Audio SpaceGalaxy 34Audio Space Galaxy 34 Triode/Ultralin. EL34 Int ampCall me to discuss all Audio Space models and our low pricing.I am glad to now be selling the Audio Space Electronics. I have been looking for a line to sell as a step up over Jolida for the last f...1990.00

Audio Space Galaxy 34 Triode/Ultralin. EL34 Int amp [Expired]

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Call me to discuss all Audio Space models and our low pricing.

I am glad to now be selling the Audio Space Electronics. I have been looking for a line to sell as a step up over Jolida for the last few years. The Audio Space products fill this bill nicely. They offer a significant step up from the Jolida line at realistic prices and offers performance that rivals products that sell for much more.

After 3 years of listening at various shows and reading many reviews I have now added this line to our product mix. These integrated amps, power amps and preamps have impressed me and I know of nothing that offers this level of performance and build quality at many of their prices in a tube based product.

The Galaxy 34 amp is one example. It is a 32 watt EL-34 based, remote controlled, integrated amp that also does 16 watts in triode mode. It is built to a very high standard by this 20 year old company. The amp uses four EL34 output stage tubes with two 6N9P's and two 6N8P's in the input and driver stages. It uses point to point wiring and hand wound transformers. It includes a nice headphone amp and full function metal remote control. There is a Fixed bias adjustment with a meter readout on front panel or measuring test points on the chassis if you want to use an outboard meter. The metal remote control does mute, volume, source selection and triode/ultra-linear selection. It has a fixed tape out & even has a direct power amp input so it can be run right off a CD player with volume control or with another preamp.

At the Rocky Mountain Show we were impressed that this amp, run thru the Gini LS3/5A monitor/woofer package outperformed most systems selling for twice its price.

Sonics are exceptional at this price. The amp produces a deep, wide soundstage and the beautiful midrange liquidity that tube amps are famous for. Run it in triode mode for vocals and switch to ultra-linear for more drive on rock and more dynamic music. Compare this amp to anything made in the US at up to $3000.00.

We accept Visa, MasterCard & money orders. Read our AudiogoN #1 rated feedback and then call 770-667-5633 with questions about Audio Space or to order an amp.
GA residents add 6% sales tax.

There is also the Galaxy 88 that is a KT88 based version of the 34 design. It puts out 48 KT-88 watts at $2090.00

Output Power : 16W x 2 (Triode-Class as Push-Pull)
Output Power : 32W x 2 (Ultra-linear-Class as Push-Pull)
Output Impedance : 4, 8 ohm
Transformers : Hand wound
Headphone jack
Direct Power amp input
Point to point wiring
Input Mode : RCA / Direct In
Vacuum Tubes : EL34 x 4 (6CA7)
6N9P x 2,(6SL7 or ECC35)
6N8P x 2 (6SN7 or ECC32)
Dimension : 13.75"d x 16.66"w x 8"h

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