ClearaudioGoldfinger Statement MCClearaudio Goldfinger Statement MC Brand NewClearaudio Goldfinger Statement - MC Cartridge NEW, IN BOX – FACTORY SEALED - FULLY TRANSFERRABLE, 2-YEAR WARRANTY Worldwide, Discrete, Free Shipping (via DHL, FedEx, UPS – buyer chooses) ...10000.00

Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement MC Brand New [Expired]

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Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement - MC Cartridge


Worldwide, Discrete, Free Shipping (via DHL, FedEx, UPS – buyer chooses)

This is the very latest model Goldfinger Statement. Shipped from Erlangen in August 2016. NOT AT ALL comparable to any ‘statement V2’, ‘mint’, slightly-used or otherwise old-model(!) Goldfinger cartridges currently advertised on-line. External packaging (only!) has been opened - purely for the purpose of advertising photo-shots.

European MRSP: 12000+ Euros (from the likes of Analogue Seduction, Turntable World, MHW Audio, et al)

USA MRSP: 15000 US$ (from the likes of Elusive Disc, Music Direct, Needle Doctor, et al)

This unit is offered for private sale at US$10000.

Payment should be either via international bank ('wire') transfer, or Paypal (+3.6% levy)

I am not a dealer. I am the owner of this cartridge, and I have a proof of recent history of purchase/delivery from Clearaudio. The buyer shall receive these documents, plus a new receipt of purchase, for the transfer of the warranty.

Save yourself a whopping $5000! Why pay more?


Manufacturer’s Description:

The ultimate dream. For the first time in a cartridge, the MC Goldfinger Statement features twelve magnets, perfectly matched and symmetrical enabling the system to reach a dynamic range of 100 decibels. For the Clearaudio engineering team this represents the fulfilment of an audiophile dream that seemed long unattainable.

The MC Goldfinger Statement is also the first cartridge with integrated RF shielding. The outstanding sound quality of this world-class cartridge is the stunning result of meticulously detailed development and fine-tuning of all of the important criteria. The breakthrough came with the use of a 30 per cent thinner 24-carat gold wire for the coils, a precision-milled gold mounting for the magnet array and a body made of solid 14-carat gold – essential core components for the ultimate cartridge masterpiece. The world famous Micro HD diamond stylus provides the best detail retrieval of all time. A flawless diamond on its facia beautifully adorns the MC Goldfinger Statement.

Peter Suchy calls this miracle of a cartridge 'our magnum opus'.


Stylus Shape:               Micro HD

Compliance:                 15/15 μ/mN

Rec. Tracking Force:    2.8 g

Rec. load resistance:   500 Ohm

Output Voltage:            0.7 mV at 5 cm/s

Cartridge Impedance:  50 Ohm

Cartridge Body:           14-karat Gold

Total Weight:               approx. 16.0 grams

“I am sure that it is the best Clearaudio cartridge I've heard (and I've heard most of them) and, perhaps, the best cartridge (a lot of) money can currently buy.” - Jonathan Valin/High-End Analog Roundup

To hear this thing on a really great, really dynamic recording—such as Clearaudio's own sensational showpiece The Percussion Record—is a jaw-dropping experience. Honestly, this cartridge simply blows the walls out, delivering an almost surround-like soundfield of unparalleled width and depth, with the added bonus of the most thunderous, floor-and-wall-shaking bass (and this record has some bass, folks) I've heard in my room from the Magico Q5s (or any speaker). - Jonathan Valin/High-End Analog Roundup

The Goldfinger comes closer than ever to neutrality, adding substantially to overall transient speed and life like timbre without sacrificing any of Clearaudio's traditional strengths in soundstaging, extension and resolution at the frequency extremes, and astonishing low-level detail. Along with last year's cartridge of the year - the Air Tight PC-1 - the Goldfinger is currently the best mc we've reviewed. - JV forthcoming/The Absolute Sound

The new Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement cartridge goes where no cartridge has gone before, and improves on the already sublime Gold›finger V2. - Stereophile
The Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement is one of the finest cartridges that I have heard to date. The alignment woes and the downforce concerns simply evaporated as soon as I started listening. This is a cartridge that sounds exactly as one might expect given its mass and tracking weight. Put simply, it has a big, bold, enveloping sound and dynamic abilities that absolutely take your breath away. It brings performers right to the fore, laps up complex bass lines, images with pinpoint perfection and yet can rustle up the most ethereal sense of delicacy when required. [...] rediscover your record collection! - Adam Smith/Hi-Fi News

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