Bowers & WilkinsNautilus'The Nautilus' was born out of John Bowers desire to create the world's finest loudspeaker. After nearly 5 years and several remarkable 'breakthroughs', Laurence Dickie and the team at Stenying, U.K...22500.00

Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus' #8 Pair in Porsche Midnight Blue [Expired]

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The Nautilus' was born out of John Bowers desire to create the world's finest loudspeaker. After nearly 5 years and several remarkable 'breakthroughs', Laurence Dickie and the team at Stenying, U.K. introduced the now iconoclastic Nautilus' loudspeaker to the world. It was an overnight sensation; It simply re-defined what a speaker could do and what it shouldn' add anything to the original source. It is, after almost 20 years, the speaker by which all others are compared. It turned the speaker world upside down and many products that are available today owe a great debt to the science behind the Bowers & Wilkins brand. Unique in design, execution and experience, it solidified Bowers & Wilkins reputation that had started back in 1966 in the small hi-fi shop run by the two men. John Bowers did not live to see the realization of his Nautilus' dream, but his presence is everywhere apparent in the products that followed and were inspired by this singular speaker. This is the 8th pair ever made and they are finished in the classic Porsche Midnight Blue. They bear the silver serial number plates 115/116 and have been on display in Tallahassee, Florida since 1996. We have some real reservations about parting with them...we have 'grown up' with these speakers and in a way, they are as much a part of our company as any product we've ever owned. We feel it's time to find them another home; to make room for the 800 Diamonds and to provide someone an opportunity to take over their care. For the fortunate few who already own a pair of Nautilus' (less than 300 worldwide) they realize that this is a lifetime commitment. The necessary amplification requirements are considerable. Eight (8) channels of power are necessary to drive the 4-way, electronic cross-overs. The speaker wires are fixed, silver-litz at 3 meters and should not be lengthened or shortened under any circumstances. There is an abundance of material available describing this remarkable speaker, none as thorough or compelling as the brochure available on-line. This pair is unique in that it comes with a hard-bound, numbered copy of the brochure which has been signed by the entire design team at Bowers & Wilkins, including Dickie. To our knowledge, no other pair has this distinction. In addition, the Nautilus' comes with a one (1) year parts and labor warranty, guaranteeing it's performance and FREE shipping anywhere in the continental US ( a considerable expense) There will be no sales tax collected out of Florida (another considerable expense) and our total satisfaction promise to the winning bidder. In other words, they are returnable at the bidders expense for a full refund PLUS the shipping charges out within 30 days. No one will want to return them! We appreciate your time in looking in on this auction; This is our first listing with the AudiogoN community, however we have a great history over on eBay and we invite you to check out the listing over there as well. We hope this finds you well and that you might consider participating in owning what will likely be the finest and last speaker you will ever own. Best wishes, Jim Gray
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