Ayon SkyllaWorld Class DacAyon Skylla World Class Dac 6h30 tubed,full internalpreampFull Ayon line available from Clearsound Audio, Long Island, NY. Call for pricing and info. 631-848-7455 Come here the Ayon gear at the NY show in April! Clearsound Audio, your NY authorized ...8500.00

Ayon Skylla World Class Dac 6h30 tubed,full internalpreamp [Expired]

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Full Ayon line available from Clearsound Audio, Long Island, NY. Call for pricing and info. 631-848-7455 Come here the Ayon gear at the NY show in April! Clearsound Audio, your NY authorized dealer. Looking for a World Class Dac that's incredibly versatile and sounds phenomenal? Music pours in to the room..The Ayon Skylla II Dac utilizes the Dac of the Rave Review Ayon CD-5s cd player with further upgrades, minus the Philips Pro transport.
“Reference triode tube DAC with integrated Preamp” the superb Skylla DAC features a fully balanced digital and analog design. In its digital section, four Burr-Brown PCM -1704K DACs are arrayed in a true differential dual mono configuration.
The differential gain stage is composed of two 6H30 high-current tubes per channel.
TUBED COMPUTER AUDIO! The Skylla DAC features a vastly overrated, high capacity power supply for the 6H30 analog output stage with tube “bridge” rectification, choke coupling, three oversized power transformers, two for the analog and one for the digital section.
The Skyllas sound is rich and detailed, highly transparent and holographic, the resulting sound field representing an complete, realistic reproduction of the recording, a life-like mirror-image of the original performance.
The Skylla DAC provides audiophiles with a new, exalted level of digital playback experience, comparable only to the best available analog sources.
Ayon Skylla - Pure Class A

“Reference triode tube DAC with integrated Preamp”


* Full-featured true balanced D/A converter with preamp function.
* Pure Class-A triode vacuum-tube output stage for single-ended & balanced operation
* 4 x 6H30 triode tubes, precise quad matched / Russia
* 4 x 6X4 tube rectifier
* Upsampling 24/192kHz
* Bur Brown D/A Converter ( 4 x 1704K )
* Purist design and shortest possible analog signal paths
* Separate analog output stage for left and right channel
* Gold industrial PCB
* High selected, best quality passive components used in all applications
* Fully hand assembled to insure the highest level of craftsmanship
* Beautifully crafted high grade 12mm aluminium-brushed, black anodized chassis
* Central one-point earth grounding
* Tube “bridge” rectification, choke & stabilized power supply
* Dual choke – power supply and coupled with special film cap
* AC filtered power supply
* Superior noise reduction – film caps
* 3 noiseless R-core power transformers
* Audio circuit boards are anti- resonance-damped mounted
* Warm up function – extends tube life time
* 2 Line Input for analog sources
* 6 Digital input (2 x SPIDF, USB, I 2 S, AES/ EBU & Toslink ) for digital sources
* 2 Digital output ( AES/EBU & SPDIF)
* 2 Analog output ( RCA & XLR ) 0-9V variable and designed also to drive a power amp directly too.
* Volume RC
* Input RC
* Display dimmer & mute function
* Absorber aluminium feet with superior damping characteristics
* Silver / OIL capacitors ( MKP 1% )
* Heavy duty RCA gold-plated input jacks
* Neutrik/Swiss - XLR chassis connectors
* AC~ Phase control indicator
* Metal remote commander

Chassis finish : black
Digital/Analog Converter
Ayon Skylla
Conversation rate
192kHz / 24 bit
Tube complement – Analog output
4 x 6H30
Tube complement - Power Supply
4x 6X4
Dynamic range
> 110dB
Output level @1 kHz / Rms
**** 0-9V variable

Output impedance Single-Ended-RCA
~ **300 Ohms

Output impedance Balanced-XLR
~ ** a nice low 300 Ohms
Digital output S/PDIF & AES/EBU
Digital input- 2x S/PDIF, AES/EBU, Toslink, USB, I2S
Analog output RCA & XLR
Analog input 2 x Line In (RCA)
S/N ratio > 1 10 dB
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.2dB
Total harmonic distortion @ 1kHz< 0.002%
Full Function metal Remote control-Yes
Weight 17 kg = 35+ pounds!

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