EsotericK-01usedEsoteric K-01Original owner, low hour show demo unit purchased directly from Esoteric in 2014. This is a 68 lb player and weighs 115 lbs double boxed for shipping. I have a pallet for shipping and this sho...8300.00

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Esoteric K-01 [Expired]

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Original owner, low hour show demo unit purchased directly from Esoteric in 2014.  
This is a 68 lb player and weighs 115 lbs double boxed for shipping.  I have a pallet for shipping and this should really be white glove freight shipped.  Approx cost is $200 to $400 in US.  None of the AGON shippers can handle this so I will work with buyer to find a freight shipper.   I will only sell to US or Canada.  Paypal adds 3% in US and 4% in Canada.  Will also take bank check upon appropriate clearance time to save Paypal fees.

Selling as I just upgraded to $20K K-01X.  If I don't sell it, I will use it in a second home system as it is still one of the best SACD/DACs available.

Used 95% of the time as a DAC for 96 to 192KHz collection thru it's RCA Coax input, so the transport has very low hours.  It's fully broken in and sounds phenomenal.   I replaced a Wadia 761 with this and there was just no contest.  
The  K-01 will be shipping from Esoteric USA service center in SoCal.   I spent about $400 to have them do a full check up on it as well as replace the top which had a scratch on it.   The top scratch was purely cosmetic  and there were never any functional issues, but I wanted a new buyer to have a mint condition unit.   

Comments and comparisons of the K-01 to K -x series and notes about the USB upgrade -
K-01  uses the same mechanism as the new K-01 X /Grandioso players  which is better than the K-03 and K-03X mechanism.
   "The K-01 is equipped with our new VRDS-NEO "VMK-3.5-20S" mechanism, which has advanced substantially beyond existing VRDS models. The K-01 follows the philosophy of the D-01, and has two 32-bit monaural D/A converters with eight parallel/differential DAC circuits used per channel, as well as separate L/R power supplies. The on-board, high-precision clocking circuit has also been advanced. The power supply for each circuit block has been optimized by using four on-board power transformers."

The K-01 has 8 separate 32 bit DACS vs the K-03 with 4 32Bit DACs and the K-03 X with 4 34 bit DACs.   There has been some discussion about whether the K-03 X sounds as good as the K-01.  I've heard both and feel the K-01 sounds better than the K-03X.      
Of course the K-01X sounds better than either, but it should for $20K.

Another big advantage of the K-01 over the K01X and the K-03X is that that the K-01 can be used as a pre amp with it's volume control for multiple digital sources, which was removed as a feature in the K X series.

The X series does have support for 384KHZ files thru USB, which is a $1500 upgrade option for the K-01. As the K-01 is already at the service center, the buyer has the option to have them perform that upgrade, which would then include shipping cost to your home.
The price listed does not include shipping or the upgrade cost.  Upgrade would be paid by buyer directly to Esoteric's service center and would include white glove shipping ($400 value )  in triple box on pallet directly from the service center to your home.
No tax on the upgrade for out of state buyers, but unfortunately our Moonbeam governor will collect sales tax from California buyers to fund our bullet train going to no where:)
I paid $400 for white glove shipping of my K-01X which was triple boxed and palletized from Illinois to California, so figure $250 to $400 shipping if not electing to do the upgrade.
Includes all factory original packaging, remote control, stock PC and manual.
Picture of my system with the K-01.  Other pics are from the web site as unit is in the service center.  
Details of the upgrade from Esoteric: The USB Upgrade (USB input capability extension )
The USB upgrade provides the following benefits:
- Supports streaming of 2.8MHz DSD Files via USB* - Support up to 384Kz/32bit files PCM Files - Support use of an external clock when on USB input (10Mhz)
The USB upgrade entails: - Removal and replacement of the USB boards - Removal and replacement of the rear panel - update the firmware to support the new USB circuitry
Upgrade must be performed by an Esoteric Service center
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