B&KReference 31B&K Reference 31B&K offered their customers the opportunity to upgrade their components as future surround formats were developed. This Reference 30 has been sent in and B&K upgraded it to a reference 31 w...280.00

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B&K offered their customers the opportunity to upgrade their components as future surround formats were developed. This Reference 30 has been sent in and B&K upgraded it to a reference 31 which made the unit THX Ultra 2 certified. (It effectively became a Reference 50 without the balanced inputs/outputs. It even has software version 2.03 like the original Ref 50 did). This Ref 31 does not have HDMI inputs, it does have a 7.1 analog input. You can utilize this if your source component decodes the higher resolution and outputs them via unbalanced (RCA) connections. It is fully functional and in pristine condition and includes the remote control, original Ref 30 and Ref 31 owners manuals and the double factory boxes. SPECIFICATIONS Processes Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS, DTS-ES, DTS Neo:6 THX Ultra 2 Certified - incorporates Lucasfilm Home THX Re-Equalization™, Timbre Matching™ and Adaptive Decorrelation™ to correct for the tonal and spatial errors that occur during the translation from the movie theater environment into the home. THX Surround EX - incorporates further Home THX Cinema processing to allow for the precise decoding of Dolby Digital Surround EX signals. Two-zone operation - complete digital/analog preamp/processor for Zone 1 plus an additional independent analog A/V preamp internally for use with a second listening/viewing area - Zone 2. Internal Digitally Synthesized AM/FM Stereo tuner - store up to 40 AM or FM stations in A/V presets. Analog inputs/outputs - seven A/V inputs and five A/V outputs all with stereo audio, composite video and Svideo plus one set of 7.1 surround outputs. Component Video - three switchable inputs and one set of outputs assignable to any of the seven A/V inputs. Passive design allows full pass through of HDTV signals and maintains full signal integrity. Digital inputs/outputs - six coaxial and five optical inputs, one coaxial (Z1, Z2) and one optical output (Z1). Control Outputs - four 12 VDC @ 50 mA outputs for turning on amplifiers and controlling external systems such as a projection screen or B & K amplifier. IR inputs/outputs - two IR inputs and up to four IR outputs let you integrate the processor with an infrared repeater control system. Gold Plated Connectors - better sound with minimum signal loss and degradation. Plug and Play operation - automatically selects the optimum input, surround sound format, and performs a wide range of automated functions to provide invisible and easy operation. A/V presets - 40 preset memories allow instant system configuration recall of user settings. Customized input and A/V preset names - assign names to presets, inputs, or the turn on message. Front Panel Operation - nearly all processor functions can be controlled directly from the front panel. Remote Control - 20 device universal remote control, 100% pre-programmed, 100% learning, provides easy and total control of B&K and other brand user equipment. RS-232 Control - easy control and interface of your B&K product with other system controllers. 96/24 bit A/D and 192/24 bit capable D/A Conversion - Ultra High Resolution reproduction of musical details. 96/24 bit processing - 96/24 bit digital data and analog source material use 96 kHz, 24 bit DSP processing during all stereo listening modes. Selectable Bass Management Crossover Frequency and Slope - allows system versatility for bass adjustments and management to assure optimum performance from your speaker system. Room Equalization - a sweepable notch filter and variable equalization is available in the digital domain for use in achieving the best possible room response.
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