Blue CircleBC3 GZpZBlue Circle BC3 GZpZ MINT OBMupdate: I have had a number of inquiries - thank you! And a few offers - thank you also... I have lowered the price in hopes of enticing a final purchase/offer... This Blue Circle BC3 GZPZ star...3000.00

Blue Circle BC3 GZpZ MINT OBM [Expired]

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update: I have had a number of inquiries - thank you! And a few offers - thank you also... I have lowered the price in hopes of enticing a final purchase/offer... This Blue Circle BC3 GZPZ started out as a highly reviewed, Stereophile Class A rated BC3.1 Galatea... Prefering the staging, precense and tonality of this to the current mark2 BC3000 - this unit was basically transformed into a BC3000 mk1 GZpZ. A couple extra caps/rewire of the main unit, and addition of the GZpZ power supply (dual mono from the power cord and built in noisehound technology) make this a truly world class preamp. I am the second owner of the main unit (hence the 8/10 rating of the main unit, the GZpZ is at least a 9/10) Main BC3 all Stainless Chassis, Cherry knobs very conservative 8/10; the GZpZ is Black with matching all Stainless Front, 9/10 at least. Both look and function phenominally. No finger prints or the like (when you follow BC instructions to use a window cleaner for the Stainless steel) 5 inputs, tape loop, 2 line out's (all RCA). Single ended at its best.Zero feedback (maintains temporal accuracy and spatial detail). Long, highly capacitive cable runs are NOT a problem with this preamp (low output impedence of Cathode follower). The sound of the combination of tubes chosen defines your sound, the ability to use 2 completely different brand/style of 6dj8/6922 tubes is a great advantage: the front tube is the gain stage (for both left/right channels in each half of the 6dj8/6922 twin triode); the 2nd tube the cathode follower (both left/right channels) for driving long interconnect runs and driving your amps input stage. So you can truly tailor your sound and soundstage - ie do you like the lifelike sound of a BugleBoy Amperex? but want a larger stage - use a Siemens 7308 as the follower after the Amperex as the gain tube - and now you have it all. Like the palpable life size image of a Mullard, and the emotion of a Brimar? Use the Brimar as the gain, and Mullard as the follower - or switch them up if it goes just a hair away from your desired outcome. This is a tube rollers preamp. BUT it sounds great, even with the stock EH 6922's. I often use the EH as the Follower, as it has a way of bringing the very back corners of the stage into focus. So I often find myself with one NOS tube as the gain, and the EH as the follower. And the tubes seem to last forever - has been my experience, not hard on the tubes at all! Any concerns over DEEP bass, dynamics and impact from the BC3 or BC3.1 are just demolished with the addition of the GZpZ. This preamp beat up a number of other pre's in house (Joule la150mk2, Parasound JC2, just to name a few). Super silent, deep black backgrounds from which those big images emerge. All the soundstage things are there - this really puts the players in your room! You most likely will find if you use a sub, or feel you need a sub (room setup, bass suckout issues), it was never really needed (thinking of Merlin VSM-Mxe users here as I found out). I could not believe the difference the GZpZ power supply made... Yet maintains all of the timbral magic and nuance of the original BC3. Did I mention it is super silent! More quiet than the JC2 by quite significant margin... Your BC3 GZpZ will come complete with 2 power cords, a Blue Circle BC62 and a TG Audio SLVR, as well as set of Herbie Halo's, and some tubes to get the sound you are after... Original bomb proof boxes/packaging, paperwork,manuals/instructions... Ships in 2 big boxes, one for each unit.. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex via Current retail on the BC3000 mk2 GZpZ is $10995.00. Asking $3300 or best offer, split shipping (I will cover the paypal fees) The BC3 GZpZ can be sent back to the factory to be re-wired for international 240v for $150 (currently set for US/Canada 120v) Check my feedback, and do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions, or offers. Thank you for looking (and reading about) this one of a kind preamp.
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