Audio SpaceReference 2SAudio Space Reference 2S Superb Remote preamp-NewCall to discuss our great pricing on all Audio Space products.The Audio Space Reference 2S preamp is the baby brother to the Reference 2 that is Editors Choice in The Absolute Sound. The Reference ...4190.00

Audio Space Reference 2S Superb Remote preamp-New [Expired]

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Call to discuss our great pricing on all Audio Space products.

The Audio Space Reference 2S preamp is the baby brother to the Reference 2 that is Editors Choice in The Absolute Sound. The Reference 2 was the first Chinese branded
product to receive the award.

The new Reference 2S version is 90% as good for a fraction of the Ref 2's $9900.00 price tag. Call me to discuss pricing on this as well as all the Audio Space products.

The Ref 2S preamp review in 6moons is a rave. They summed up with:
"Is this the preamp for you? If you are partial to tubes and don�t need a balanced circuit or integral phono stage, it's well worth considering. If you desire the flexibility to custom-tailor the sound, your degree of option here is unprecedented. If you�ve had your eye on the bigger Reference 2 and found its sound appealing but the price tag out of reach, this new model will be very tempting. If you like your sound bold, three-dimensional and visceral, it's a strong performer."

"It�s built like a 40lb tank and build quality is top notch. The sound quality approaches the company�s own best work at a fraction of the cost. If Audio Space is unfamiliar to you, it would make a very worthwhile detour to give the Reference 2S a listen. All in all, it's a preamp that merits serious consideration. I took my own advice�and that of my wife�and we acquired the review sample for our system. Our days without a dedicated preamp are no more."

Read the entire review at:

Cosmetics are excellent and build quality is second to none. Circuitry is unique to Audio Space and not simple cookie cutter designs like most other Chinese product.

These preamps are just superb, especially for the money. They sound is close to top-of-line Reference 2, except that the Ref-2s has no phono stage or balance control. The 2S is however very flexible sonically as the EL34 regulator tube can be exchanged with a 6L6 or 6550. The 300B tubes can be replaced with 2A3's for a little bit more bass output.

Midrange is magic and the frequency extremes are amazingly good.

�Rugged stainless steel chassis
�High quality EI transformer and components
�Innovative tube circuitry with choke coil
�Either 300B or 2A3 tube can be used
�Can be fine tuned with different regulator tubes (Manufacture used EL34)
�Dual outputs (cathode follower and anode direct)
�Full remote control
�Switching between high and low negative feedback

�Output Level: 2 - 20V P-P Max.
�Output Impedance 1: 86dB
�Channel Balance: 60dB (1kHz - 3.3kHz)
�Vacuum Tubes: 1 x EL34
�4 x 6N9P (6SL7)
�2 x 300B
Dimensions (W x H x D): 372 x 372 x 215 mm
Net Weight: 45 pounds

If you are looking for a superb preamp that won't bust the bank call me to discuss this beauty.

Read our over 11,500 points of AudiogoN #1 rated feedback and buy with confidence.

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