LyraEtnaLyra Etna MC Phono CartridgeI have a little used Etna Phono Cartridge for sale. I have owned this cartridge for about a year however because my wife and I are downsizing I sold off all my LPs a few months ago and sold my pho...4400.00

Lyra Etna MC Phono Cartridge [Expired]

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I have a little used Etna Phono Cartridge for sale.  I have owned this cartridge for about a year however because my wife and I are downsizing I sold off all my LPs a few months ago and sold my phono stage about the same time so while I have owned this cartridge for a year I have not played it for three months.  When I did it was mounted on a Kuzma Stabi Reference TT and Tri-Planner arm.  All of my LPs were cleaned before play on a KLAudio sonic record cleaner in other words this cartridge is mint in every way.  I will include shipping to the lucky buyer to anywhere in the CONUS.  
This a little more on this cartridge:

Lyra Etna MC Phono Cartridge

One of the Finest MC Phono Cartridges Made Delivers Lifelike Performance: Lyra Etna Allows You to Hear Superlative Clarity, Detail, Information, Tonality, and Imaging from Your Vinyl LPs

Hands-down one of the most superb- and lifelike-sounding phono cartridges ever made, the Lyra Etna MC phono cartridge uses unique engineering to remove resonance. Not reduce it. Remove it completely. Everything is upgraded in Etna. Literally. Yes, it's a big step up in price from most cartridges, but one that yields gains in transparency, the removal of distortion, and remarkable accuracy. In short, the advanced design principles allow the focus to be placed on the music buried in the grooves of your records. Etna is simply a work of art. A prestigious musical instrument. And an MC cartridge deserving of the "ultimate" moniker.

"The [Lyra] Etna is one of the new breed of harmonically enriched, full-bodied, yet ultra-detailed and natural-sounding cartridges. The Etna rode silently in the groove, effectively rejecting any defects that normally produce impulse or constant noise. One of the most neutral yet enticing-sounding cartridges I've ever heard, it's also one I can recommend for any system and for any musical taste!"
– Michael Fremer, Stereophile

Constrained-Layer Construction Yields Sonic Freedom
Etna features a center structure made of solid titanium, but unlike Lyra Atlas, its central core is surrounded by an outer body machined from highly polished aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized with a brilliant black finish. The two pieces are press-fitted with resonance control rods and stainless steel screw bushings in a multi-material approach that touts significantly improved rigidity and damping characteristics. The prime advantage of such constrained-layer construction: No single material's sonic signature defines the sound of the cartridge.

"The [$9,500] Atlas may be Johnathan Carr's finest achievement to date...but considering its lower price, the Etna may be his greatest!"
– Michael Fremer, Stereophile

Asymmetric Design, X-Shaped Coil Formers for Elite Tracking and Separation
Etna touts an asymmetric design that employs an offset yoke. By offsetting the front magnet carrier so that it is not in line with the cantilever assembly, a direct path gets established between the cantilever assembly and the tonearm's headshell. Vibrations are quickly drained away once converted to electrical signals, effectively suppressing any induced resonances that would otherwise manifest as sonic coloration. Etna also retains the X-shaped coil formers from Atlas. Compared to traditional square coil formers, the X-shape allows each channel to operate with greater autonomy, increasing tracking consistency and channel matching while also improving channel separation due to the decrease in crosstalk. Lyra's "New Angle" technology pre-biases the signal coils so they are perfectly aligned to the front and rear magnets during LP playback, which allows the coils to move optimally in all directions for distortion-free performance.

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