B&WNautilus 804B&W Nautilus 804 Great sounding speakers for local pickupThis pair of speakers has some wear and tear and one of the dust screens has two broken tabs and a small tear. There is also a small whole in one of the surrounds,The condition is set at a five acc...1300.00

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This pair of speakers has some wear and tear and one of the dust screens has two broken tabs and a small tear. There is also a small whole in one of the surrounds,The condition is set at a five accordingly. There are no jumper cables. This sale is for local pickup only in Hayward, CA. These speakers utilize the Nautilus design mechanism in a very well made cabinet structure for creating their distinctive sound. They modify the normal manufacturing system with four distinct B&W technologies. These are the Nautilus tweeter, the Kevlar Fixed Suspension Transducer (FST) drive unit, the Flowport airflow system, and the Matrix cabinet design. The prime design goal of the Nautilus speaker line is to remove as much unwanted colorization as possible. A colored loudspeaker does not accurately reproduce the audio signal, thus adding unwanted additional sound to a recording or movie that the artist never originally intended. Home Theater enthusiasts, who usually go out of their way to create the best possible video display that is loyal to the original intentions of the director and cinematographer, surely do not want artificial ingredients added to the soundtrack mix. B&W, in these main four design techniques, are attempting to build what they term �the first cabinetless speaker�. Obviously, the speakers are still physically within a cabinet. Acoustically, though, bad cabinet designs tend to create their own unwanted resonance. The metal dome tweeter is a signature feature of the B&W Nautilus line. It is mounted on top of the actual physical wood enclosure, and incorporates a flat-profile foam surround, a copper-clad aluminum ribbon wire voice coil, and a finite element-designed motor system. What does all this mean to the consumer and listener? This feature results in tweeter performance that exhibits a distinct open and transparent sound. The highs that exit this tweeter truly extend all about the acoustic space. When listening to the 804s in the stereo mode, musicians come alive within the room, beyond the limitations of the actual physical speaker enclosures. Speed and accuracy are also very important attributes in speaker performance. Many speaker manufactures have been trying to develop a cone substance that can act like a perfect piston. A substance that can accurately reproduce sound and return to form with minimal coloration is a desired element by many high-end speaker manufacturers. A poor performing cone system can result in what many call floppy surround. This creates audio characteristics that step all over each other, and muddies the acoustic presentation. B&W�s Kevlar FST midrange driver improves cone response time and accuracy. This speed and accuracy is a much valued asset in both music and movie soundtrack reproduction. B&W also states, in its white pages, that golf ball aerodynamics are greatly improved by dimples. We are talking of the type of dimples, that one might find, Tiger Woods smacking around the Pebble Beach golf course. Dimples adhere surface airflow for a longer period of time, therefore, reducing air turbulence. By reducing air turbulence in a speaker design you minimize chuffing noises. Chuffing is a sound created by large movements of air within a speaker port. The dimpled surface on the port is shown in the photo below, left. Finally B&W�s matrix cabinet design not only gives you one of the best build quality speakers on the market today, but it might be the best available period. Certainly a design goal competing manufacturers are attempting to duplicate, but few come near to the quality neighborhood of B&W. This unique internal bracing system (photo above, right) reduces coloration to almost zero levels. Quality craftsmanship is abundantly flowing all around these speakers. The finished product looks more like something that would originate from a master carpenter�s custom workshop, rather than from a speaker manufacturer. They certainly are beautiful pieces to look at, with or without their front grilles in place. These four manufacturing designs combine together to accomplish the goals set by B&W creator, John Bowers. Goals, that result in the ability of a loudspeaker line that can reproduce audio signals with an open, accurate, and transparent quality. All done with as close to zero colorization as is possible. The B&W Nautilus speaker line is certainly one of very high quality. This high-end performance is accomplished, though, at a very competitive price cost level. Many manufacturers have set higher cost levels for far less quality and performance
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