ZYXUNIverse PremiumusedZYX UNIverse Premium Happy New Year - last demo modelDear friends, Happy new year and happy holidays to you and your loved ones. Thank you again for your support in 2017. As our gratitude we have put all (permissible) products in stock at 40% o...8995.00

ZYX UNIverse Premium Happy New Year - last demo model [Expired]

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Dear friends, 
Happy new year and happy holidays to you and your loved ones. Thank you again for your support in 2017.
As our gratitude we have put all (permissible) products in stock at 40% off for the next few days.  Please contact us for details.
This ad is for my own UNIverse Premium demo model with very low hours.    It is a dream come true, and I only have one demo model!         
(please also check my other ads and specials on SORAsound.com  lots of great deals)
“The ZYX UNIverse Premium has achieved tonal perfection, with no identifiable weakness whatsoever.”   

— Richard H. Mak, ToneAudio

The sound of the ZYX UNIverse Premium meets or exceeds every expectation I ever imagined for the potential of the vinyl LP. It leaves me wanting for nothing. The ZYX UNIverse Premium is the most perfect and most successful audio component that this lifelong audiophile has heard. It is staying for the long term. ”

— Jerry Seigel, 10 Audio

"Huge dynamics explode in my listening room. A “go to” cut is “Glory! Glory!” from the Underworld LP Underneath the Radar. The album is worth buying for only this one cut. Another is “Peace Frog” on The Doors LP Morrison Hotel. The very fast attack readily delivers a “punch in the gut” sensation that encourages a physical reaction to the performance. You feel the music. Powerful and fast, there is no blurring or reticence in communicating the power and drama of any cut. The Premium combines this dynamic ability with a fully rich and deep-into-every-note, tonally saturated very complete performance.

— Jerry Seigel, 10 Audio

LP defnition is better when rendered by the UNIverse Premium: from the plucking of double bass strings, to the decay on powerful bass drums, the UNI- verse Premium simply delivers an incredibly balanced combination of extension combined with an astonishing level of texture and de nition. This becomes even clearer listening to Wong Ka Wai’s movie soundtrack The Grand- master: its mix of piano, chamber music, and electronic instruments in the thunderous opening track fully demonstrates the super wide dynamic range and contrast this model is capable of portraying.

— Richard H. Mak, ToneAudio

Advertising UNIverse Premium for the first time. Priority given to our existing UNIverse customers. Limited quantity. New and demo model available.

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