BELLES 21a Pre-Amp w/AURICAPSAnd Other Extras!BELLES 21a Pre-Amp w/AURICAPS And Other Extras!*****REDUCED***** Up for sale, is a great example of this really special sounding pre-amp; my Belles 21a. I’ve owned about 5 pre-amps in total, and this was the finest one I have ever had in my sy...1200.00

BELLES 21a Pre-Amp w/AURICAPS And Other Extras! [Expired]

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*****REDUCED***** Up for sale, is a great example of this really special sounding pre-amp; my Belles 21a. I’ve owned about 5 pre-amps in total, and this was the finest one I have ever had in my system…until I recently tried a Conrad-Johnson ET2. Even the ET2, which is substantially more expensive…isn’t what I would call “better”; just different. The 21a actually has superior highs; they are so extended, yet delicate and never etched or fatiguing. A magical sparkle, really. This unit has the important Auricap capacitor upgrade. Belles enthusiasts will tell you they prefer this unit, to the newer and more expensive replacement…the 22a; and that this unit goes into another stratosphere with the Auricaps. Only those 4 caps (see pic) need to be replaced for the upgrade…even as performed by David Belles himself; but a 5th identical Auricap came with the unit, and will be included in the sale. I was told the upgrade work on this unit was performed by Paul Gryzbek of Tube Audio Design; Paul is well-known and respected in the audio community, and even designed and manufactured several coveted pre-amps and DACs, under the TAD moniker. The cost of these caps alone, is over $100 per cap; not to mention the labor for the upgrade. I’ve found 2 12au7 tubes that work really well with this unit. It came with RCA clear-tops. This tube is a bang-for-the-buck favorite among rollers…and it’s known for its clean top-end. It sounds great with the 21a, but because this unit has such a good top-end on its own…I find a Mullard…which has warm mids to die for, but can sound rolled-off to some…works very nicely in this unit as well; you get the best of both worlds…warm, liquid mids, without a dulled or rolled-off top-end. I’ll include a number of extra tubes with this unit. I am the 2nd owner, and it came to me with 4 RCA clear-tops; 2 that were in the unit when I received it (so I can’t say how many hours are on those), and 2 new tubes…all purchased from Brent Jesse. I also purchased 7 additional 12au7s; 4 additional RCA clear-tops, re-branded Conn…and 3 Mullards, re-branded Hammond (of which, I currently use 2 in the unit). The Herbie’s Audio Lab Tube Dampers you see, are also included in the sale. This unit is really in fantastic shape. I am the second owner, and because of age I will rate it an “8”; but the only issue I can see is a very, very faint and minor chip of the anodized finish…on the rear, left corner (see pic). As you can see, the front-face is near perfect (and oh so elegant. High WAF; my wife thinks the C-J looks so “masculine” and “tech-y” by comparison), and the silk-screen is all intact. Back, side, and rear also in good shape; RCA jacks (and one set of Balance Outputs) are all in like-new condition. I used this pre famously with Belles power-amps; first, a 150a Hot-Rod…then a 150a Ref v2 (both of which may also be for sale)…they are natural matches. It also paired well with my C-J mf-2500a. I liked the sound of the 21a and mf-2500a best, but with the C-J ET2 pre-amp, I’m trying to decide if it works best with the Belles 150a Ref v2 or C-J mf-2500a (if I keep the mf-2500a, the 150a Ref v2 will be for sale as well…and it is a great partner to this pre-amp). Also, this pre-amp does have an HT bypass feature. I don’t have the original box (at least I don’t think it is; it doesn’t say Belles or anything, but who knows)…but I do have the original packing, and a box that fits. Sale includes all shown; pre-amp, remote, power cord, extra Auricap, Herbie’s Audio Lab Tube Dampers, and a total of 11 12au7 tubes. Please note feedback, and buy with confidence (which is something worth noting on the “new” Audiogon). Buyer only pays actual, reasonable s&h; PayPal please add customary 3%. If I decide to sell the Belles 150a Ref v2, and you’re interested in both pieces…I can offer a discounted deal (or take the 150a Hot-Rod, which is also a fantastic amp for the price). Sorry…the “new” Audiogon is just too slow and unreliable for my taste; not trying to circumvent anything, but probably best to just contact me directly at if interested. You can ask about this unit, either of the Belles amps…or just talk some shop; I never mind talking gear with fellow enthusiasts.
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