Audiomachina CRS CRMfull-range loudspeakersAudiomachina CRS CRM full-range loudspeakersFor sale I have my Audiomachina CRM/CRS speaker system. A truly outstanding system, these speakers consist of 2 distinct speakers per channel. The CRMs are a 2 way sealed enclosure system whose...11500.00

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For sale I have my Audiomachina CRM/CRS speaker system. A truly outstanding system, these speakers consist of 2 distinct speakers per channel. The CRMs are a 2 way sealed enclosure system whose freq. response is: 45 Hz – 20kHz. Power handling is listed as: 20 – 100W. The dimensions of this enclosure are: 8” W X 6” D X 12” T. The CRSs are a sealed 9” woofer (Scanspeak driver) with an internal 250W ICE powered amplifier. Freq. response is : 15 – 100Hz. This woofer is specifically designed to go with this speaker and is fully adjustable. The included stands were custom made by Sound Anchor for these speakers. The stand is 44” tall, with a footprint of 14” X 15”. Each stand weighs roughly 85 lbs. If the buyer chooses to buy this system without the stands I will subtract $ 500.00 from my asking price. I would encourage interested parties to visit for additional details. You may also email Karl at Audiomachina if you have any questions or concerns regarding the pedigree of these speakers. I am the only owner of this speaker system, it was purchased directly from Audiomachina and this is a prototype CRM/CRS system. The prototype pair in this listing retain all of the same critical components (crossover parts, speakers, etc) that are used in the current production speakers except as noted below. My prototype pair of CRMs has a two position switch that allows the user to operate this speaker in either full-range mode or crossover mode. Crossover mode simply employs a 100Hz high-pass crossover. The switch was abandoned after it was determined that the CRMs actually sound best when used in full-range mode. The CRS pair in this listing was specifically designed for use with the CRMs, but the manufacturer has since introduced a 3 way monitor called the CRG which requires a slightly larger woofer and more powerful internal amplifier than the woofer system you see here. The new CRS has a 10” Scanspeak woofer with an internal 500W ICE amplifier. This system has outstanding bass and I cant really imagine the need for an upgraded CRS when using the woofers with the CRMs. I cant adequately describe how good this speaker system truly is and want all to know that I am upgrading within the Audiomachina line which is what is prompting this sale. All work is done on these speakers by Dr. Karl Schuemann who is the designer and owner of the company. Karl is a true artisan and a complete perfectionist. This system has an incredible amount of flexibility and has the distinct sonic advantage of physically separate woofer cabinets. If you were so inclined you could mount the monitors on a wall and place the woofers at the optimal sonic location. The options are nearly endless, although I believe the best sound is achieved through the use of the stands. I can honestly say that Audiomachina speakers have caused me to redefine what I expect from a loudspeaker. By comparison, all but the most expensive speakers sound dull, bloomy and less coherent. Karl uses only first-order crossovers in his speakers. Numerous articles have been written about this type of crossover type and it is universally accepted as the only crossover with true coherency. Karl uses only sealed enclosures which most feel are superior. All of his speakers are time-aligned. Further by using only the highest quality aluminum 2 piece cabinets he is producing a speaker of incredible speed, tonal neutrality with exceptional detail. Think for a moment about how many cost no object speakers employ the use of exotic and inert cabinet materials. By making his speakers as physically small as possible he is further reducing the effect of the cabinet on the overall presentation. Using a powered woofer makes these speakers exceptionally easy to drive. Shipping weight of this system with the stands will be roughly 300 lbs, so the best option is to pallet the system. All original boxes are included. I am sorry that the photos are so poor, but you can visit the Audiomachina website to get a good view of these speakers. Money orders, personal checks or wire transfers only
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