TemaadAudio/Cinemag CM1254New Wonder SUT - Ex DemoTemaadAudio/Cinemag CM1254 New Wonder SUT - Ex DemoTemmad Cinemags CM1254 SUT The unit is beautifully constructed and compact, weighing only a few ounces, light enough to place right next to or on your tone arm on the turntable. It is Hand mad...650.00

TemaadAudio/Cinemag CM1254 New Wonder SUT - Ex Demo [Expired]

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Temmad Cinemags CM1254 SUT The unit is beautifully constructed and compact, weighing only a few ounces, light enough to place right next to or on your tone arm on the turntable. It is Hand made is our small dedicated factory with German WBT Silver Solder used for all of the soldering & the RCA are very high quality Gold over Copper. We can also supply the unit in 2nd version, with Gold Solder pins I.L.O. the Input RCA's and with 0.75 mtr output leads from the famous VDH 102 Mk III cable. This allows one to attach it directly to your tone arm wires if you wish, (saving money by getting rid of one set of interconnects). But more importantly getting the delicate low output signal into the Step Up transformer with the minimum of cable interference. This is a major advantage as the signal coming from the cartridge is very fragile, in the millivolt range, and an interconnect between the arm and pre-amp always affects this sound negatively, even if you pay a $1000 for the cable!! (Note the units with VDH cable are subject to a US$55 surcharge to cover the cost of the cable) Two Way switchable gain for 1:16 (24 dB gain) or 1:30 (30 dB gain). Into a standard 47k phono preamp, the effective input impedance of the low gain (1:16 ratio) is 184 ohms. At 1:30, the effective input impedance is 52 ohms. Note: The 150 Ohm tap and the 37.5 ohm taps are specified by the manufacturer to provide 1:18 and 1:36.5, however 1:16 and 1:30 was measured using a 50 ohm audio signal generator at 1kHz with a 47k output resistance, which approximates the real situation of a moving coil cartridge load using this transformer into a standard RIAA preamplifier. The CineMag BLUE series of transformers was especially developed for use with low-output moving coil cartridges. For years, David Geren (Cenimags) has laboured to perfect the sound quality from his remarkable SUT's, continuously monitored and set aside especially low THD lamination’s optimized for small signal performance, these being the best of the best. Now CineMag has released a new range of the highest quality Transformer in the CM-1253, this now forms the top of the range in the BLUE series used in the Temaad SUT 's. During manufacture these transformers require very close attention during the coil winding stage to obtain extended performance capability. Each one is also continuously monitored for minimum Total Harmonic Distortion during the laminating phase to avoid all unnecessary strain on the lamination stack. Precise construction methods combined with select lamination’s allows the proper impedance on the primary to match the cartridge without sacrificing distortion. They are built individually one at a time and are only available on special order. The lamination’s are in this new unit are hand selected at Cinemags and they are 80% nickel alloy and that they are processed to CineMag's unique proprietary formulation. The production runs are graded and, then, the best is set aside for these transformers. Only a small portion of the lamination’s qualify The highest quality material is collected and set aside for the "Blue" transformers. Only a small portion of what is annealed meets that standard, with the majority yielding nothing that meets that specification. We have found that using our new SUT can transform the performance of both our Temaad/Denon 103/103R cartridges. But to our amazement it did even more when paired with the Shelter 501 Mk II. I have never in my 40 years in Hi-Fi heard anything this good in the sensible money range. I would even go so far as to say this combination would give a US$4,000 cartridge a run for it's money, they are that good together troutnut -Audiogon USA CM1344 troutnut -Audiogon – Quality parts used throughout including silver wire and solder. Compare to Bobs Devices 3440AH at $850, they are the same thing. This is the most musical and detailed transformer you can get without spending big $$$. For more info on Temaad products enquire at temaadsales at gmail dot com or visit our new Web page at temaadaudio (dot) net World Wide Postage Available Note: This item ship's from our Distribution Centre in China. Please note the following points BEFORE bidding; - It is highest bidder's responsibility to request insurance, otherwise no responsibility will be taken for goods damaged/lost in transit. - Payment must be received from the successful bidder within 14 days of auction closing or negative feedback will be reluctantly but immediately placed. - Items will only be shipped when funds are received into my Bank Account. - Only bid if you accept the above terms and intend paying PROMPTLY. - Bank Transfer preferred, but Pay Pal reluctantly accepted
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