ZYX Omega 30% offZYX  Omega 30% off Hello from Monte CarloGreetings from Monte Carlo, Here for a few days. As always an email or a phone call away. Nami will be doing immediate shipping to you. SPECIAL prices on all our products. We have a lot of inv...3495.00

ZYX Omega 30% off Hello from Monte Carlo [Expired]

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Greetings from Monte Carlo,
Here for a few days. As always an email or a phone call away. Nami will be doing immediate shipping to you.
SPECIAL prices on all our products. We have a lot of inventory and discounting everything (unless forbidden by the manufacturer).
ZYX Omega -- both the classic and Premium models in stock.   One demo model available, just returned from a review, and a lightly used one from a customer who upgraded to UNIverse II.
New review by Mr. Bing Tsai says: "When precisely set up to the right VTF, azimuth, anti-skate force, and SRA=92 degrees, it is a clear winner among all cartridges I've used/tried so far in the following categories:
  • Low distortion and coloration
  • Background quietness/darkness
  • Symmetrical sound stage
  • Sound-stage width and front-to-back layering
  • Tracking
  • Bass control
  • Resolution during complex, dynamic passages
  • String-tone accuracy
  • Cleanness of piano and percussion attacks
  • General sense of ease and calmness
Please check SORAsound.com for my blog and also some of our great SPECIALS!            
New and demo models of ZYX OMEGA  in stock.  Even the PREMIUM models.                 
LOVE ZYX Omega. LOVE ZYX OMEGA PREMIUM even more. Raving reviews:             
“In a nutshell, the ZYX Omega G is one of the most musically engaging and satisfying cartridges that I’ve heard in quite some time. Many times I found myself unconsciously reacting to the music on the albums exactly like I would at a concert or jazz club. Head bobbing. Shoulders swaying. Wanting to applaud after an exceptional solo.” Myles B. Astor, Positive Feedback                 

 “Its most startling characteristic is a degree of purity unheard of in a a moving coil design.” “You’ll hear how precisely rendered are any of the sound it decodes, this it does with a purity and low distortion that elude everyone else’s design, and that means virtually all of the competition.”           
“It has the widest soundstage of all the cartridges we evaluated, and ,thus, the very best separation figures (and even makes sonic “sense” of that wide separation)”                 

 “And because of its carzy-glue-like way of sticking to a groove, it has the lowest audible distortion thus the purity and the sense of sparkle aplenty.” Harry Pearson, Absolute Sound, Oct. 2010           

 “There is also this unmistakable protrusion to the front of the cartridge in the form of a 1 gram sphere of lapis lazuli that acts as a concentrator and “drain” of any unwanted resonances. Yes indeed, this is one different animal.” Ray Seda, Dagogo, July 2010                  

 “Ultimately enhanced power sound version of ZYX 4D.     From surrealistic sound to airiness in three dimensional can be sensed. You will be surprised afresh with massive information grooved in a record.” Japanese Hi-Fi Journal, [Translated]                   
 We have new, demo and used models available. P lease give me a call for further details and your special pricing.            
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Thanks.      Mehran       for the love of life, for the love of music..... 

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