van den HulColibri Stradivariususedvan den Hul Colibri Stradivarius MC Cartridge 0.38mV.Van den Hul Crimson XGW Stradivarius .038mV: Van den Hul's Stradivarius Colibri: Certified as new call for details / Demo.Clearly "ONE OF THE BEST CARTRIDGES I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED REGARDLESS...5995.00

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van den Hul Colibri Stradivarius MC Cartridge 0.38mV. [Expired]

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Van den Hul Crimson XGW Stradivarius .038mV:    

Van den Hul's Stradivarius Colibri:

Certified as new call for details / Demo.


Reviews are coming and look out for The Absolute Sounds RAVE Review coming on the lower model (this is even BETTER) !

As new low hours, factory certified review sample (call for new or demo prices with less than 100 hours). 

Also low hours also available DEMO XGW Stradivarius (listed separately on Audiogon) on display in our Analog Reference system (this is the model even better)... Call for details and WHY we LOVE these cartridges and use them as Weinhart Design's Reference.

One of the finest cartridges I've ever heard regardless of price  ! ! !


Hot Tip: Today David Shreve our Mobil Analog expert & David Weinhart did a cartridge shoot out and were floored by the liquid natural sound and this needs to be on any serious Analog listeners shortest list ! 

We are a Van den Hul dealer see:



A Reference custom hand built phono cartridge, matched crystal gold coils and 0.38 mV/channel output.

As a result of phono cartridge builder A.J. van den Hul’s continuous research into improving his phono cartridge designs The COLIBRI has seen the light of day.

The COLIBRI STRADIVARIUS is the improved successor to our GRASSHOPPER “BEAUTY” series of phono cartridges where many building components have been removed in a highly successful quest to return to the plain essence of phono transduction.

The result is an unbelievably straightforward sounding “clean and open” design, in all its aspects bearing much resemblance to the “Colibri” named tropical bird’s swiftness, elegance and beauty; Hence the cartridge’s name.

Compared to our GRASSHOPPER “BEAUTY” series the following differences stand out:

• By minimizing and adapting the cartridge’s total magnetic circuit the related distortion and (Barkhausen) noise have undergone a considerable decrease. This opens up many subtle sound details that never have been heard before; Especially the decay of instrument sounds now stands out much more clearly in the music’s totality.

• Due to the minimization of the cartridge’s total magnetic circuit the cartridge’s mass has been reduced. Together with the possibility to tune the cartridge’s static compliance on special customer demand it is now possible to use very light tonearms whilst maintaining a very good tracking ability.

• By removing the frontpole is has been possible to apply an even shorter cantilever; This further improves the groove-modulation-transduction’s directness and accuracy.

• Due to the minimal magnetic design the output voltage has slightly reduced.


XG Version: (X = cross shaped modulator, G = matched crystal Gold wire coils)

• Output voltage: 0.38 mV/channel

• Stradivarius has Koa Wood body with Stradivarius Formula Laquer Coating.

Special customer demands/specifications:

Thanks to the many variations in materials available, it is always possible to build a unit to match the personal demands of the customer. With these personalized cartridges the wooden container can mention the name of the customer it has been specially built for. This option is exclusively available for The CANARY, The GRASSHOPPER III series, The GRASSHOPPER IV, The GRASSHOPPER “BEAUTY”, The CONDOR and The COLIBRI versions.

The customer demands/specifications that can be taken into account when building a personalized cartridge for instance are:

The tone-arm used, the preamp and load impedance used, a particular brand of records to be played, the type of music generally played (jazz being more dynamic and classical more spacious and detailed) and other personal/sound preferences.

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