Balanced Audio TechnologyREX Power Amplifier Balanced Audio Technology REX Power Amplifier  Mono BlocksExcellent sounding high powered (160 wpc) mono block tube amps. These are perfect amps for those with difficult speaker loads that desire the power, grip and attack of solid state combined with t...12000.00

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Excellent sounding high powered (160 wpc) mono block tube amps. These are perfect amps for those with difficult speaker loads that desire the power, grip and attack of solid state combined with the beauty that tube amps bring to music reproduction. Balanced Audio Technology is pleased to announce the REX Power amplifier, a revolutionary successor to our highly regarded VK-75SE / VK-150SE series - and the greatly anticipated complement to our stellar REX preamplifier. Just as with the REX preamplifier, the REX Power amplifier once again raises the bar. From this flagship amplifier's power supply, electronic protection circuits, and substantially redesigned signal path - all elements of REX Power have been optimized to yield the highest level of musical purity, artistic finesse and unfettered dynamics. REX Power continues the tradition of using custom oil-filled capacitors in critical areas of its power supply - a tradition already firmly established in BAT products that employ the SUPER-PAK option. While this is our first use of such devices in the high voltage power supplies typically found in vacuum tube power amplifiers - the end result once again confirms their value. Two types of oil-filled capacitors are used in different sections of the amplifier's power supply, in order to optimize the REX Power circuit and minimize noise. Just as with the REX preamplifier, the result is a highly textured portrayal of instrumental harmonics that is conveyed without any sense of grain. Perhaps equally important to the stellar sonic performance of the REX Power amplifier is the elimination of the power supply rail fuses from the signal path. The thin wires found in such devices combined with multiple fuseholders and circuit board solder junctions needed to be eliminated in order to push REX Power to the highest level of sonic purity. The REX Power amplifier incorporates advanced electronic protection circuits that banish fuses from the signal path. There are four such circuits - one for each individual power tube. The electronic circuit is fast acting - providing a much greater degree of protection to the amplifier than the old-fashioned fuses did. The trip point of the electronic protection circuit is also much better defined, and it has much less intrusion on the signal path. Combine Balanced Audio Technologys trend-setting intelligent auto-bias circuit with this newly designed electronic protection, and the REX power amplifier becomes a truly plug and play vacuum-tube amplifier. No fuses to replace. No meters to read. No pots to adjust. Just sheer musical bliss. Of course, there are some things that haven't changed. REX Power remains the all-triode, zero-feedback, fully symmetrical design that has earned Balanced Audio Technology its well-deserved reputation for superlative engineering. REX Power still relies on the device most suited - in our view - for the job in a vacuum-tube amplifier output stage - the mighty 6C33C-B tube that can push several amps of current into the load - several times more than the typical tubes found in most tube amplifiers. REX Power doesn't blend into the crowd populated by many vacuum tube amplifiers that employ low current pentode vacuum tubes, or rely upon negative feedback to correct circuit imperfections and sonic anomalies, or use the more common push-pull approach to amplifier design - with predictable results. REX Power is unique, but not for uniqueness sake - it incorporates only those features and solutions that lead to one goal - superior sound. Let REX Power fire your imagination and inspire your passion to explore music for all the delight it can offer your soul. Output Power Per Mono Block (At less than 3% THD): 160Wpc Frequency Response 5Hz to 200kHz Input Impedance 215kΩ Gain (nominal) 26dB Dimensions 17" x 24" x 9" Weight 100lb (each)
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