Audiolab8200CDQThe new Audiolab 8200 line offers incredible sound/value.The Full Audiolab line is available at Clearsound Audio, Long island, NY. Call 631-848-7455 for info. Silver available now.The 8200 CDQ is...1399.00

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The new Audiolab 8200 line offers incredible sound/value.
The Full Audiolab line is available at Clearsound Audio,
Long island, NY. Call 631-848-7455 for info. Silver available now.
The 8200 CDQ is a cd player, a DAC, and a Preamp all in one well made, highly engineered cabinet. Multiple award winning reviews cal it best in class in well above.. EMAIL: Call: 631-848-7455 Full Audiolab Line! From the 6Moons review:
If you’ve kept track you already know that in all three capacities as CD player, converter and preamp I found the Audiolab to be a very high-value performer. Added up this makes it tough to avoid a qualified rave. For each function I compared this machine to rather pricier comers and if it didn’t match them on all counts it still came close. What more ought to be said about its very hard-working price/performance quota?

Psych profile:

"Audiolab’s 8200CDQ combines player, converter and preamp functionality for up to three analog sources in one box whose fit ‘n’ finish in this price class is superlative. Significant operational temperatures are normal in use.
The sound is surprisingly tunable with any of the five digital filters. This is about personal taste and system interactions and the owner’s manual has useful tips to get started. In general the optimal transient filters are faster, tonally lighter and stage deeper, the optimal spectrum filters cede some attack/drive urgency but become tonally warmer and stage more broadly.
One strength of this machine is the resolution of individual events which allows for great in-sight into a recording. Good dynamic contrast on micro and macro levels makes for high-class rhythmic fidelity. The presentation in general is more open/direct than subdued/romantic. Dynamic contrast in the upper registers is a tad superior to that of the lower range to direct the ear first at the former.
Sound quality is surprisingly dependent on the data source where computer drive has advantages over the internal transport. Image outlines gain in crispness, resolution and relaxation increase, this even more so via USB than coax.
The Audiolab can drive amps and active speaker directly over RCA or XLR. Signal attenuation during my review showed clear advantages on clarity and precision for the digital rather than analog control. Minor compromises for the analog route were concomitant with competing solutions in this price range."

The full lineup of the Audiolab 8200 range includes:

8200CD: 'optimised for accurate transfer to the very latest DACs, twin power supplies being employed to separate the digital and analogue stages'
8200CDQ: CD player, digital decoder and preamp in one box. Both the CD and CDQ have both S/PDIF and USB digital inputs [async and capable of 24/96], and there's also going to be a
8200DQ: DAC/preamp – basically an 8200CDQ without the transport mech
8200A: 2x80W integrated amp
8200P: 2x100W stereo power amp
8200M: 125W mono power amp
8200MB: 250W mononloc
8200AP: AV processor, spec seems broadly similar to current 8000AP [with added support for High Def formats (DTS-HD MA, etc) and also more HDMI connectivity]
More Audiolab products available including the new M-DAC

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