B&W / Bowers & WilkinsDM603 / DM 603 Bi-Wire / Bi--AmpB&W / Bowers & Wilkins DM603 / DM 603 Bi-Wire / Bi--Amp Beautiful Audiophile Speakers in Black AshBeautiful Audiophile Set of B&W DM603 Bi-Ampable / Bi-Wireable Floor Standing Speakers in Black Ash Finish – B&W’s Best “Bang for the Buck” Speakers. The Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) sp...525.00

B&W / Bowers & Wilkins DM603 / DM 603 Bi-Wire / Bi--Amp Beautiful Audiophile Speakers in Black Ash [Expired]

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Beautiful Audiophile Set of B&W DM603 Bi-Ampable / Bi-Wireable Floor Standing Speakers in Black Ash Finish – B&W’s Best “Bang for the Buck” Speakers. The Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) speaker line is perhaps the most prestigious and successful loudspeaker manufacturing company in history. The Nautilus is the top of the line for B&W, but at just a small fraction of the cost the DM-03 is far and away the better sonic bliss for the buck from B&W. With the DM603, you truly are getting everything that B&W is famous for in terms of signature sound and quality. If you are looking for the speaker that delivers audiophile sound at an affordable cost, this is the speaker to get – as you move up the B&W product line the improvements that you gain with each incremental increase in expenditure are no longer distinct steps of higher sonic quality, but small nuances. As you can see in the side-by-side photo (the DM 603 is in the center – the Nautilus 803 on the left, and the DM 602.5 on the right), the cabinet volume is about 80% of the Nautilus. The DM603 has the same crispness and clarity that B&W is renowned for and only lacks a little in the low end response, and at 90db these are exceptionally easy to drive with low powered or tube amps. These are the original DM 603 speakers that are not ported in the back – to me a better design. I have owned a number of speakers over the years that are fussy to deal with – either hard to drive, or they match up only with select amplifiers, or require exacting room placement and boundary concerns. These B&W DM 603 loudspeakers are the antithesis of the fussy speaker. They sound truly exceptional with virtually ever amp that I have thrown at them, and in any environment. If you are looking for that great set of speakers to start building a system around – these are the ones to get. They will sound awesome with a receiver, and get better and better as you upgrade the quality of your amplification. Here are some highlights about these specific speakers: >> Functionally the drivers all work without issue – they sound as new and look great cosmetically and have been handled with care their entire existence on quality amplifiers. There are no marks on any of the drivers. >> Cosmetically, the speaker cabinets are finished in Black Ash and other than wear on the bottom surface, the speakers look terrific. There are some very minor very fine, light scratches on the cabinets, and there is a dinged corner on the bottom rear surface of one of the cabinets. Other than that the cabinets look exceptional, and the grills look great. I also have the original factory gold bi-amp / bi-wire shorting clips insatalled on back. Specifications are: * Drive units … 1x 25mm metal dome - high freq u e n c y … 1x 180mm Kevlar® - bass / midrange … 1x 180mm passive radiator * Sensitivity: 90dB spl (2.83V 1m) * Nominal impedance: 8 ohms (minimum 4.3 ohms) * Frequency response: 47Hz – 20kHz ± 3dB on reference axis * Power handling: 25W –150W into 8 ohms * Dimensions: … Height: 850mm / 33.5” … Width: 236mm / 9.3” … Depth: 306mm / 12” * Finish: Black Ash * Weight: Approximately 48 lbs. ea. unpackaged Reviews are universally excellent for these speakers. These speakers retailed for $1,000 for the pair when they were manufactured in 1996, and I have seen several original Series DM603 sets sell on Audiogon & eBay this year for between $645 up to $700 – this is easily one of the most popular and desirable of all of B&W’s speaker models, and they have had a lot of hugely popular models. Very few items in high technology are a safe investment, but these B&W DM 603 speakers are one of the very rare exceptions and have some of the best resale value of any speaker brand or model in the world. While many speaker brands are fortunate to return 20 – 25%% of their original retail price when re-sold as a used item, these B&W DM603 speakers have consistently re-sold for 65 - 70% of their original purchase price – almost unheard of for consumer speakers. There is a reason for this demand – QUALITY. Quality of manufacture, performance quality, quality control and also the quality and track record of the brand name – B&W. Payment is Via Cash Upon Delivery, Paypal (+3%) or US Post Office Money Order. My preference is not to package and ship large tower speakers, and so I am offering them for local sale in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am happy to deliver these for free if you are local to me in the San Francisco, Berkeley or Marin County area. NOTE: I have included a side-by-side comparison photo of these B&W DM603 speakers along with a B&W Nautilus 803 speaker and a B&W DM602.5 speaker. This photo is purely to illustrate the differences in size. This sale is only for a set of B&W DM603 speakers. IMPORTANT: If you do not have a long term Buy & Sell track record on AudiogoN please leave me your phone number or I will not respond.
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