Bryston 7BSST2Bryston  7BSST2 Power Amplifiers-BlackThe Bryston 7BSST2 monoblock power amplifiers are among the world's finest amplifiers in their class, or above. Extremely powerful (at 600 wpc into an 8-Ohm load, or 900 into a 4-Ohm load) they are...5000.00

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The Bryston 7BSST2 monoblock power amplifiers are among the world's finest amplifiers in their class, or above. Extremely powerful (at 600 wpc into an 8-Ohm load, or 900 into a 4-Ohm load) they are nevertheless adept and musical, able to handle either a solo voice or an entire orchestra at full tilt. Despite this power, they are also reasonable in size and weight, and in my situation (placed in the open, on amp racks) ran at worst warm to the touch. They are real-world audiophile class amplifiers. I have run them on Thiels, B&W Nautili, Aerials and Magnepans and they've sounded superb (and neutral) in each case. Connections are single-ended (RCA pin-plugs) and balanced (XLRs), speaker outputs are shielded 5-way binding posts. A 12v automatic turn on/off terminal block is provided as well for convenience. The amplifiers are in Black, with the 19" face and handles. Condition is mint or a "9" on Audiogon's spec, and the amplifiers have always been used in a dedicated, non-smoking, non-pet environ. I am the original owner, and manuals and original boxes are included. I am a long-time Audiogoner and a verified paypal member. I will ship FedEx or UPS and accept payment by paypal (split fee), bank transfer or certified check after verification. From Bryston's website: Design Philosophy Ensures Sonic Superiority From input to output, all the circuitry in the SST2 C–Series of amps has been optimized for the most accurate performance possible. All analog signal circuitry is fully discrete to avoid the compromises, phase shift, and non-linearities inherent in IC’s. The Bryston SST2 C–Series2 amplifiers incorporate an innovative gain stage topology, which yields a substantially lower noise floor through the use of low-impedance pathways within the amplifier, and has strong advantages in reducing overall distortion. Bryston’s computer controlled distortion analyzers confirm that IM distortion of less than 10 parts per million (below 0.0009%) are typical for this new circuitry. All SST2 amplifiers use Bryston’s proprietary output stage, which we call “Quad-Complementary.” The Quad-Complementary topology improves linearity to a new standard of accuracy, while virtually eliminating aggressive higher harmonic distortion products. The overall harmonic distribution of Bryston’s Quad-Complementary output stage closely approaches an ideal Class-A output, except that the overall distortion is actually much lower. (True class-A output stages suffer from relatively high current-induced distortion levels, consisting of mostly lower-order harmonics). The listening characteristics display a high degree of transparency without harshness or grain. The annoyances previously ascribed to ‘transistor sound’ are absent, and the amplifier seems to combine the seductive lushness of tube equipment with the focus and accuracy of solid-state. Bryston’s research has shown that separate power supplies provide the best imaging, clarity, and dynamic range — all attributes that are especially crucial given the emerging and demanding high resolution digital sources. The power supplies employ multiple filter capacitors per channel, rather than single pairs of larger filter cans, allowing improved high frequency response, and reducing overall losses in the supply. In the 9B SST2, and 6B SST2 models we carry the modular concept further, making the channels removable. SUPERIOR ingredients We use only the finest components — such as 0.1% metalfilm resistors, polypropylene capacitors, custom-wound toroidal transformers, and hand-matched transistors — to reduce noise and distortion to the absolute minimum. Goldplated balanced or single-ended (RCA) input connectors are standard as well as gold-plated 5-way loudspeaker binding posts, to eliminate possible causes of distortion from corrosion. As befits products intended for use on stage as well as in the home, the SST2 chassis are extremely robust. flexibility & Features SST2 amplifiers offer feature flexibility. For example, all allow a choice of input connection — balanced XLR-F, balanced 1/4” phone, or single-ended RCA jack — together with a switch to select gain settings. A trigger input allows system-wide on/off control. Overall, the SST2 Series itself facilitates flexibility in putting together the total system through a variety of channel and power output options. THE RESULT Although the description of circuit innovations can indicate the research and commitment we bring to the design and manufacturing of our products, it’s not the whole story. The purpose of all this technology is to place you within the scene of the movie, or to transport you to the actual musical event. Whether you can experience all the drama, movement, and emotions intended is the one truly meaningful measure of any audio/video system. Take the time to visit your Bryston dealer and audition our SST2 Amplifiers. We think that you’ll rediscover how exciting audio can be. 7B SST² C–SERIES The 7B SST2 single-channel amplifier employs a balanced-output design that reduces THD and IMD to unprecedented low values (typically 0.001% or less). With a low noise floor (typically below -118dB) and excellent signal tracking characteristics (slew rate of 120 Volts per microsecond), the 7B SST2 monoblock assures a new degree of transparency, musicality, and ease of listening. Capable of delivering a truly prodigious 600 Watts continuously into 8 Ohms, and with tremendous power reserves, the 7B SST2 offers virtually perfect freedom from overload on any type of speaker or music. SPECIFICATIONS AVAILABLE TO ALL SST² AMPLIFIERS Distortion 110dB below rated output @ 29dB gain (-75dBu) >113dB below rated output @ 23dB gain (-78dBu) >116dB below rated output @ 17dB gain (-78dBu)* *setting available on models 6B & 9B only Slew rate Greater than 60 volts per microsecond Power bandwidth From less than 1 Hz to over 100 kHz Damping factor Over 300 at 20 Hz, ref. 8 Ohms Input Impedance 2B, 3B, 4B, 6B, 9B - 50k Ohms single ended, 40k Ohms balanced 7B, 14B, 28B - 15k Ohms single ended, 20k Ohms balanced 19 in./48.3 cm wide rack mount version (with handles) Mounted rack depth 17 in./43.2 cm wide shelf mount version (without handles) Approx. weight 7B SST² 19 x 5.25 x 17.25 in. 48.25 x 13.3 x 43.8 cm 15.75 in./40.1 cm 17 x 5.25 x 15.75 in. 43.2 x 13.33 x 40.1 cm 55 lbs/25 kg
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