Bow TechnologiesZZ-One integrated ampBow Technologies ZZ-One integrated amp Bay AreaSelling for a friend this excellent integrated amp. He is the original owner. Product profile: In the BOW Technologies design team we like tubes a lot, and given the expertise of our designers, w...2200.00

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Selling for a friend this excellent integrated amp. He is the original owner. Product profile: In the BOW Technologies design team we like tubes a lot, and given the expertise of our designers, we certainly also have the ability to design and build with tubes.In 1994 the idea of making a solid state amplifier based on a tube circuit came up, and for fun, and to prove a point, we made a prototype that sounded really excellent, and which eventually evolved into the ZZ-One Reference Integrated Amplifier.Since then we have build all BOW Technologies components using this formula, and the benefits are quite obvious: The characteristics are openness, smoothness, sweetness, solid foundation and ease of listening, plus a good portion of that all important EXCITEMENT !The ZZ-One is simple - in fact very simple, with only 7 active components in the circuit. As you can probably imagine, the properties and the interaction of these 7 components become very important for the sonic results, and selecting the 'right' components is therefore crusial.Needless to say, we spent endless hours, nights, weeks and months experimenting before we had it right, and could put the ZZ-One amplifier in production.The market response was overwhelming. The ZZ-One was selected Component-of-the-Year in the world's most competitive market, Japan, and has won similar fine awards in other countries. With the introduction of the ZZ-One, serious music lovers had to accept that integrated amplifiers had indeed entered the high-end.The ZZ-One is a true dual-mono design engineered to the highest standards. The massive heatsinks are machined from solid blocks of high-grade aluminum and then bolted onto a super rigid chassis. The small physical dimensions of the casing prevent unwanted vibration to occur and this mechanical grounding is of essential importance for the sound quality.We have seen the ZZ-One find its way into the homes of serious music lovers all over the world, where it has replaced many famous and much more expensive preamp/poweramp combinations, simply because it sounds better.The following quote from a review of the ZZ-One in the british magazine WHAT HI-FI? pretty much says it all:'We were awestruck by the capabilities of this amp. If you think pre/powers are the only way to audio nirvana, or that an integrated amp only serves for cosmetic purposes or problems with space then think again. From the first seconds the BOW powers out a sound which is one of the fullest and deepest we've ever heard. There's something visceral about the nature of its delivery which appeals to the heart, not just the hi-fi head. There's more to it than just retrieval and the outputting of detail, dynamic range, frequency bandwidth and so on; this amp engages you on another level completely. The sound is so full and convincing that at first it can take you aback. But that's because there's so much more going on.'' For such a full-on sound the level of detail is superb, with every nuance of the recording rendered faithfully, yet without the experience becoming too analytical. Music takes on a new level of emotive power with this amp.'The magazine went on to this verdict:'One box that can do this at this price level is something of a triumph for BOW. This is a seriously well-engineered pre and power amp combo... under one lid.'See the full review, and other reviews of the ZZ-One, under Audio Press.We invite all music lovers to audition the ZZ-One Reference Integrated Amplifier. Prefer money order or cashier's check but will also take Paypal for an additional 3% fee. Local pick up welcome. Call Robert if you have any questions. (408)926-0746
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