write that I used for a source the Classe CDP 10. It was good, but the tube DAC TD 3.0 in my system is excellent." (Pittask, from the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus) "I love the interconnects. Thus far my listening has revealed your IC's to be world class in bass performance. I have listened to many cables in my system, some costing up to $1400 per meter, and the Series X [Transparency] are the best in this regard. “The instrument focus is most amazing. The stage clearly delineates each instrument in front of me. The depth this cable brings to my music is something I have not yet experienced. Fantastic!" (Grannyring) “I just returned from Las Vegas where I attended the 2006 CES and T.H.E. Show. This visit only confirmed my opinion about the excellence of the Audio Horizons TD 3.0 tube DAC and the TP 2.0nB tube preamplifier. The performance/price ratio is the best I have heard anywhere. I hope Joseph will bring these products to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest next year so that more audiophiles can hear them. I first became acquainted with the tube preamplifier in its production prototype form. Even as a prototype, it left my VTL 5.5 preamp in the dust. Soundstage, resolution, dynamics and musicality of the TP 2.0 prototype were much better than the VTL 5.5, which I sold subsequently. The production model is even better. Joseph continued to improve parts and layout. Just to give you a sense of the performance - the production unit [TP 2.0nB] I've used measures better than -115 dBv signal to noise in both channels.” (Cedar) "Immediately upon putting your [Audio Horizons Transparency] cables in my system I noticed how great they captured the harmonic structure of instruments. Haven't heard a richer cable in this regard. The background is super black. . . . I was listening to some acoustical guitar and while it didn't sound like what I am use to hearing in my system, it still sounded familiar. Then it hit me, it's because it sounds like the real thing. At first notes sounded a bit muted, but I am starting to believe the other cables I have listened to exaggerated the leading edge of the note, while yours emphasize nothing allowing the info following the leading edge to be heard. I think this is the key to their ability to be so harmonically rich." (Tigweld) "Two things were immediately apparent. The 2.0 [nB] is much, much quieter than the First Sound [Paramount SE], and it also has more apparent gain, which is a good thing in my system. I should also mention the 2.0's superior channel separation. The 2.0 is quite impressive 'right out of the box'. "Another characteristic of Joseph's preamp became evident. That is, there is a startling clarity of the musical presentation. I found myself paying less and less attention to ascertaining the 'sonic characteristics' of the 2.0, as I was totally immersed in the simple joy of listening. Perhaps this is the highest praise I can give at this point. "Two quick words, and then I simply must return to listening: soundstage and dynamics. Both are stunning! The 2.0 is clearly superior to the First Sound Paramount SE (and the SE currently retails for $16,500, no kidding). In my opinion, this is a monumental achievement for Joseph. We have got to spread the word about his craftsmanship. "The preamp is simply stunning. Some friends of mine and I compared it to a Conrad Johnson Premier 16 LS last night. While some preferred the CJ overall . . . because it had a remote control and a little softer presentation of the music, it was unanimously conceded that the Audio Horizons TP 2.0 [nB] was much quieter with better channel separation, and certainly less euphonic in its presentation of the music. (By euphonic I mean to say, the 2.0 does not deliver that syrupy, glazed sound that SOME people associate with tubes--and even prefer. The 2.0 offers a transparent window into the musical performance, with fast transient attacks and clearly delineated notes). Everyone thought the 2.0 [nB] was an unqualified success, especially at its price point [$2,940]." (Gamecock, who was so impressed he sold his $16,500 First Sound Paramount SE preamplifier.) "I switched the [stock Electro-Harmonix] tubes out of the TP 2.0 for four 1961 Bugle Boy Amperex [and] holy cow does it sound good now!!" Invstbiker "Received the [Audio Horizons Transparency] P[ower] C[ord] yesterday and could not be more pleased with your service and of course the PC. . . . Please let me have the total cost and I will send you a personal check." (Tubemiser) "This DAC [the TD 3.0] is fabulous sounding; it is a little bit superior to my [Sonic Frontiers] P3." (Terryakhan) "Just gave a quick listen [to the TD 3.0]. Wow!" [Goofy, who had recently spent $2500 upgrading his $3500 Marantz CDP adding a tube output stage] TB 5.1 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 50kHz +1/-2 dB Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.2% @1kHz,-20dBV, A-weighted Dynamic Range: Better than 90 dB Signal to Noise Ratio: 100 dB Channel Separation: 80 dB @ 1 kHz 65 dB @ 10 kHz Tube Complement: 2 6922 type Tesla E88CC tubes Gain -1 dB Dimension: 17.5”x10”x3 ¾” Weight: 10 Lbs
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