AUDIO PHYSICAvanti VAUDIO PHYSIC Avanti V New SpeakersEbony colour, new speakers, original boxes, original accesories, only open the box, international warranty, bought In March 2012 from german authorized dealer Best and rare occasion, more than hal...6000.00

AUDIO PHYSIC Avanti V New Speakers [Expired]

no longer for sale

Ebony colour, new speakers, original boxes, original accesories, only open the box, international warranty, bought In March 2012 from german authorized dealer Best and rare occasion, more than half price less from MSRP even this speakers are new ! For paypal payment please add 4%. I dont accept money order, only paypal or banking transfer For USA/Canada/Asia user I can only ship on your local airport with low cost or TNT/UPS which are very expensive because I am located in Europe ! Unique speakers as technology and sound, have best reviews and work very good with many amplifiers like : Pass, BAT, CAT, AMR, ATC, Octave, Classe, Naim, ARC, McIntosh, Halcro, Spectral, Jadis, Ayre and many more ! Technical Data Height 1110 mm / 43.7" Width 240 mm / 9.4" Depth 420 mm / 16.5" Required Space Width x Depth 330x500 mm / 13x19.7" Weight 40 kg Recommended amplifier power 40-250 W Impedance 4 Ohm Frequency range 28 Hz - 40 kHz Sensitivity 89 dB Features and Specs : Vibration Control Terminal Vibration Control Terminal : VCT A negative impact from unwanted resonances on the transmission of signals can be detected at each point of the reproduction chain. The use of high-quality and stable rack systems as well as special stands, feet or bases may often yield astonishing results. However, no attention was paid to another important path of mechanical mischief-makers. Cables – necessary to transmit the signal – not only carry electrical signals, unfortunately they also carry mechanical energy which moves at its strongest in the opposite direction to the signal. Therefore, vibrations picked up and measured on a loudspeaker cabinet can be followed back to the source of the signal. Audio Physic has developed the Vibration Control Terminal in order to eliminate such unwanted vibrations. The massive aluminium construction is additionally damped and fitted with a neoprene gasket for elastic suspension ensuring that the binding posts are effectively decoupled from the cabinet. Push Push Audio Physic's three-way and three-and-a-half way loudspeakers are equipped with side firing woofers. Even when applying large-diameter cones, our loudspeakers keep a narrow baffle design which allows for the superb spatial imaging Audio Physic loudspeakers absolutely excel at. Compared to the configuration often used nowadays where the woofers are mounted only on one side, Audio Physic prefers to arrange them on both sides of the cabinet. The drivers are operating in phase (all woofer cones move simultaneously in the same direction, either inwards or outwards). Forces acting on the cabinet are nearly cancelled out with this effective – so called push-push configuration – and precise, low-resonance sound reproduction is achieved. However, the push-push configuration must not be confused with the push-pull principle commonly used for power amplifiers. Active Cone Damping Active Cone Damping (ACD) was first developed and implemented by Audio Physic in order to avoid resonances associated with metal cones. A silicone/rubber ring is mounted on the outer ring of the cone where it directly applies pressure on the cone. This is a highly effective means to eliminating the otherwise unavoidable ringing and therefore removes the metallic sound. 31/2 Way When it comes to a three-and-a-half way design, a three-way loudspeaker is supplemented by an additional woofer/midrange driver covering the upper bass / lower mid frequencies up to approx. 500 Hz operating in parallel with the midrange driver.