Paradox Pulse 103R matched channel clearDL-103R,Paradox Pulse 103R matched channel clear DL-103R, Denon, ZUThis is the new Paradox Pulse 103R phono moving coil phono cartridge. The anodized colors available in order of last picture are clear, blue, satin gold, gold, dark red, satin burgundy, red, green...600.00

Paradox Pulse 103R matched channel clear DL-103R, Denon, ZU [Expired]

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This is the new Paradox Pulse 103R phono moving coil phono cartridge. 

The anodized colors available in order of last picture are clear, blue, satin gold, gold, dark red, satin burgundy, red, green and black!

You choose color and I will make you a Paradox Pulse Guard R (DL-103R) cartridge with matched channels and break it in for 50 hours unless you don't want the break in. It takes 50 hours for these cartridges to sound good 100 hours to reach their maximum potential.

This is a NEW Denon DL-103R that has equal output in mv (milli volts) for both the left and right channels that I will pot into a Pulse Guard body. Weight ~16 grams for complete cartridge.

The Newport Audio Show 2016, a taste of what was heard! Read comments on Perla Audio room.

Ebay would not let me post the link, go to stereophile home page and click on 

T.H.E. Show Newport's Amazing 2nd Floor

and read about the Perla Audio room. Also see my website.

For those that think this cartridge will be too heavy you're wrong,  *Denon publishes their dynamic compliance specifications relative to 100Hz . The actual compliance at 10Hz will be higher.

  1. All you need is more weight for the counterbalance. See picture. Even Ebay sells larger and heavier weights for various tonearms, but I like to add lead tape (the kind for golf clubs and racquets) or solder as it damps the arms resonations also. You can also use washers and soldier among whatever else you can think up to add weight to your counterbalance.
The billet T-6 material that Paradox uses promotes coupling and reduces mechanical resonances. 
The Pulse's T-6 billet is manufactured in the USA along with the bodies and their anodizing. This Denon 103R motor will bring a new level of resolution and transparency to your musical experience. All frequencies and the extremes are more detailed and dynamic, the warmth and textures, body if you will, are much improved over the stock unit. The whole musical event is more alive and realistic, allowing you to get completely lost in the moment. No etched, harsh, or manufactured sounds here just musical enjoyment. Total weight of the Pulse cartridge is ~ 16 grams.
These are matched channel cartridges, meaning each channel has the same mv output.
Thanks for looking. Please contact me if you have additional questions. 760-245-8435

Introduced at the Newport audio show;

Ships USPS priority small box.
customer comments;  "Terrence, The cartridge came this morning.  I appreciate the extra efforts you made, to make sure the box came with no issues. I installed it on my Dynavector arm. I'm sure you know better than me, it might be the easiest high end arm to install a cartridge. I'm listening to my second LP side, and it sound terrific.  I see no difference, and maybe better in some areas,than my $3500. Koetsu Rosewood model. I think the R has a better mid-range. It seems to be very clear. Thank you again.
Your cable look amazing !  I do not have the funds to purchase the DAC, and wont have until the beginning of March. I would like to try a set of your cables. 
Would you consider making a USB cable ?  I have a DAC that I want to have an audiophile USB cable, when I attach my Macbook Air, for music. I would also be interested in 1 pair of RCA cables to go from my Phono Preamp to my system Preamp. 
Thanks again. I am not on Facebook, only LinkedIn. If you would like a nice posted referral or testimony of the R cartridge, please tell me where you would like me to post it.
PS. It beat the pictured model attached ☺
Kind regards,
Mike" "Terence, You're a genius! The breath-taking music  emanating from your creations defies adequate description.
I was so engrossed in album after album, night after night, that I couldn't pause long enough to compose a complete email to you from greeting to closing without refocusing on the glorious sounds generated by your combined masterwork on the Abis 1.2 tonearm and Pulse R cartridge.
Instead of the attached photograph, I had hoped to send you a 4K hi-def video of your artistry enabling the TransRotor "Fat Bob" to sing like a world-famous tenor at the Metropolitan Opera here in NYC.
And that's where I went terribly wrong. The second or third-hand m, demo TransRotor turntable I acquired just couldn't match the perfect finishes on both the brand-new  Abis and Pulse R. So, with some assistance, I was trying to polish up the heavily patinated "Fat Bob" to capture all the synergistic beauty in a video to send you via Dropbox.
In the laborious process, a loose polishing cloth must have caught the cantilever and stylus. At first, I thought I was exhausted and merely needed my reading glasses and a bright LED flashlight to see the cantilever, but I was horrified to see under closer scrutiny that the entire cantilever apparatus was gone. Tonight, I will continue to comb through the carpet pile in desperate search of the missing limb with the precious stylus; but, at this point, I'm gravely concerned that it may never be recovered.
The good news is that I had more than ample opportunity to realize the extraordinarily fine match of your artistry with my existing equipment. The background was a silky, jet-black silence; yet, the music was powerful and exceptionally well-balanced across the entire tonal spectrum.
Therefore, I not only wish to take full responsibility, but also enthusiastically send you full remuneration for an entirely new Pulse R of the exact same specifications and very fitting silver/aluminum colored body." "You truly have an incredible product, which makes me have no hesitation in forwarding you additional funds. If you haven't received it, please let me know right away.
Faithfully yours,
Andrew"  "It sounds amazing! The grado was trumped!" "Awesome sounding cartridge, especially the Bass." "It sounds great, much better then the original" "Best cartridge for the money ever,incredible,A+++" "you won't be disappointed!" 
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