ZYXUltimate 4DusedZYX Ultimate 4D Merry Christmas 25% offMerry Christmas and Happy Holidays.This week only, all inventory at 25% off (certain products and brands are excluded).You loved 4D. You will adore Ultimate 4D, belonging to ZYX's new Ultimate seri...2880.00

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ZYX Ultimate 4D Merry Christmas 25% off [Expired]

no longer for sale

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

This week only, all inventory at 25% off (certain products and brands are excluded).

You loved 4D. You will adore Ultimate 4D, belonging to ZYX's new Ultimate series.  

You will love Ultimate 4D even more!!    in particular, at lower everyday pricing presented here. 

Demo mode: Ultimate 4D: 4,400; SB2/Zn option: 400; Total $4,800  your price $3,600

We are announcing new ZYX Ultimate series. For a list of new products, please check out our website. Most pricing are TBD, about same as in Japan, and similar to the classic models that we are discontinuing.    

New technology. New design. GREAT SOUNDWorld First C-1000 Carbon Cantilever in Moving Coil Cartridge!    

We are phasing out the classic models gradually at substantial discounts. Few models and units are left. Please contact SORAsound for details.   

“While Mr. Nakatsuka of ZYX may design his phono cartridges with an artisan’s sensitivity, the sound of the Atmos certainly owes a debt to some well-applied science. Its audible frequency response was demonstrably wider than that of other cartridges, creating a dense and highly rhythmic presentation that was not lacking in the little things…..” Marc Mickelson, soundstage april 2008                 

 “I can confidently say that the ZYX 4D is the most tonally neutral phono cartridge I’ve had the privilege to hear.” Jack Roberts, Dagogo, Oct. 2009 “Never have I heard a cartridge sound so unstrained when unraveling complex musical passages.” Frank Alles, Stereo Times, June 2010                           

ZYX 4D. I have only one unit left. I have some other models at similar discounts
Most our stock at great special prices (please note some manufacturers do not allow discounting).  Please call for details.  
ZYX 4D PREMIUM also in stock!!!!  ask for details.             
ZYX 4D, new, demo and used model (checked and cleaned by ZYX) available. For details, please contact us.                      
      SORAsound'a amazing specials                    

Please note we only sell in North America, Mexico and The Americas.


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ZYX UNIverse - world exclusive. 

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