Cary PH-302 MM / MCTube Phono Stage / PreampCary PH-302 MM / MC Tube Phono Stage / Preamp Wonderful!!Like new Cary PH-302, with black front. This is a MK I, but I understand that this unit can be upgraded to the current Mk II status by Cary Audio. Single ended Class A, direct coupled design. Inclu...1800.00

Cary PH-302 MM / MC Tube Phono Stage / Preamp Wonderful!! [Expired]

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Like new Cary PH-302, with black front. This is a MK I, but I understand that this unit can be upgraded to the current Mk II status by Cary Audio. Single ended Class A, direct coupled design. Included tubes: 6SL7: 4 x Philips (JAN) tubes in their boxes and 4 x Sylvania 6SL7WGT (JAN) in the unit. 5R4GY: 1 x RCA in the box. 1 x Ruby 5AR4C in the unit. 8/10 rating is for age only. The unit looks in perfect condition and is in perfect working order. Why am I selling? I purchased a new cartridge and the dealer recommended a solid state (several multiples of my asking price). Why did I agree to that? Because I am an audiophile (although music lover first!) and that’s what we do, right?!? Original Cary inner and outer boxes are included, with manual, so it will be very well packed. Would prefer check (to avoid paypal fees, which are to buyer). Check my feedback or call for extra comfort! Audiogon is not so reliable these days so email me at Since I am a terrible photographer (but I can play a rather mean trumpet!) it is difficult to see how beautiful this piece is. If you do some browsing you can find better pictures of the PH-302. Reviews: Robert Levi, reviewed in “Positive Feedback”: “I shouldn't tip my hand, but if I had the Cary PH-302 phono preamp in the 80s, I'd have spit in the eye of CD. I can't tell you how much money I would have saved in my search for a tube phono stage that was neutral, colorless, endlessly smooth, dynamic, quiet, nuanced, and made great music. Dennis Had has accomplished a wonder of musical truth with his latest creation, and I say better late than never!” He also said “I can tell you that this is a near-perfect piece, and Cary Audio's best phono stage to date. It is also the best tube phono stage I've heard so far, and there is nothing within $1000 of its price, solid state or otherwise, that I'd rather listen to. It's an instant classic.” John Zurek in Positive Feedback in a follow up: “The 302 accepts both moving-coil and moving-magnet cartridges. Unusually, it has no provision for adjusting the impedance load for different cartridges. It includes separate step-up transformers for MC cartridges, and separate inputs for MC and MM cartridges. The MM input is optimized for a 47K-ohm load, and the MC input is optimized for 100 ohms. I was able to use the 302 with three different turntables: my trusty VPI HW-19jr (BTW, the "jr" stands for junior, not "just right"), the Opera LP-1 (see Opera and more Opera for reviews on this table), and my newest love, the VPI Scoutmaster. I mounted my low-output Benz Glider MC on all three tables. When Mr. 302 got into the game, it was the best I'd ever heard these three decks sound in my room, without a doubt.” The following comes from the website: Moving coil and moving magnet phono preamplifier with 5AR4 vacuum tube voltage regulation. Shielded R-Core power transformer, separate step up transformers for MC cartridges, separate inputs for MC or MM cartridges, MM optimized for 47 k ohm load, MC optimized for 100 ohm loads. Fully regulated power supply section, dual triode vacuum tube buffer and gain stages. High gain design with 54 dB overall gain in the MC section. Black anodized aluminum faceplate, black steel chassis standard, silver faceplate optional. ZERO feedback design. Specifications Weight: 22 lb. ( 10 kg.) Dimensions: 4" H x 17" W x 13" D (~10 x 43 x 33 cm) Circuit Type: Direct Coupled, Single Ended Class A Gain, MM Phono Section: 38 dB using triode vacuum tubes Gain, MC Phono Section: 54 dB, using input transformers and triode vacuum tubes Noise and Hum: -78 dB below full output Input Impedance: MM 47 k ohm, MC 100 ohm Output Impedance: 660 Ohms Frequency Response: RIAA Curve + 0.5 dB, passive RIAA circuit design Power Supply design and the type of Power Transformer: Fully Regulated Power Supply with 1 ea. - R-Core transformer, 200% Duty rating for long life and reserve energy Vacuum Tube Complement: 2 ea. - 6SL7 Head Amp 2 ea. - 6SL7 RIAA EQ & Amp Gain Stage 1 ea. - 5AR4 Vacuum Tube Rectifier Power Supply Capacitors: 6 ea. - 47 µFd @ 350 VDC capacitor Resistors: 1% Metal Film Power Supply Capacitors: 6 ea. - 47 µFd @ 350 VDC capacitors AC Cord: 3 Conductor, Detachable AC Power Requirements: 100, 117V @ 60 Hz Consumption: 15 Watts Warm-Up Time: 5 Minutes Break-In Time: 100 hours of music playing time Finish: Black anodised aluminum face plate, semi gloss black steel chassis
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