Brodmann/BöSendorferSABrodmann/BöSendorfer SA speaker cables 1.2mBrodmann/Bösendorfer Speaker Cables 1.2MThe condition is very very very good. Look like NEW. But as they are used cables. As I am changing the room set-up, so this good pair is let go.For this len...425.22

Brodmann/BöSendorfer SA speaker cables 1.2m [Expired]

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Brodmann/Bösendorfer Speaker Cables 1.2M

The condition is very very very good. Look like NEW. But as they are used cables. As I am changing the room set-up, so this good pair is let go.

For this length, the pair is good for
- mono blocks
- super tweeters

This is the original Bösendorfer Speaker Cables “SA” model.

Internal wiring of Brodmann/Bösendorfer Speakers are using the SAME “SA” cables. As such, if you are using Brodmann/Bösendorfer Speakers, using Brodmann/Bösendorfer’s “SA” speaker cables will optimize the signal path, and thus will make the sound better.

Please note, Brodmann/Bösendorfer speaker cables are OEMed by Synergistic Research. That is why on the cable jackect you see Synergistic Research printing.

Of course, for such high-end cables, Brodmann/Bösendorfer speaker cables are good for other high-end speakers as well.

Below is the description of the speaker cables from BÖSENDORFER

Bösendorfer loudspeaker cables were developed in nuclear physics laboratories in the USA. They significantly augment the effects of the Acoustic Active Principle. These cables feature a number of exceptional qualities and are also used by NASA.

Key Features:
Single strands made of oxygen-free tempered copper pulled into a particular cross-sectional form. Each strand is encased in iridium to enable maximum conductivity, particularly on the wire surface, and to take advantage of the skin effect. Both the single strands as well as the positive and negative lines are in line with the geo-magnetic field. The cables are available in multiples of 120 cm lengths. A protective casing shields them from external influences.
The cable’s casing is made of 100% weather-proof, non-porous plastic with a transparent finish
– the same cables are also used for internal loudspeaker wiring in order to optimize the signal path.


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