ZYXUltimate AiryZYX Ultimate Airy New Product 25% off demoYou loved Airy 3. You will love Ultimate Airy even more!! in particular, at lower everyday pricing. One demo model available at 25% off. We are announcing new ZYX Ultimate series. For a l...2475.00

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ZYX Ultimate Airy New Product 25% off demo [Expired]

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You loved Airy 3.  You will love Ultimate Airy even more!!    

in particular, at lower everyday pricing.    One demo model available at 25% off.

We are announcing new ZYX Ultimate series. For a list of new products, please check out our website. Most pricing are TBD, about same as in Japan, and similar to the classic models that we are discontinuing.    

New technology. New design. GREAT SOUNDWorld First C-1000 Carbon Cantilever in Moving Coil Cartridge!  

We are phasing out the classic models gradually at substantial discounts. Few models and units are left. Please contact SORAsound for details.    

“The clarity of its highs, rich but detailed midrange, and solid foundation in the lower frequencies opened up so much more pleasurable listening–in classical, rock, and jazz. But it was especially fine with operatic voices–so extended, refined, and nimble to the nuances, power, and micro-dynamics of the greatest singers on earth. Bravo!” Garrett Hongo, Contributor to SoundStage!       

ZYX Airy 3. A classic now. A classic that is good for all kinds of music from classical to rock. Please contact us regarding your special prices.   

As a Japanese reviewer said "Wide and flat balance, clear and definitive feeling of being at a live performance. Its dignified and natural sound makes you sense performer�s sensitivity."  

“Yes, the Airy 3x is a terrific music maker by all the standard parameters. But the overwhelming feeling of openness and freedom from any sense of hi-fi intruding on the musical message is the real strength of this wonderful cartridge. It makes you want to listen to music, lots of music. The Airy 3x is Captian Christopher Pike on Talos IV, freed of his life-support wheelchair. Unfettered.        

“The midrange is very smooth and yet present. Vocals and vocalists are definitely a strong point” Jerry Seigel, 10 Audio          

  SORAsound's amazing specials view SORAsound page for further info          

for the love of life, for the love of music.


ZYX UNIverse - world exclusive. 

Exclusive North American 

Distributor for AMAZON Audio, Glanz, Moerch, RCM Audio, ONZO ZERODUST, and ZYX.

Representative for Aavik Acoustics, Ansuz cables, EMM Labs,  Graham Engineering tonearms, Harmonic Resolution system (HRS), Hannl, Jeff Rowland Design Group, KLAudio Record, Cleaners, Lamm Industries, Miyajima Lab, Nordost cables including ODIN, PlayBack Design, Raidho, Soundsmith, Triplanar, Tom Evans Audio, VAC, Verdier, Wavac Audio and 47 Laboratory.  


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