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Cambridge Audio NP30 network music player/tuner [Expired]

no longer for sale, Visa/MC/Di/PayPal add 3%. American Express and Canadian PayPal add 4%. unopened. However you experience digital music, the NP30 is waiting to show you how easy it is to unite all types of computer-based music in the most amazing quality ever.With the ability to playback 24-bit studio master quality files, the NP30 not only offers every digital music convenience feature, but delivers a better-than-CD experience too!So whether you’re looking to relax to your personal download collection from the best system in the house, want to enjoy the benefits of internet radio or you’re keen to experience your favorite music streaming services without a PC, the NP30 combines the very best in digital music from one neat box. Cambridge Audio’s NP30 network music player supports all the most popular formats including studio quality 24-bit FLAC and WAV files (Ethernet connection required for 24-bit files).So, however you’ve downloaded your music or ripped your CDs, the NP30 will enhance your digital music with greater detail, more accurate recreation of live recordings and significantly increased dynamic range.But music stored on computers and other hard drives inherently suffers from jitter and the NP30 implements a host of advances such as bit-perfect signal path and jitter suppression to vastly improve the quality of digital music playback. Its ingenious abilities are easy for all the family to enjoy and the NP30 will access music content stored on any PC, Mac or Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive. Using a simple file sharing system called UPnP (Universal Plug and Play), set-up requires no software and can be completed in minutes†. The NP30 both simplifies and adds quality to the amazing world of internet radio allowing you to listen to all your favorite music, sports, chat shows and Podcasts anywhere around the world through your home entertainment system. And thanks to its premium audiophile components, including a Wolfson Digital to Analogue Converter, the NP30 adds weight and depth to all internet radio broadcasts and even low bitrate stations sound better than ever. A breeze to use with its clear display, the NP30 can also be controlled using the amazing new free UuVol Remote App. More than just a cool device...Introducing UuVol, a platform which unites everything you need to enjoy your favorite music from multiple digital sources in the best possible quality:- UuVol simplifies set-up and enjoyment of up to 20,000 Internet radio stations - UuVol offers unparalleled armchair control with a simple free iPhone App- It seamlessly manages all your favorite streaming services for instant access without a PC
- It’s the gateway to a world of studio master quality content! Audio dynamite...Audio performance is at the heart of everything Cambridge Audio does and bit perfect signal path and jitter suppression guarantee the best sound quality this side of a live studio session! The NP30 supports a huge array of audio formats including MP3, AAC, WMA and OGG Vorbis plus you can now experience “Better than CD” 24-bit/96kHz playback quality as the NP30 also supports lossless WAV, PCM and FLAC CODECs. The best streaming music without a PC! Music streaming services like Rhapsody and Pandora have never been better and one of the NP30’s key strengths is its ability to directly connect to the leading services without the need for a PC. Internet radio comes alive...Harnessing the power of UuVol, the NP30 vastly simplifies the world of Internet radio with a 20,000 tried-and-tested roster of stations from around the planet searchable by title, genre and region. Before inclusion on UuVol Radio, all stations are thoroughly tested for reliability and quality. Favorite stations, preferences etc. can be managed via UuVol and you can also suggest new stations too. It’s a breeze to use! Simple sharing of centrally stored music collections is child’s play; either wirelessly (IEEE 802.11 b, g or n bands) or using the convenient Ethernet dataport connection on the rear panel – ideal for connecting your NP30 to your router.†No software required for devices that support UPnP. NP30 Network Music Player features Simple no-hassle playback from any UPnP equipped laptop, notebook, PC, Mac or NAS hard drive “Better than CD” 24-bit/96kHz playback allowing the streaming of studio quality 24-bit WAV, PCM and FLAC downloads for an incredibly detailed musical experience UuVol online music service enables: – Fast and easy selection from over 20,000 Internet radio stations – Direct access to streaming music services and podcasts – Set-up favorites and manage subscriptions Wireless and Ethernet network connectivity on board
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